The 2012 election was vindication in many ways for the Democratic President Barack Obama, and Republicans have been sent into a state of despair over the changing direction of the country towards statist collectivism. Although Republicans disappointed by the election results have wrung their hands over demographic shifts and the supposedly insurmountable obstacle of government “gifts”to Democratic constituents, the GOP candidate Mitt Romney actually outperformed 2008 candidate John McCain in many ways.

This is hollow solace for those who thought from reading certain polls that a Romney victory was in the cards. But consider that although Mitt Romney’s Get-Out-the-Vote software failed, he still fell short by only 334,000 votes in the key battleground states of Florida, Virgina, Ohio, and New Hampshire. Of the total number who voted, some slightly more than 118 million voters, this vote margin in the swing states represents .28% of the total electorate.

That’s as close to a 50-50 proposition, to use Bill Whittle’s phrase, as you get (even accounting for Obama’s 332-206 electoral college victory). Now, let’s consider the extremely high vote totals in minority-populated urban areas of Ohio and Pennsylvania, where Republicans apparently didn’t even bother to make an argument. In 44 districts in Ohio, President Obama’s vote totals were upwards of 99% at 14,686 to 23 (not enough to turn the election) and in 59 districts in Pennsylvania Romney received exactly zero votes — a feat that would make a North Korean despot proud.

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    • annykat

      So, the people have spoke. They want socialism. Good luck!

    • agbjr

      Such an angry little fifth columnist. Why? Your Marxist-in-Chief still sits in the Oval Office continuing to lie and coerce this nation into accepting his imperial edicts. Are you angry there still exists true and loyal United States citizens; loyal to the Constitution and the preservation of the Republic? Such a pathetic group these fifth columnist Obama minions are!

    • $3846549

      I’m not cryin’ dipwad. When dealing with a mindless animal, like the democrat populace run by their wolves, you don’t engage, you live.

    • ER12696490


    • thisoldspouse

      The Demonicrats cheated and you want to spin this as a win. So obvious.

  • CaptTurbo

    The Democrat Party, the party of fraud. The jackass is the perfect symbol.

    • gadfly32

      The republican PARTY THE PARTY OF STUPID. We need a third party a real conserveitive Party. The republican party agreed not to insist on a fair vote or equal represenatives in the polling places. check the internet

    • Mike McLeod

      I agree! But I think we have lost our country

    • Randy G

      Didn’t matter in AZ.We STILL follow the rules, even delivering the sealed Ballot bags REQUIRES 2 people of different parties.

    • Mike McLeod

      If Texas or Arizona becomes their own State with the Feds, I am coming…

    • Mike McLeod

      I am sorry, I meant become a State without the Feds, secede’s, I coming to either TYexas or Arizona….

    • Ray_Downen

      Any check made on the internet will not turn up any agreement by us Republicans agreeing to dishonest voting or keeping quiet when our representatives were excluded from their rightful places in polling places. We believe in legal voting. We see that Obama has different ideas. We’re honest. It appears that Obama in neither honest nor competent. Yet it’s reported that more than half the voters were in favor of four more years of dishonesty and attacks on business by Obama. We Republicans are honest and stand up for our rights whenever that is possible.

    • Patriot

      We need to assimilate the republican party.
      Resistance is futile!

    • Heylottylotty

      Ever heard of the TUCKER automobile? There was a great movie about it (star-Jeff Bridges). The “big three” almost cruicified him for trying to compete. Who could amass the clout (pronounced money) to go up against the political machine?. Especially (as said before) when the Demoblicans work as one entity most of the time.

    • har82

      I have always thought of that as the perfect symbol for them lol.

    • Mike McLeod

      I cannot tell you how bad I HATE Demorats!

    • Ray_Downen

      Jesus calls for those who serve Him to love even our enemies. I know some Democrats and they’re just like people. Mike, you’d do well to learn to love as Jesus loves. Many Democrats are honest and hard-working citizens even if deceived. We can’t help but sympathize with those who believe Democrat propaganda. Pity is far to be preferred over hatred.

    • dems_=_election_fraud!

      BS, hate does just fine!

    • thismustend

      You are a troll, you fool only morons like yourself. Now crawl back to your basement & wait QUIETLY for your welfare check.

    • Ray_Downen

      I’m a live human being. Many morons don’t have college degrees. I do. And my present apartment is on the third floor of a large apartment house which lacks a basement. Besides which, I speak and sing with gusto. The social security check I receive is based on earnings invested in that program through many years. It was more than 70 years ago when I first entered the program. Welfare? Or return on investment? I make no attempt to fool anyone, by the way.

