Several early voters in Guilford County, NC hoping to cast a ballot for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had an unwelcome surprise Monday when their votes showed up as a vote for President Barack Obama.

The complaints came from voters who cast their ballot at the Bur-Mil Park polling site in Guilford, MyFox8 reported Tuesday night.

While election officials say the problem is a mere glitch, a couple voters were rattled.

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  • afanaglenn

    Obama and his entitled forces are going to steal this election by all sorts of devious means. OBAMA IS PURE EVIL. Too bad real democrats don’t see this. You have to hand it to Obama, he has divided the country like no president has ever done it before. People are going to vote for him in spite of his record.

    • Diana Fox

      Agreed. I have heard MANY people say that O is evil. He is. When are people going to wake up and realize that we are already being controlled? In four more years, we will be under dictatorship and tyranny, or in war on our soil.

    • Melody Rahall

      what do you mean, we already are! Our Constitution is ignored, our Congress and Senate are irrelevant and useless as they do not stand together to uphold their oath of protecting the Constitution. Diana, we are in a but up the %$#@ river with out a paddle. Our only salvation is the Lord!

    • Melody Rahall


    • James Crawford

      Thanks. I can see again.

  • FLChristyB

    Same thing happened in NV in 2010, the unions in charge of the machines assured everyone it was ‘just a glitch’ and they ‘fixed’ the problem! Right, Harry Reid won the election – BIG SURPRISE!! Even though his opponent was ahead in the polls…
    And NOW, the same thing is happening Again in NV. Early voters are saying that every time they tried to check the box for Romney, it checked Obama instead…coincidence? I think not…Who is in control of the machines?


  • freedomforall

    a glitch? Right. the dems will do whatever to steal this election just like they did 4 years ago. Throw out the machines and start over. obama has no business as president. He is a liar, a thief, a muslim, a foreigner pretending to be American, a marxist/communist. He should be impeached for Fast & Furious and for the 4 murders in Libyia and his mishandling of the economy and his 900+ executive orders. This man loves to circumvent Congress. He rules and reigns. His wife is just the same. Both are racists and anti-American, anti-military.

    • Sutekh

      A person who is ineligible to be president can’t be impeached. Just as officers don’t give tickets to illegal aliens driving with no insurance and no license — because they don’t want to have to arrest them — the responsible authorities don’t know what to do with an ineligible preisdent.
      This election is boing to be “President Evil” Hordes of the dead voting for one of their own kind. He’s no more eligible to be president than they are to vote.

  • joolie

    apparently this “glitch” is happening in Las Vegas too!…… why isn’t this on the news!!! has it been fixed????

    • James Crawford

      Oh, it’s ‘fixed’ allright!

  • Betty

    2 states already shows the lenghts they will go to for relection of Obama

    • luci

      isnt it strange these are both swing states..???? SOUNDS LIKE THESE MACHINES ARE FIXED.

  • rannan3

    IF this is ONLY a glitch, why aren’t ANY voters reporting Obama votes going to Romney ? Why is it one-sided ? Especially since NV voters are reporting exactly the same thing. Sounds like manipulation to me !

  • Keith Williams

    Take the “glitches” out and horsewhip and hang them!!

  • James Crawford

    Maybe Obama’s 2008 election victory was really just a mere glitch?

  • maddie3

    Satan is alive and well in the White House!

  • Frank A McCafferty

    It’s happening in Nevada as well. Surprise, surprise, acorn at work.

  • luci

    a mere glitch, my foot… obama and all his chums will try to steal this election… everyone that has a problem should yell loud and clear and not let this happen… isnt it funny all the glitches have been for obama…… wonder why. i would vote for my dog before i would vote for obama.

  • Espy

    This is more widespread than being reported nationally. Here is a link of a Wilmington, NC TV station reporting this as well:

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    In any state, much less a vital swing state like North Carolina, this is more than a “glitch”. This is a vote for the presidency of the United States. Nor is this the only state where this has reportedly happened. If the Democrats have actually corrupted voting machines in their desperation to avoid a catastrophic loss, then they’re playing with fire on a scale they know not of. One thing’s certain. If Republicans prevail all the same, the push for comprehensive voter reform will be massive… and necessary.

  • Will J
  • Sutekh

    Harry Reid is still majority leader of the Senate because of the same kind of fraud in Nevada in 2010.
    America needs to wake up and understand that the Democratic Party is not just a bunch of crooked politicians anymore. Boss Hogg has given way to Norman Bates.

  • Backlash

    Stealing this election is right our of the marxist/muslim play book. Do what ever you can to get the results you want.



  • Daniel from TN

    The Clark County Election Commission office in Nevada states that over 160,00 people have early voted and they have not received a single complaint. This is perfectly understandable. All anyone gets when they call that office is prerecorded messages and no opportunity to leave a message for the commission. The Romney campaign better get on top of this ASAP.
    America or obama! You can’t vote for both!

  • tom pilgrim

    A glitch my butt, this is out and out fraud on the part of Obama. Just a work around for voter I.D.!

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