Our Constitution limited the government from making laws prohibiting the freedom of speech; that is part of the First Amendment. Political correctness would have freedom of speech eradicated through social pressure and intimidation through many tactics, including name calling and having good little followers positioned throughout social network companies to “ban” individual from their site if their speech is inappropriate.

It seems the individuals who are responsible for Facebook banned the administrators of the page “Truckers to Shut Down America.” According to a recent post, the admins were banned for using, “God Bless American.”

The post states:

“Benn and I are back we have been in FB jail for saying God Bless America so from now on we will give you Godspeed. The FB community does not like the other. Are you all ready to Ride for The Constitution? This is a perfect example of things to come….”

Another post states, “Hey everybody, be careful what you say! The commies hate for us to bless God! Are you going to sit down and shut up? Are you going to be good little commies?”

None of this has stopped the continued outpouring of support for this ride and posters are now using “God Bless America” even more. The event has garnered a massive amount of attention and new developments have occurred.

The sojourn to Washington is now being called “Ride for the Constitution” and a new web page has been established:

When you visit the site, you can read some words from the organizer, Zeeda Andrews, entitled “The Will of the People.” This is more than just about the massive amount of regulations aimed at the trucking industry. Zeeda cites the problem as unconstitutional government by representatives who have failed to honor their oath of office to protect, defend and uphold the Constitution. There are episodes of The Pete Santilli Show, courtesy of Guerilla Media Network, for your listening pleasure. You can sign up as a user on the site to leave comments indicating if you are going on the ride and if you need fuel.