    • El Lobo Bravo

      I understand where you’re coming from, but it would be great if you would take the same message to the Huffington Post & Chris Matthews of MSNBC.

    • Patriot

      You got that right!

    • Patriot

      Revenge is better. :)
      Love the sinner but hate the sin would apply here.
      Considering what’s at stake, I don’t think Jesus would object.

    • tommie3761

      Interesting slip of the tongue there Ray! I quote “I know some Democrats and they’re JUST LIKE PEOPLE.” Just like people, but not quite people, is what I’m hearing you say, and I couldn’t agree with you more! More like jackels, vultures, and other critters too lazy or cowardly to earn their own food, but wait to take what’s left over. Only, these 2 legged critters are demanding the lion’s share of the kill, that they themseves can’t, won’t or are unwilling to get on their own.

    • Heylottylotty

      Well, bless your heart Mr. Downen. Let us all turn our other cheeks while they “dispitefully use us”. Is that what Jesus did when He saw the money changers in the Temple gates? I trow not. Isn’t the God of the New Testament the same God as in the Old Testament??? Wrath was abundent there. Maybe, just maybe Jesus meant we should be fair in our dealings. Not to render evil for evil. Be honest in our actions and Christlike. Throw the bums out but don’t curse them. Pray for them to recover from the bruises while they meditate on what has happened. Besides, I may love someone, but I can’t find a place in the Book where I have to “like” them. And also, isn’t it wrong not to help them repent from the errors of their ways? We simply need more helpers is what I think, we have enough committing errors.

    • Buckeye


    • Patriot

      Hey, don’t hold back! :)

  • chris.

    NO, the vote was fixed. Not a fair fight.

    • JosephK

      In total agreement!

    • squeak

      EXACTLY…. Fraud, all the way !

    • Mike McLeod

      Not many believe that, but I do!

  • SUZY2

    Let the people vote with honesty and a legal form of vote..If not there is still one solution AND ONLY ONE.

  • PPTA

    Voter fraud won he day for Democrats. Machines, when you selcted Romney, he vote went Obama, the dead voted, and he illrgals. Many registered in different States and voted more than once with mail in votes. The Democrat leadership and George Soros started all this and came up with a program called Dashboard. You will see it in use regarding diffent petitions listing all the voter fraud names later in this administration.

    • kenhowes

      It’s what I said before the election. To beat Obama, Romney had to beat him clearly; if it was close, Obama’s friend Axelrod would make sure he won it by hook or by crook, and mostly by crook. What is absolutely necessary is a really strong Republican campaign that brings out every evangelical from Maine to Nevada and makes a serious overture (not just a couple of ads or interviews) to the Hispanic community. Get a high evangelical turnout and a respectable share of the Hispanic vote, and no amount of vote fraud will swing the election. THEN pass voter ID laws and pass a statute making vote fraud actionable by either party. (Right now, because of an idiotic agreement to settle a Democratic suit in 1982, the Democrats can bring an action alleging vote fraud, but the Republicans can’t.)

    • Charles Class

      We must build the TEA Party with local elections and congressional elections. The Republicans run losers like Romney, McCain, Dole. They are roll-overs.

    • Ray_Downen

      Romney is a fine person and an ideal candidate for the office of President in this nation. He speaks well. He thinks well. If we could assume the vote was honest, which we can’t, but supposing, he won near half the nation’s voters. No honest man could have done better. He was defeated by fraud, not because he wasn’t the best candidate by far. The Tea Party has done well to encourage all voters to prefer conservative candidates. They will not do well at all if they siphon off the most conservative of us Republicans and divide the voter pool so that the Democrats win all offices in future elections.

    • GrumpyOleMan

      The Tea Party was “in the bag”. The First Coast Tea Party was pushing Romney even before the Tampa Hook & Crook of the RINO’s. OBozo wanted Romney, and he got him. So did we. The Tea Party either endorsed Romney or sat with their collective thumbs up their collective Democrats (think of the symbol). Congratulations people. You now live in a Banana Republic.

    • Answer to stupid Grumpy

      The fact that you are dumb enough to stick your head in the sand and continue to spout idiot trash is the reason Republicans lost. Romney is a discent, honorable, intelligent man who’s plan for the country should have pleased even hard core Libertarians. So thanks you fool for either voting for someone else or staying home. Romney’s plan would have brought the US back to prosperity. Your stubborn, ridged idology and hate speech cost us all freedom and liberty. So stick it where the sun don’t shine jerk.

