President Obama spent about nine hours aboard Air Force One Tuesday to give a perfunctory presentation of a standard 25-minute campaign speech.

Aides described it as a new package of immigration reforms. But it wasn’t. It was a recitation of reform goals he’s outlined often before. Worse, Obama’s ideas are pretty much the same as those seeping out of bipartisan Senate consultations. But he’s got a bully pulpit with more amps, so the Democrat is trying to look as if he’s driving the discussion.

And if that discussion discomfits Republican factions, that’s a dividend.

By coincidence he’ll give a long interview today to Univision to claim credit for any perceived progress.

Obama’s remarks in Las Vegas had the too-familiar Real Good Talker’s format: acknowledging local bigs in the audience and then, on cue right up front, someone shouting, “I love you, Mr. President.” Which gives Obama the chance to respond, “I love you back.” (Applause)

Do you suppose it’s the same guy paid to travel to every Obama speech and publicly adore him six paragraphs in? Hopefully, he’s well-paid to sit through all of them.

Here’s our top Obama quote of the day: “The time has come for common-sense, comprehensive immigration reform. The time is now. Now is the time. Now is the time. Now is the time.”

This quote about immigration reform’s urgency is particularly interesting because as of this morning Obama has been president for 1,471 days. And the man who once hailed the Hispanic holiday of “Cinco de Quatro” has done absolutely nada in that time to accomplish immigration reform.

For half that time, notably, his Democrat party controlled both houses of Congress, passing pretty much whatever it wanted, including a wanton near trillion-dollar stimulus bill that stimulated only the national debt. Obama eagerly signed all the spending bills and when convenient recently has been criticizing Congress for all of its spending.

So, why do you suppose the political sloth over the suddenly urgent issue of immigration reform?