The newly formed New Jersey Assembly Select Committee On Investigations says it is issuing 20 subpoenas as part of the growing probe of the George Washington bridge scandal.

“We are going to follow the facts, wherever they may lead us,” said the committee chairman,Democratic Assemblyman John Wisniewski. He says subpoenas are going out to 17 individuals and three organizations, and he declined to make the names of the targets public until they are served. Governor Chris Christie is not among those who will be subpoenaed.

“We need more answers,” said Wisniewski. “We know that it was not a proper exercise of governmental authority.

“We know it was wrong, we need to get to the bottom of it. It’s not just about who closed the lanes, but about people who believe that they shouldn’t trust government to begin with, are now being given a very concrete reason why they shouldn’t. We need to assure them that we are going to fix it so that they can trust government.

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