    • Heylottylotty

      The lack of information being slathered around is pitiful. The TEA Party was not and is not a political party. It was and is a volunteer, grassroots movement to educate the public and restore conservative values in our country. A large majority of the members did in fact see Gov. Romney as the “best bet” against Obama. Ron Paul had the best ideas for pulling the finances back in place but was easily out shouted in matches. Others were great people (such as Newt) but had baggage to slow them down. Had the law enforcement and the Congress derailed the national threats of violence and voter place intimidation, more people would have voted. Had there been better control of the voting systems, the true vote would have prevailed. Sadly, the law breakers, liars and cheats should wear that badge proudly in their offices representing this nation.

  • Pep

    Rockout is right – the country has sold out for “stuff” (Obama). When they figure out who is going to pay for all that “stuff” then they will get educated! But until that time, I will make adjustments to survive the next four years with as little government intrusion as I can.

    • $3846549

      Now there is a realistic post. Here’s to us both surviving.

  • mr_bad_example

    How about a REAL VOTE, paper ballots, voter ID, etc… Obummer would be packing his bags and swiping the silverware.

    • panors77

      I had a paper ballot here in SoCal. I still have my reciept. Maybe I can visit my ballot again to see if it had been altered?

  • karolh

    Just received notice from WND this morning there is a case against Obama for illegal acceptance of funds from dead people and foreign funds. Do not how far this will go or the end result, but they do have the proof. This has been checked out and the information actually showed Obama accepted donations from Osama BinLaden, not one donation, but two. One was returned after this information came to light, but the other was not. There were others, but this one was a real killer. Can you imagine killing and burying a man, then accept money donations from him to help you win re-election. You can go to and check this out.

    • mr_bad_example

      WND has been digging up stuff for 4 years, the courts and people ignore it, like the BC, Benghazi-gate, Obummer got foreign funds 4 years ago, nothing’s changed…

    • ER12696490


    • Samurai_Sam

      Proof, truth or facts are of no consequence to the party of corruption. I am sure there were plenty of witnesses to the gangland shootings of Al Capone’s era. But either no one dared step forward or the payoffs were too great a temptation.Don’t count on “this” sleaze ever being brought to justice in our lifetime.

    • LadyforLiberty

      Er. Wasn`t Osama Bin Ladin killed by US SEals???
      How the heck could Osama send Obama anything if he was hiding in a CAVE before finding sanctuary in Pakistan?
      If anyone can make THAT stick, Obama receiving funds from a DEAD Osama, tell me the name of the clairvoyant you used and I will consult them myself!
      As for the vote fiddling, THAT WAS HAPPENING!
      I watched a republican voter at the polls entering “Romney” into the machine.
      “Obama” lit up!
      And as much as the voter tried, the machine WAS INDEED rigged to register ONLY Democrat!!
      I know that me seeing that on TV on election night can be dismissed as hearsay, but I guess I was not the only one watching the elections that night!!
      Investigate THAT….forget a story about OSAMA funding OBAMA….for even if true, no-one will believe it!!
      Just check all your savings, guns and ammunition, and keep your savings in a safe place. For when it gets to 2.1.2013, then the tax cuts will go, and all Obamacrae TAXES will automatically kick in.
      There is a plan for America that Obama and his Buddies have for the USA.
      Unfortunately, according to a lot of Obamamedia skeptics, this plan will not include securing Constitutional rights for citizens.
      If the folks in Washington can have VOTING MACHINES fixed, just a short step to fixing everything else!!
      In countries where voting is rigged, we complain of corruption in a banana republic.
      What does that make Obama`s USA? It sure is NOT MY USA anymore!

    • Neal Avery

      Where is a safe place for your savings?

    • Heylottylotty

      Buy long medical products and invest in “trade” items. When the dollar devalues, so does the savings and other accounts. Soon after will be the gold, silver, and other “precious” metals. About the only metal of value will be lead.(no pun intended). Through the Affordable Healthcare Act, the Fed. Gov’t will have access to ALL bank and stock accounts. When the smart meters begin “odd/even” power outages, generators will be invaluable… but then, so will gasoline and it degrades (thanks to Ethenol) quickly. Just think, when the gov’t shuts down the Interstate hwys, no food, fuel, medicine, coal (for power), etc. will flow. We better all know people in the countryside and have friends with outdoors skills.

