Conservatives must show up in massive numbers at the polls on or before this election cycle, November 6, 2012.  Just a wild guess, but America will see the highest number of voter fraud cases this year than has ever been seen before.

Let’s think about it for a minute.  We have the King of Community Organizers sitting in the White House just about ready to lose his job.  He leads by example through lies, corruption, cover ups, extortion … anyway you get the drift.  Many of those that follow him will beg, borrow, cheat and steal in order to keep the Socialist seated so they can maintain their dependency on the tax paying citizen sponsored entitlements.  While some choose to visit several precincts using their actual name casting multiple ballots, others will use non-descript names of the dead, cartoon characters and sports figures.  I can picture boxes of absentee ballots somewhere in an ACORN owned home with all the community organizers sitting around filling them out.  Maybe I just have a wild imagination.

How many “illegals”, aka non-citizens, will be voting this round. I am not for sure why the Mexican community would want to keep this president in office.  Their unemployment rate is one of the highest and Obama has yet to present any type of Immigration Plan.  What am I thinking, it must be the free food stamps, healthcare (not yet Obamacare), and the education their Niño’s receive.

This election is one of the most important in this era.  In order to repeal the massive health care plan this administration and the Supreme Court has forced down our throat, the Republicans must not only win the Presidency but they must maintain the majority in the House and replace enough democrats with conservatives in the Senate to make a reconciliatory repeal.  Several states have close Senatorial races that could be compromised if voter fraud is not recognized and halted.

With less than two weeks to go before the election, Virginia’s Representative James Moran’s (D) staff was caught on video discussing a strategy to use forged documents to cast ballots for citizens that rarely vote.

More recently, van loads of native born Somalis were bussed into Columbus, Ohio so they could cast their votes.  Most did not speak English and needed a translator which they received.  The translator just happened to be from the Democrat Party.  How convenient!  My feelings may be biased but if one can’t read, write and speak our language, how can a knowledgeable vote be cast?

There must be an intimidation factor here, however it is undefined. It seems to be that Conservative billboards that state the truth and the law are now looked down upon. (Reuters) – More than 140 billboards in Ohio and Wisconsin warning of the criminal consequences of voter fraud will be taken down starting on Monday after the sponsor chose to remove them rather than reveal his identity, the billboard owner said.

This administration not only has a handle on how to cheat the voting system by adding false entities to the count but it also knows how to contain and minimize the votes against them.  I can understand the difficulty in shipping absentee ballots oversees to our military men and women, having them complete the vote and getting it returned to the proper state.  With an adequate amount of time for shipment, disbursement and return, this shouldn’t be such a quandary as we see each election cycle.

On October 19, 2012, a transport plane crashed at Shindad Air Base that was supposedly carrying absentee ballots to our forces in Afghanistan. Sorry, but I do not believe one word this administration tells us and I have reason to never believe anyone associated with the regime.  After the Benghazi incident, sequestration and the hollowing out of our military, I have a good idea how our soldiers would be voting and that is a good enough reason for the government to suppress their vote by any means imaginable.

One last intimidation factor at the polls are thugs like “The New Black Panthers” and gang-bangers like them.  Stated with a little sarcasm, Eric Holder, Atty. General, sent a strong message to them after the 2008 elections.  After incidents of bullying at given precincts were reported, Holder said nothing and did nothing to bring it to an end.  In the larger cities, don’t be surprised to see this type of activity to be on the increase.  I can think of a few ways to handle this problem, but I will leave that up to your imagination.

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  • Marte

    I agree that the biggest Threat to a Romney win is voter fraud. That’s why the current administration favors voting without proper ID – or ANY ID.

    • Granpa David

      During Bush vs Gore, Donna Brazille bragged that she could (after the vote) get enough votes on the streets, in Florida to put Gore over the top Democrats don’t hide their fraud. We really need to police it.

  • rosemarienoa

    The dems have been winning elections this way for years! Now they are in a panic & are accusing Republicans of doing what they are guilty of!!! They are liars, hypocrites, cheaters & scumbags!!!!

    • Tom K.

      @ rosemarienoa : Don’t worry, the U.N. Observers AND the New Black Panthers AND S.E.I.U. AND a New version of A.C.O.R.N. will be at the polls to ” help “, NOT !

    • Cincitiger

      Look at the way they stole the election in Minnesota to give the senate seat to Al Franken. They even stole Bod Dornan’s seat in California in 1994 with 1000 more ballots than registered voters.

    • rosemarienoa

      Exactly!!! I cant imagine Al Franken as a senator!!!! What a jerk!!! But that describes most dems!!!

  • Scottie

    One thing we know about demoratS -they know how to rig elections. You just have to remember how LBJ got elected…the infamous Box 13 which arrived several days after the election and just happened to have the number of ballots needed to put him over the top( and in this box was a list of voters in alphabetical order and in the same handwriting!). This came out of Duvall County down in South Texas courtesy of the Parr brothers of questionable integrity. I also know that these same demoratS round up poor, ignorant Mexicans,feed them and take them from precinct to precinct to vote– it has been going on for years. & who can forget the story out of Chicago some time ago of the one precinct in which the poll workers rode around Chicago with the ballots for several hours until I presume, they fixed the ballots ! & who can forget that it was Richard Daley who tipped the scales for JFK.

