The new Congress has decided to open with resolutions denouncing and condemning the U.N.’s anti-Israel vote.  Is this just more talk and no action?   Denounce the action – then back it up by de-funding them!

The Washington Times reports – Wasting no time, House and Senate Republicans are poised to mark the first day of the 115th Congress with resolutions condemning the U.N. Security Council’s latest anti-Israel vote.

Sen. Jerry Moran, Kansas Republican, and Rep. Dennis Ross, Florida Republican, have announced that they will introduce Tuesday companion resolutions denouncing the U.N. measure describing Israeli settlements as illegal.

Republicans and even some Democrats have weighed in against U.N. Resolution 2234, which was approved 14-0 after the Obama administration refused to veto the Dec. 23 measure.

Mr. Moran said the abstention came as the latest of the Obama administration’s “series of misguided choices when it comes to working with our strongest ally in the Middle East.”

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