    • Buckeye

      Get real, WND prints 40 lies a day about Obama and only fools like you believe any of them. They still think wILLARD {the rat} WON THE ELECTION. O.M.G. 3 million more popular votes and 103 more electoral votes. WAKE UP

    • No patience with idiots.

      No wonder Obama won! stubborn stiff-necked jerks like Buckeye sabatoged Romney. Dummies voted for anyone but Romney and made sure we are looking at a lying,manipulative, frat boy. WHEN YOU FINALLY LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT rOMNEY, PLEASE APOLOGIZE PROFUSLY. No fool like an old fool.

  • robocop33

    Obama and his minion’s stole the election, period. Fraud was rampant in those three state in the areas where there was a strong Democratic presence with like you said, very few if any votes for Romney yet still in those communities you had voter turn-out as anywhere from 90% on upwards of 113%! That means everyone from the other parties voted for Obama, and sometimes more than once!

    • Ray_Downen

      Correction. A voter count of more than the total eligible voters can only mean fraud. It’s not being claimed that Obama got more than eligible Democrat voters in those precincts. He got more votes than voters. So the figures do NOT mean everyone from the other parties voted for Obama. It means the voter count was dishonest.

    • robocop33

      Ray, that was tongue in cheek, It is obvious that massive voter fraud occured.

    • Buckeye

      Are you posters so stupid you thought there was no repubs in the 47%. Repubs work, retire, collect social security and medicare just like democrats. The repubs said these people are leaches on society and yes many, many repubs did vote for Obama.

  • Douglas

    Republicans are not allowed to investigate voting fraud..they signed a legal document when the democrats questioned them about voter suppression back in the 80’s,. I think it was the 80’s. In any event, even though there are several questions concerning the Voting machines and the software that defaults in favor of Obama, by a company that is housed in Barbados, and received investment from Venezuela investment..after Obama sent them $25 million USA tax dollars. This company in question that had machines in all major swing states, i.e., Cal., Mich. Oh., PA, Fl. NY and many others….plus have input into the Electoral College results….just can’t be questioned by the Republicans!! How is that for an open invitation to corruption into voter fraud!!

    • $3846549

      Then obviously they signed a death warrant on their party.


      IS THIS NOT a great and necessary REASON to form a THIRD PARTY that will not be encumbered by such a foolish and absurd “legal” document that ASSISTS voter fraud!

      I DROPPED OUT of the GOP and am registered as an Independent until such time as a true CONSTITUTIONALIST PARTY can be formed,…. less any “personalities” within its leadership!!!

    • LadyforLiberty

      Anyone can put evidence in front of alternative media.
      Internet with a story of what you describe above floated across the world, is repeated by millions in 24 hrs.
      Why worry about Republicans questioning anybody.
      Your ten year old can put any story you tell her to across the world on any topic in MINUTES!!
      If a story has a million hits in 24 hours it BECOMES the news!
      Trust me and get your kids involved in retoring America!
      It is an alternative, but begin now, while the news is fresh in your head!!
      The USA may depend on it!!

  • Stanblast

    It’s time for congress to step up to the plate and feather this Socialistic agenda. Fast and Furious has not given the congressional investigation any of the requested information by hiding behind Executive privilege and soon the same answers will apply to the Benghazi attack. How much are going to allow before we put stop this tyrant type of government? Congress needs get a pair of Brass ones and stop “fudging around with American lives.

    • $3846549

      Woulda’, shoulda’ coulda’ You are right, but that will not help. The country is lost and we should think about how to survive the coming slaughter of partriots over the next two decades. It takes most socialist countries about 20 years to collapse and then they resort to massive murder or wars the spend the genetic capital. In the end, the genetics left keep the country dim and useless for a century or two.

    • Mike McLeod

      I have had businessmen, wives, mothers, young people, retired people asking me to help them pick out a gun and take them to the Range to learn how to shoot. I teach Combat Shooting and Self-defense, get ready my friends….

    • gadfly32

      Obama has the Senate.

    • LadyforLiberty

      Forget Congress. They will if needed be circumvented by EOs! Remember them? Obama`s route to end run around the law?
      I think I am ahead of ther game. Bought my home paid off!
      Own everthing I have…NO Hire Purchase!!
      If you get the weapon of your choice, practice regularly, obtain a permit to carry, and put aside the ammo you think you`re gonna need, if you keep your nose clean, low profile like, you will not be affected bay anything Obomo does!
      Keep your Constitution to hand, mix with like minded friends, and keep alive the Spirit of the Founding Fathers!
      Barry can only stay at WH for 4 years, then he goes.
      If not, then is when you will need the guns I mentioned.