  • caskinner

    I never believed he won in ‘o8. My fear is that he will steal this election. I just hope God will intervene this time. My prayer many times daily is a Romney win. Very good post.

    • Tom K.

      @ caskinner : God did just that – He sent Hurricane Sandy to disrupt the Liberal stronghold in the Northeast. This should even things out just enough. Keep on Praying for America !

    • pcsrocky

      The hurricane also deflects the scrutiny that was being placed on Bangazi (or however it is spelled). He is no longer answering questions about it. The media has pretty much dropped it as news. He and Hilary should be impeached and jailed for that travesty!

    • Progressive Republican

      So you’re saying that God killed over one hundred people over the course of Hurricane Sandy in order to improve Rmoney’s own chances of stealing the election?

    • kalamawashington

      Evidence of Romney stealing the election, please.

    • Progressive Republican

      If you’re going to take it upon yourself to respond to a question asked of another, you could at lest have the good grace to actually answer the question asked.

    • kalamawashington

      “Progressive Republican Tom K. • 3 days ago

      So you’re saying that God killed over one hundred people over the course of Hurricane Sandy in order to improve Rmoney’s own chances of stealing the election? ”

      Maybe I misread your statement, but with the “Rmoney” (“our money”) in the sentence, it sounds like a negative comment about “Romney” and an attempt to “steal the election” by him.

      If I misread it, I apologize, and if I didn’t, my question still stands.

    • Progressive Republican

      As does mine which precedes yours. My information stands at the ready. Yours?

  • Eli Jones

    Speaking Of Democrat Voter Intimidation, Check These Videos Out!

    Obama had Eric Holder drop charges against these thugs

    (Malik Shabazz incriminates himself in black panther case)


  • E.

    I really believe that even if Romney wins, he won’t win, because there is going to be massive voter fraud. I lived in Chicago for 35 years and I recognize that the same group that did it then, is in the White House now. They are experts at fraud of every kind. They think they have the right to rule and will do anything and everything to make that happen.

  • Can’tTrustEm

    If Dr. Ron Paul were president there would be no voter fraud – period!

  • Snowman8wa

    ‎”…See too it that everyone is registered…”

    This comment is what is WRONG with Our Nation, this is what creates contempt for the ENTIRE voting process.

    Our Constitution gives the RIGHT to ALL CITIZENS 18 years old and greater, to cast a ballot to have their VOICES heard and COUNTED. It does not state ANYWHERE one person-one vote. To have a voice in America you MUST BE A CITIZEN. Natur…
    al Born or Naturalized. Voting is a RESPONSIBILITY that has far reaching Ramifications for “narcissistic” actions. This is NOT PARTISAN, this is NOT about one party stealing an election; HOWEVER it is about THEFT! From Johnathan Wallace-

    LYING- “I hate being lied to. Short of violence, it is the worst thing you can do to me.…The reason that I hate lies is because, like you, I wish to navigate carefully through life, and to do so I must be able to calculate my true position. When you lie to me, you know your position but you have given me false data which obscures mine.
    Lying is THEFT. When you tell me something which I take to be true and as a result I invest my time, or my money, or even my care, you have stolen these things from me because you obtained them with false information.
    Lying creates inequality. Since YOU also do not like being lied to (I have never known anyone who wanted to be deceived) you have acted as if there were two classes of humans:
    YOU, WITH THE RIGHT TO LIE, and everyone else, who must be TRUTHFUL TO YOU so that you too will not lose your way.

    Lying treats people as means to the end you wish to accomplish; not as ends in themselves.”

    EVERY CITIZEN SHOULD DEMAND “TRUTH” in every electoral process. Demand-not request….This is OUR COUNTRY, THESE ARE OUR VOTES to DETERMINE OUR FUTURE!

    Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

  • DJE

    Bring your phones, cameras, friends to the polls— & record any wrong activity.

  • Lowell

    Voter fraud is already rampant in early voting. If you are voting early,using a machine. Make sure your vote went to the person you voted for. Cameras with long range zoom lens at every polling location. Perhaps we can’t prevent the election from being stolen but hopefully we can put some crooks in prison. Get out and vote.

  • Lorraine E

    It would most certainly make sense to audit and verify all election results. The eligibility of the voters and the numbers cast for each candidate should be thoroughly audited irrespective of how long it may take to obtain honest and accurate numbers. It is insane to allow voter fraud to continue and just continue talking about the dishonesty and cheating. Also it is imperative that the men and women who are serving in the military have their votes counted no matter how long it may take to obtain their ballots. I cannot understand why our elected officials do not demand that all election results be audited and corrected and then TAKE ACTION to assure that accurate election results are used to determine who has won the elections. Don’t we have any representatives who can demand and obtain true election results? “Change” is what the people want and a “change” to obtain honest and true election results would be a very welcome “change.”

