A State Department board of experts is calling for steep cuts in U.S. nuclear forces beyond the New START treaty limits and recommends unilateral or informal reductions to avoid expected Senate ratification battles.

“Treaties are an important but not always necessary method for reducing nuclear arsenals,” the new report by the International Security Advisory Board says. “The United States has reduced its nuclear arsenal without negotiating a new treaty in the past—both unilaterally and reciprocally with Russia.”

A similar cut in nuclear forces could be considered again “as the United States reduces the role and number of nuclear weapons in its national security strategy,” the report says.

Disclosure of the State Department report comes as President Barack Obama, who has advocated eliminating all U.S. nuclear weapons, is close to approving a formal strategy that calls for deep cuts in nuclear forces beyond the 1,550 warheads mandated under the 2010 New START accord.

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  • Rick

    What ever happened to peace through strength?
    Let it be Obumber! You silly wanna-be Marxist dictator; Let it be!

    He’s ruining our economy, he is emasculating the US. The same should be done to him.


      Rick,Neville Chamberlain has come back to life

    • james

      Obama is NOT Chamberlain. Obama manipulates, Chamberlain was weak!

  • James Maxwell

    Easier to eliminate osocialist and sent him back to his third world home in Kenya. Better
    for the US and the rest fo the world too.

  • SniperToo

    And the Muslim, Arab, usurper does it again. He made his promise to Putin’s aid (caught on video/open mic) and he is going to keep his promise. He is also taking down the electric warning grid on the East Coast. I have to LOL, because these dumb @asses voted for him the second time. Guess they will be getting their just rewards for voting for him AGAIN. You get what you vote for, morons.

    • Ray_Downen

      It’s most likely fewer voted for him than the counters counted. But we went through the motions of a free election, perhaps our last.

    • Vito4260

      Yet his STUPID sheep re-elected him!

  • PWR

    Now if obama can just get the weapons away from the people, it will be SO EASY for the troops…Russian, UN, whatever to take America…. We must PUSH hard for protection of the 2nd Amendment at least until 2014… Obama’s policies will have created enough enemies for him by then to allow Conservatives to take back the Senate… Thus Impeachment is a real possibility at that point!!

    • Guest Poster

      There is a lot he can do, but there is NO legal way, short of following the Constitutional Amendment procedure, that he can do it.
      If he tries to do it illegally, he’ll be strung up by his short hairs.

    • Ray_Downen

      We can dream. But it’s probably better to think realistically. By the time for the next election, Obama will have us patriots in stockades watching the Muslims enjoying things we once owned. It would be ideal if we had lots of time yet. But we don’t.

  • Guest Poster

    Yep. Obama will just crate them up and ship them all to Iran.

    • Ray_Downen

      With Obama in charge, who needs atomic bombs? He can destroy us with voting fraud with no need of armies or weapons other than the lies he tells.

  • mrsgunnut10

    Okay, Now where are all of our Active Duty Generals, Colonels, Ect:, Ect:?? Are you Military Genius’s going to just standby and let this Muslim Dictator destroy these United State of America and do nothing to try to stop him and his theiving bunch of obnoxius crooked ass CZAR”S?? Who AND Where is this ” International Security Advisory Board ” located ? Give the American People the names of these bonified Idiots, including their Names, Phone Numbers, and complete Street and City address”s. TELL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO THEY ARE AND WHERE THEY LIVE !!! Are these PEOPLE all Illegal Immigrants that Obama has installed in his own Secret Cabinet Offices in his own ” Personnal White House ‘ that used to belong to ” WE THE PEOPLE ” ?? For the sake of the Liberty of this Great Nation, Now is the time for our Congressional Representatives and Senatorial Representatives to step forth and take Complete Control of our United States Government BEFORE it is completely destroyed from within our Boundry Lines. We have enough armed Citizens, in these United States, to give full back up to a Military Style take over if any of our Military Officers have the guts to step forward. AM I MAD ?? HELL YES AND ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS SHOULD BE ALSO !! Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

    • axmickl

      All these military guard dogs have been sitting by watching our nuclear stockpile dwindle since George Bush senior began tearing the weapons apart. We are down to nearly zero as it is. Any more reductions and we can scrap all our subs and bombers.