      God Bless you All, and God Bless America!!

    • Heylottylotty

      The “…only stay at WH for 4 years..” depends on the Constitution still being a viable document. Chavez (a B.O. friend) voted himself “president forever”. “NOW is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”. A simple typing exercise filled with truth. Prepare like you can lose everything you have, use, own, & care about. Pray it never happens. Prepare to fight for your life and that of your family. Pray you never need to. So much better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and…..

  • fordgt40

    This guy skates on EVERYTHING. Fast and Furious, no Birth Cert, no documentation. He is muslim. He lies when he breathes. Left 4 dead American heroes in Libya, his muslim brotherhood is running rampant… — Say HELLO to Sharia Law everybody. You know, where a woman = 1/2 that of a man. You want a war on women you STUPID DEMOCRATS, you got one now. IDIOTS.

    • Neal Avery

      Yes all the women that voted for him. I hope you like burkas, not driving, obeying your husbands. You voted for it. You bought it.

    • markinla

      Yeah kind of reminds you of Reagan and Bush II, doesn’t it?

  • $3846549

    Come on! It was a stolen election. Good on ya’ for trying to keep the troops motivated to think that just a little more work and just a little more money will turn the tide of this evil empire. Not happening. Now it should be every man for himself. Because survival will become the only important subject.

  • PaulGable

    Read “Master Plan to Steal an Election” at See if it rings true.
    What will we do about it? How about calls for release of voting machine source code?

  • Casmige

    I think there was indeed Massive Voter Fraud.

    I also think that “People” were not the least compelled to “Change” what they already knew (Better the devil you know than the one you don’t)

    I Think that Romulan-Romney as a stiff uninteresting card-board silhouette of a candidate did not do anything other than serve up the old GOP Standards and people are not inspired by that in the least.

    I think any reasonably constituted person will take from history of the example how the Conservatives have always “been there” for African Americans with regards to Civil/Equal rights (It was the majority of Democrats who were associated with the KKK), How the Conservatives promulgated any & all rounds of illegal alien “Amnesty” in this country, How it has been the Conservatives who have inculcated smaller Gov’t, cut Spending & increased Tax collection due to the resultant BOOM and increases in the economy, that it has been Conservatives that are the real advocates for Women’s rights and who have appointed Key Positions in their Administration with not only Women but Stock FULL of Minorities of all types (Yet they are the party, Per the Democrats assertion, of only Old White Men).

    The Problem isn’t what the Conservatives stand for, it’s the old stand-by GOP people like Bhoener, Graham, McConnell, McCain & Romulan-Romney & similar incumbents that have eclipsed the Conservative belief system and Rhino-ised their beliefs over into what the Liberal LEFT used to believe a Generation ago while the LEFT has simply moved farther left & become radical lefties.

    These Banes-like-Bhoener are what is wrong with the Conservatives because they neither articulate nor outline in details what actual true Conservatives believe & stand for because they simply can’t & certainly won’t.

    The Conservative message & historical call to action has always empowered the Citizen….even JFK Shared & inculcated these Conservative Concepts.

    So what happened & what has happened??

    The Free Love Make Love not War Generation is simply in power & empowered.

    Communists we used to call them.

    And the Conservatives are being sold out by a GOP that is leaderless & not focused on altruistic ideals nor pursuits….they also are simply after what they think is their own “Stuff”.

    The GOP indeed was handed a Pink Slip several times in past elections but they don’t want to really listen to the real underlying grass-root Conservatives because they (GOP Rhino’s) have their OWN agenda.

    If the Conservatives can only get the correct humble servant leadership in place that can articulate the true Conservative message and aspects of Conservatism…….THEN it might be a factor for Hope & Change…back to the way this Republic was designed to work & not on the principles “MOB-RULE” AKA: Democracy.

    Democracy is nothing but veiled tyranny under the guise of a semblance of allotted freedoms & rights.

    USA was founded upon a Republic design with STRONG State Rights & Powers.

    We have nothing more nor less than a profound COUP that has taken place.

    America the Beautiful & G*Ds Grace thus Shed on it have been “Forwarded” & Delivered over to the Kamp & is in the process of being euthanised by the final solution & burned up in the ovens of tyrannical slaughter.

