It has been expressed a number of times that individuals within government or those in the military lack the courage and bravery to stand up to an administration that seeks to eradicate freedoms that God has granted us and the Constitution prevents the federal government from making laws or policy against. Fortunately, there are some brave and courageous men left even though these men are retired. Retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin and retired Col. Ron Crews have advocated for religious freedom in the military by meeting with officials of the Department of Defense at the Pentagon by delivering a 170,000 signature petition that seeks to prevent the military from suppressing religious expression, according to the Blaze.

Lt. Gen. Boykin is the executive vice president of the Family Research Council and Col. Crews is associated with the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty. At their side at the meeting was Sandy Rios of the American Family Association and Kellie Fiedorek of the Alliance Defending Freedom. The petition called Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to protect the religious liberties of all armed service members.

The title of the Blaze article says it all, “Why are 170,000 Calling on the Pentagon to Protect a Right that is Guaranteed under the Constitution?”

As The Blaze reports:

They also presented a report to the Pentagon from the Family Research Council titles “A Clear and Present Danger: The Threat to Religious Liberty in the Military,” listing examples of suppression of religious freedom.

Boykin said the Defense Department officials would review decisions made at bases that did not reflect Air Force policy.

“After reviewing a series of troubling incidents involving chaplains, the coalition members were assured in the meeting that chaplains would not be forced to do anything that violates the tenets of their faith,” Boykin said in a statement released Friday. “We also requested that the Department of Defense and the Air Force issue a definitive statement regarding the ability of service members to share their faith publicly. Previous statements on the subject have been confusing and contradictory.”

On the other side, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), a church-state separation group, met with Pentagon officials in April, and talked about court-martialing superior officers who proselytize subordinates.

The Family Research Council report lists discrete events that present a threat to religious liberty that is now existing in the US Armed Forces. The first event in 2004 involved Casey Weinstein. As a USAF academy cadet, Casey Weinstein, complained about flyers advertising Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” being placed on cadet’s breakfast plates. Interestingly, Caseys’ father is none other than 1977 USAF academy graduate and attorney, Mikey Weinstein, who one year later founded the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. The flyer distribution ceased after Casey complained.