  • http://twitter.com/foxmuldar foxmulder

    A banana republic doesn’t need nuclear weapons. And a Banana Republic is what Obama wants to do with this country. Watch Morsi of Egypt after he was elected thanks to the help from Obama. Now Morsi wants to be Egypts next Pharaoh. Obama wants to be America’s first life time Dictator. He’s well on his way to succeeding. Just compare both and see if they don’t resemble each other closely. Both wanting to grab as much power while the idiots that elected them are still behind them. Give Obama free reign of the Debt ceiling and its all over for us as a free nation. Obama doesn’t want to cut the deficit, he want more power to spend on his socialist programs. More power to give more funding to his Union friends. Obama should be hanging from a noose for treason.

  • ladypatriot

    About obama’s power to bring down our America….has anyone seen the YouTube about the Concentration camps and the 180,000 portable coffins? Could it also be about biological warfare and quarantining people (guinea pigs, victims, targets…)? I know this isn’t about the nuclear weapons, but it is about our protecting ourselves by being alert, vigilant, and in the know about as much as possible. This is MANY, MANY times worse than a “cold war”….

    • catman

      Talk, talk and more talk………It just isn’t gonna happen folks!!! Get over it….
      Until someone in the higher echelons of power take as much as they can regarding odumbo and his dictatorial ambitions and they take some firm, positive and agressive action, we the people will be just pawns ripe for the picking. This usurper in chief “dances” up the steps to a podium, smiles, waves to the crowd and the women have an orgasm and the men wet their pants. The highest ranking military personel are scared to death for their jobs with their very generous pensions and won’t take action until it’s way too late. By then this country will cease to exist as a “free” nation. Read Glen Becks new book “Agenda 21”. It will scare the pee outa you, but if you take a close look at what is happening now, we are headed right for it full steam ahead!!
      At my age, I have maybe 10 more years to put up with this BS, then I can look down from my cloud (I hope) and say “see. I told ya so”.

  • ladypatriot

    While other countries are getting nuclear-weapon-ready, obama want us to have less? He wants us vulnerable and weak! He and his backers are playing power-games with Americans’ and others’ lives!!!!!!

    • james


  • ccnova67

    Our enemies – Obummer, and his dumborat lackeys are setting the USA up for takeover and instilling obummer as the dictator-in-chief. That is why they want our guns and the police help them with their $50.00 gift card for all guns turned in drives. Thank God there are millions of hard working God fearing American citizens who live by the code – That if you want my guns, you will have to pry them from my cold dead hands.


    THIs stupid appeasement treaty called sh t start WAS NEVER RATIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do these pointy headed intellectual jerks realize that????????????????????

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Sotomayor/100001173966519 John Sotomayor

    What more can we expect from a corrupt and supid Presdident. We must not reduce our nuclear capabiluity any further than it is now. That stupid SOB will make our country vulnerable to everyone who want to hurt our country.

  • james

    Obama cuts the defense of America & Iran is watching!

  • Kukye

    This is unbelievable. Everyone is following the negro right of the lemming cliff. He’ll step aside at the last moment to watch it all, with that Alfred E Neumann grin.

  • mjnellett

    Experts in what?, appeasement and disarmament? Cowardly Progressives who don’t like America. Maybe what should be demanded of high government officials is that they spend a couple of weeks in a combat zone somewhere, just so they can see what it’s like?

  • sovereigntyofone

    I guess we can use ” spit wads ” against Iran when they complete their nuclear stockpile.

  • Wayne Peterkin

    Of course they want unilateral disarmament! It’s all part of the plan to destroy this nation. Massive government spending, higher taxes which keep our economy on its knees, huge cuts to national defense, and nuclear disarmament that eliminates our nuclear deterrent are all part of the “fundamental transformation” of America. Obama and his radical associates are successfully achieving exactly what every real American opposes, and all with the approval of the morons who voted for them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/J-W-Majors-Majors/100000951325079 J W Majors Majors

    Ha,Ha. What else would you expect from the enemy.Looks like God will soon be using his eraser on this Nation of Fools.

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