    Welkome to the USSA Somali-Amerika forged in the foundry of Marxist/Stalinistic/Alinsky/Soros/Davis/Ayres Leftists debauchery and satanically influenced fundamental change

    And Because we Socially-Silently believe that G*D is Dead??: there’s nothing but the harbinger of judgment and certainly no one to “Save” us from the consequences.

  • tobyil3

    How many of Mr. Obama’s votes were post-mortem?

  • Aaron

    If third party means right to smoke weed then it is not a Conservative party, lets fix the one we have.

    • Mike McLeod

      You might as well get ready for this Muslim to be in office for a 3rd term!

    • markinla

      How is locking people up who don’t pose a threat to anyone “conservative”?

  • Th3TrojanHorse

    i don’t think it’s only Republicans who are in a state of despair….

  • bobmann101

    Look at all the proof they have against him now. It will make no difference what more proof thet can find against him. He was not elected he was put into office.If we were not able to stop Obama before the election it is too late now. I believe he has the money and power behind him to remain in office for a long time. After Jan. 2013 he will keep his promise to fundamentally change America. In time blood will flow in the streets of America!!!

  • Dave In LA

    Organized large-scale election fraud in certain strategic states stole the election for Obama.

  • Vic M

    If you make a mistake the second time; it is no longer a mistake. It is a choice.

  • Samurai_Sam

    To a liberal this constitutes a “decisive” victory if you have been paying attention.

  • Thomas Paine

    Lies to get in. Fraud to stay in and four dead covered up with more incompetency. Treason to sell guns to Al-Qaeda. Somebody needs to be HANGED !

  • squeak

    Yea but, are they including fraud voting & fraud vote counting, Hmmmmmmm ??


    THE ENTIRE ELECTION was a pre-programmed, FRAUDULENT BUMMER; so HOW in Hell can anyone come up with any truly realistic conclusions as to the ACTUAL INTENT of the American MAJORITY?!!!

  • Don Rushing

    The dems won through massive voter fraud and the greater part of the voters wanted to have more freebies handed out to them. The number of repubs that stayed home and did
    not want to vote for a Mormon but were not ashamed that a muslim got in again must be
    full of their oats and proud of what they chose to be by being independent and middle of the road drones, hence a bunch of worthless cowards.

    • Mike McLeod

      Don, you are so right! Moderates are cowards and the Republicans have lost their way in a very dangerous world….

  • panors77

    Explain the 150% votes for BO in Florida with more votes than registered to vote?
    Something needs to be done. Screw the 1980’s agreement and investigate anyway. Breaking agreements doesn’t seem to bother the dems at all when they break em? If we don’t do something BO will end the term limit and he’ll be in for life

    • WantFreedom

      And what about those 59 precincts in PA where Obama got 100% of the vote? All it will take to prove that fraud took place is for a few of the persons in those precincts who did vote for Romney to speak out. No one who voted for Obama is going to admit to voting for Romney because they have it their way. But if you voted for Romney and you know that your vote got switched, you will say something.

    • Mike McLeod

      77, I agree with you, but the Takers and User’s don’t care about this country anymore. All they care about is being taken care of by a corrupt President and his Communistic Minions……

    • John

      Not muich true in this last post.

  • har82

    We tried to tell them when they sent up mc-cain, and we tried to tell them with romney. It seems the GOP ,, just is to stupid to see it.

    • markinla

      They knew Romney was a loser. However, the only real chance they had was Paul and they tried to destroy him in the primary and the Wall Street crowd didn’t like him so they went with a sure loser.

    • har82

      The GOP destroyed – every – ,, real candidate the people ,, wanted. And that ,, is why the republican party will die out. It is very – certain – ,,, I ,,, will never support them again lol.

  • Chitown

    No more in-fighting in the Republican ranks. Win first, negotiate second.

  • del

    We did not lose…..they won by massive voter fraud the same way this cockroach won the first time….he couldnt even fill up a hall to listen to his blather with Stevie Wonder at his side….We need to oust him in anyway We the People can because it is for sure that the balless congress is only interested in their own a$$es

  • Kevin

    Anything under .3% should trigger an automatic recount.

  • stinger

    The voting was a massive fraud. If the repubs had any cajones they would call for a serious investigation of what transpired. The Dems won by fraud

  • pookie

    Here is a crucial amount of information… the machines were rigged, when one voted republican it went to democrats… hello.. 2ndly Its a proven fact that the – there was voter fraud in many states and 3rdly 1 person voted 7 times and got away with it in the state of california….