  • f8tul

    And they want to bring in foreigners to “watch” our every vote.. but only in Republican, or states that have or enacted a Voter ID law.. I smell a civil war, unless the ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA actually takes American citizens guns away..

    may God save and protect these United States of America as well as defend her true Patriots to do what is right, and in your name!! In Jesus’ name, Amen

    • wolf

      you smell right my friend.we on the right are gonna take only so much and then we will take our nation back by any means.we have to be as bad as they are or this nation will be lost.they are gonna steal this election so my fellow conservatives be ready.

    • kalamawashington

      I totally agree with the chance of massive voter fraud, but what you are saying about “civil war” sounds a lot like what we have been hearing from the extreme left about “battles in the streets”, “war in the streets”, “blood everywhere” if Obama doesn’t win. Sounds like, whom ever wins, we are in for some tough times, if we react just like the Left would.

  • ltfbhh

    Voter fraud is so incredibly easy to commit and is rarely discovered or punished. You can go to your local board of elections website and get the names of people who are registered to vote. You can even get a list of those who have voted early. Armed with those two lists, in a state that doesn’t require voter ID, you can just go to any early voting location and vote in the names of registered voters who have not yet voted. The chances of getting caught are slim to none. Even in states that do require voter ID, you can register with nothing but a utility bill in your name. How many illegal aliens have those and can and do vote that way? There is no longer any integrity in our electoral system thanks to the Democratic fraudsters

  • Tom K.

    Since New York, New Jersey and Connecticut CHOSE not to have Early Voting and Hurricane Sandy has done her work, Election Supervisors must find a way to set up polling places for this Tuesday, Nov. 6 th.; the only day these States can vote. Delaying the Presidential Election would increase the chance for Voter Fraud and most of America will NOT tolerate a delay. Time for N.Y. – N.J. and Conn. to get to work.

  • ZagoZana

    New Republican Data Shows No Need For Voter ID Laws

    The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) in an attempt to
    discredit a NAACP report this week on the lack of voter fraud evidence
    has bolstered the view that there is no need for voter ID laws, imposed
    by many states. The RNLA produced data showing 46 states and various
    convictions for voter fraud. Presumably by their absence, 4 states and
    the District of Columbia had no convictions.

    Viewing the data for the period 2000-2010, the report by its own
    account shows there is no link between voter fraud in states and the
    need for stricter voter ID laws. The data shows that during the entire
    10 year period, 21 states had only 1 or 2 convictions for some form of
    voter irregularity. And some of these 21 states have the strictest form
    of voter ID laws based on a finding of 2 or less convictions in ten
    years. Five states had a total of three convictions over a ten year
    period. Rhode Island had 4 convictions for the same 10 years. Taking a
    close look at the RNLA data shows 30 states, including the District of
    Columbia had 3 or less voter fraud convictions for a 10 year period

  • Mary

    I don’t see how anyone could go around to different presincts and vote. At my voting place they have everyone’s name in a book who is registered to vote at that place . When you go in to vote they ask your name, look it up in the book and mark that you are voting. If I went to another place they wouldn’t have my name.

  • Kukye


    We had an illegal president the first 4 years. He was never vetted. No BC, no credentials, no college records, NOTHING!

    The Demoncrap party is commiting massive voter fraud and deceit. Evidence of it is popping up here and there.

    So now we will have a FRAUDULENT president for the next 4 years! He has brought the biggest deficit and debt this nation has ever seen. The biggest storm to hit America on his watch. Is someone telling us something?

    The first ambassador to killed, uh murdered, in the line of duty in 30 years. The largest contingency of SEALS ever killed in war.

    Is this Judas setting up America for something even BIGGER???

  • Sharon Nagle

    Obama has more than doubled the Somali refugee population here. It’s not the oppressed Christians or other minority religions, but the Muslims. They get free everything when they come here as a refugee. They probably get a free new identity for Nov. 6 2012 too.

  • Bern Dillon

    I see the GOPers and the right wing hard liners are very worried that their lies and decent and Romney having every position under the sun will not be enough to steal this election. So now their last hope is to scream voter fraud. Sorry folks but the fraud on the ticket is Romney but I know you will never own up to it. So stew in your hateful jucies and lick your wounds afte Obama is re-elected.

  • dorjam434

    Storm will add to all of this. No electricity, wow, will see.

  • Gary

    Pray for God to stop this fraud and his ilk and let the election be a massive blowout win for Mitt

  • Lanningsplace

    Knowledge has nothing to do with voting for Obama. Many vote blindly and mindlessly for him regardless of the truth. Truth doesn’t matter but stuff for their vote does.

  • JFK

    The Voting Machines are owned by Soros’ SCYTL corporation in Spain. It seems the satellite controlled programs are mistakenly choosing Obama instead of Romney before people even vote. They most likely supposed to let people vote for Romney and then electronically transfer that vote to 0bama by satellite computer program this is happening all over America

  • Dr Pepper MD

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