  • Laird

    The results in Ohio and Pennsylvania are so in-your-face, abject FRAUD that any real American, regardless of political persuasion, should be outraged! How can this be rationalized by anyone as being remotely legitimate??
    We are TOAST, folks, to put it mildly! We are witnessing the end of our republic!!

  • Average Joe

    Now we need to take all of the states with proven voter fraud and take away those electoral votes and toss em in the trash. Afterward whom ever had the highest count wins the election.

  • Ray_Downen

    How could we believe that there are so few sane voters in these “swing states”? The obvious situation is that most of those votes are fraud rather than actual voters.

  • Dan Williams

    I feel like my ancestors must have felt when they returned from war in 1865. We fought hard the good fight and lost.

  • fliteking

    So, with that slim of a margin we really won.

    We should pressure the sh*tstains in washington for a recount minus the illegal votes.

  • Craig Ritsema

    I’m afraid we just had our last election. Come 2014, obama will declare martial law, stop any elections indefinitely and the republicrats will say or do nothing about it and Boehner will just tell the house of reps to go home, put your heads between your legs and kiss your collective asses good-bye. America as we knew it is dead and gone because this is what the blacks, jews, moderates, some so-called christians (there where over 4 million registered christians who chose not to vote and yes I will call them obamas allies because a no vote was a vote for obama and had Romney won we wouldn’t be having these gun issues or any other issues), and every other loser who didn’t vote or voted for obama, stupid stupid stupid people. This country now gets what it deserves. I’m looking at the headline here that says “dems may control washington, but repubs control the states” yeah like those repubs controling the states are going to do anything, fat chance of that happening, they are just like repubs in wahington—chicken-sh-ts.

  • Dodie1990

    Republicans gave this one away to Obama. The religious zealots, who wanted Santorum never warmed up to Romney(or Mccain). Staying home because reproductive restriction was not Romney’s first priority, they cost us all the election and we will pay for at least four years. I hope they are happy. I will never vote for that religious phony Santorum ever.

    • markinla

      Nobody wanted that arrogant Wall Street shill. He is exactly like Blankfein. that slimeball telling Americans they need to work harder and longer while he was bailed out.

  • Buckeye

    Obama won every swing state except N.C. and came very close there. Better get you a new math teacher.

  • John Walsh

    By attacking Hispanics with Mitt’s “Self-Deport” remark and Obama’s Dream Act, GOP cut itself off from 2 million illegal Spanish speaking green card holders who all voted for Obama. As my mother always told me, give them sugar and not vinegar. GOP gave Hispanics vinegar and paid royally with the death of the USA electing the Kenyan Imposter educated as a communist in Moscow USSR 1981-1983. You must be a citizen to vote. Green card holders are not citizens.

    • markinla

      Yeah another amnesty just like Reagan’s should get the GOP 35% of the illegals. Only a moron would think that a winning strategy. He should have said he was going after businesses that hire them big time That would have brought out a lot of Democrats that wants the border secure.

  • John Walsh

    40,000 New York Jews voted also in Florida as they have homes in both places. Mostly in South Florida from Palm Beach to Miami.

  • Adrian Vance

    The Republicans failed to teach the young the facts of life and now we will all suffer.

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative at When you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • June Gagnon

    The “popular election” was a “total fraud scheme”, perpetuated and carried out by the dimwit/communist party; there IS a solution! A president is NOT elected by “popular vote”, he/she IS elected by the Electoral College and they do NOT meet UNTIL Dec 17th, this year! By now, you know how I think – -I keep telling people to go to
    “petition2congress”; you’ve probably heard/seen me do it before. I was
    just there and on page #1 is a fax/petition, all set up,the title is
    “Petition to Refuse Vote in 2012 Electoral College”! Basically, it
    tells your US Senators to advise their state’s electors NOT to submit
    their vote! If we can convince just 17 states to “withhold” their Electoral College vote, it will then fall to the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (NOT the senate) to “select” the next president!

    Slightly more than 1000 fax/petitions have been sent thus far, so go
    there and do it NOW! We need to DROWN Congress with hundreds of
    thousands of these fax/petitions – -make OUR voices SO LOUD, we cannot
    be ignored!
    There are dozens of other fax/petitions there as well,
    touching on all kinds of issues, Benghazi, Impeachment, 2nd Amendment
    Rights, ad infinitum – -so go in and look around; remember these are
    “free” to send – -you can alter, edit, delete and insert your own ideas and comments, so, please, go do it NOW!! Please, pass this on to all those
    Patriots in your address book. This IS URGENT AND IMPORTANT! Thank you,
    for standing up for LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!! JG

  • Slick

    So your latest loser did less bad than your previous loser. Well that’s certainly something to be…umm…totally ambivalent over. What the trailer park generation needs to understand is that you are not capturing the hearts and minds of most Americans. You’re old news. If you can’t deal with that then you’re going to mighty unhappy for awhile. Whine if you want, the rest of us have a country to rebuild. Happy Holidays

  • Jason Griest

    We all know the Liberals are Communist criminals, my problem is with the Republican Party the (GOP). They walk away and do not say a word knowing there is fraud in the Election. They are no better than the Liberals and need to go too.

  • Disgusted Patriot

    Factor in the number of illegals that were registered and voted for the “Big ‘O,'” the voting machines that were programmed in favor of him, the members of the Military whose votes were denied or not counted, and the push by Democrats to buy votes of the indigent and patients in nursing homes that were rounded up and taken to the polls,…, of course Obama was put back into the Oval Office. Notice I didn’t say that he won, i sad that he “was put back into the Oval Office.

    There was more fraud and dirty dealing by the Democrats than anyone knows about. Like many others feel, I do not accept Obama as My President. I will never accept a communist as Commander and Chief, and Obama is exactly that. He is cut from the same mold as Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Mao, and all other dictators and tyrants in history. But he is being protected by our managed news media, and funded by the globalist elite. He can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants and those that voted for him are going to see hell on Earth over the next twenty to thirty years. “What is he talking about, ‘twenty to thirty years?'” Exactly that! Obama is now the first official Dictator of the United States and the only way he will ever leave the White House permanently, is when he dies in office like communist dictators that came before him.

    Obama did not “win” the White House, it was bought and paid for. Even then it was by the narrowest of margins. Make no mistake, Romney won by a landslide when you look at those who were honest to goodness, verifiable voters. Obama’s backers are the ones who bought him the Oval Office.

    • RGH

      I totally agree with you.

  • FloridaJim

    .28% seems like a small amount but the democrats knew their constituents and the Republicans did not know theirs. Romney joins McCain and Dole in the hall of Republican candidate infamy. We had a candidate too cowardly to confront Obama on his daily lies , on Benghazi or on his dismal record. Romney took the last week off and he lost because of it. A poor candidate, an abysmal opponent’s record and we lost again

  • Robert

    I am reminded of the election of 1996. A certain Democrat was running for re-election. This man had been impeached by Congress and still remained in office. He dodged the draft during Vietnam (his own admission by the way). He cheated on his wife. By his own admission he smoked pot (he claims he did not inhale just like he did not have sex with that woman). Yet he ran for reelection and won.

    Now we have a current president whom most people claim is not a natural born US citizen and therefore not eligible for the office. His record on job creation is dismal. He increased the debt by trillions. He used Executive Orders illegally. He admits to smoking pot and uses cocaine. He claims to be a college graduate yet will not show his college transcripts. He pushes a healthcare plan down the throats of Americans who did not want it. He covers up not one but two major scandals in his administration (Fast ‘n Furious and Benghazi). He runs for reelection and wins.

    We have a candidate whose healthcare plan for the state he was a governor of was used by the current president as a blueprint for his own healthcare. Yet the Republican party wants him as President. This man’s record with Bain Corporation is suspect at best. But he runs and is beaten. Was he the best candidate the party could come up with? No. There were people better than him but the party wanted him because he was best for job creations and lowering the debt. His gun control policies were not popular in the state he was governor of.

    This goes to show you that if you are a pot smoking, draft dodging, womanizing cheat who lies at the drop of a hat, you are best qualified to run this country. Did Obama win by fraud? You betcha he did. Will there be a recount? Nope. Why? Because any recount will be suspect at best. Obama will probably go down in history books (current ones not rewritten one he will have done) as the worse president ever (even outdoing Carter). What upsets me the most is two things: 1) Obama will be nominating at least two and at most 4 people to the Supreme Court. In looking at his last two appointments, we are in deep deep trouble here. 2) That we have a House and a Senate with no backbone when it comes to investigating and impeaching Obama. Boehner is a coward and should be removed as Speaker. Rand Paul should be his replacement.

  • DockyWocky

    When I grow up, I will become a Democrat. But then I will take over and cause the party to change from a jackass as a party symbol to a weasel as a party symbol.

    The jackass is a symbol of block-headed stubbornness. The weasel, well, it speaks for itself.

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