An attack on Friday at a college in Wyoming left three people dead, including the alleged attacker. The assailant used a bow and arrow and a knife and, despite the “gun-free campus” policy, was still, nonetheless, able to kill.

How many more people have to die before society can just accept that this world is filled with dangerous people and that guns, when placed in the proper hands of responsible citizens, can greatly aid in the decline of senseless mayhem?

The characters and a few details always change, but the story remains the same. A student goes crazy and kills people. People wonder why, though there is never an answer more explanative than, “Some people are just crazy.”

The community mourns, and if the assailant used a gun, liberals come from out of the woodwork to push for gun control and question how the assailant could ever get his hands on a gun- as if gun control laws fix mal-intent.

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  • Bobseeks

    If the teacher had been packing, he could have shot the knife-wielder and lived.

    • Mathchopper

      Logic doesn’t work on libs.

    • Granpa David

      Exactly . It is all emotion, touchy-feely and by the liberal template. The annointed can be filthy rich but certain people are not allowed and must be hated.. It must fit the liberal narrative.

    • Paul Christensen

      The problem with the liberals they think that by writing a few words on a piece of paper will solve all of the problems. But even they do not actually believe that way when it boil right down to it. When in actuality more people suffer and more innocent people are hurt. The problem is not the innocent people it is the law breakers and break the law they will continue to do.

  • Ben

    When are these idiots going to lears that a piece of metal no matter if it is a gun or a knife is just a piece of metal and has no BRAIN and the persion doing the bad deed is the one with the BRAIN. Please conservatives wake up and start tell the liberals to get a real grip on thing and keep the bad guys behind bars and not let them go early or the crazy ones out of the funny farm out at all.

    • Granpa David

      Remember when SUV’s were killing people.

  • victoryman

    CC this to the enabler, Mr. Costas.

  • GWY

    It’s possible people knew this maniac was menatlly ill and had asked for help. Many years ago, crazy people were locked away where they couldn’t harm themselves or others. Liberals changed all that by forcing the release of these people to roam among the public and now reap what they sow.

  • Mike11C

    I say we use liberal’s own tactics against them. If a business, organization, or establishment, denies our right to bear arms and defend ourselves, shouldn’t they be expected to provide us with security and be found liable if they don’t? If I, or my family, were put in danger because my rights were suspended on a specific property, I would file a law suit against the person or persons who deprived me of my ability to protect myself and failed to provide for my security. If someone can win millions for spilling hot coffee on their crotch, this should be a slam dunk.


      Mike, It really wouldn’t work simply because you have the OPTION not to patronize any “gun-free” venues, thus if you do then you are responsible for the result(s) of your personal decision(s), my friend.

    • TPM

      As I understand the law, you also have the right to carry in a commercial establishment (and maybe on a campus?) that posts “No Guns.” You’re not breaking a law. You’re breaking a posted policy. They can ask you to leave. That’s about it. I’d rather be able to protect myself and my familly. If that irritates a store manager, I really don’t care.

    • Davnkatz

      TPM – basically, businesses posting no weapons signs in states that approve concealed carry are violating state law. With the addition of one word the businesses obey law without violating your personal rights. That one word is “unlicensed”, and the sign should read “Carrying unlicensed guns on this property is prohibited”. That includes on campus UNLESS the state has a specific law.


      BUSINESSES that post such signs are only advertising to criminals that their place will be safe for them to rob! ~ Stupid is as stupid does!
      Personally, I refuse to patronize any establishment bearing such placards!

    • big wyo

      In Wyoming every citizen has always been able to openly carry any firearm. Now in Wyoming, you no longer need a permit to conceal legally. You may obtain a permit to conceal but about the only reason to do so isreciprocating states. There is no such thing as licensed or registered firearms in Wyoming or Colorado (columbine or Aurora). I grew up in Colorado and our rifle teams riles (some actually owned by the school) were kept at the school. Not to mention the archery teams bows. You didn’t keep your hunting rifles in the back glass of your truck to keep thieves from breaking the glass to steal the guns not because some would go crazy and shoot others. This columbine type of thing would never have happened in my school as a dozen big game rifles would have been brought to bear on you within minutes.
      My how times have changed

    • Davnkatz

      The old biddy who won millions after spilling hot coffee on her own crotch also had the option to not utilize the faci8lity or NOT order coffee or NOT have it brought to her HOT – so your argument ddddoesn’t hold water. I could easily counter yopur assumption that I eagerly visited the business that, because of its PUBLIC POLICY, the business assumed responsibility to safeguard my safety and well-being.

    • DocJimmy

      It would appear, and rightfully so, that you are outnumbered on this issue. The reality is; people kill people and wheather it’s right or wrong at that moment, people will use any tool they can find or have in their possession. Bottom line; if a criminal is stupid enough to bring his knife to a gunfight, he might easily become extinct. Read the article again, only this time clear your head of idealistic liberal values and allow and allow reality to come into focus…


      Doc, I’m by no means a “Liberal”, my friend! ~ I’m just giving my point of view from 27 years experience in our courts as a LEO. ~ So being “outnumbered” on this thread really holds no significance to me.

  • firebug

    This was a domestic disturbance that spilled over onto a college campus. Not that the gun policy points are not valid, I just do not think they apply to this situation.

  • Lanny

    Their just upset there are no jobs after getting their degree.. its back home to mom & dad. Just keep your mind fixed on Hope & Change for 2013. Baby and how !!!

  • Guest

    ” How long will it take before society realizes their children are being influenced by media to do these sorts of acts~ That movies of over sexuality, over violence etc and the projected okness of it all taints the minds of the suggestive~ Jeffrey Dahmer watched exorcist three constantly~ Columbine shooters watched basketball diairies constantly and the list goes on~ Hollywood and media in a broad sense all wield a power that cannot be overcome by parental supervision etc if it is allowed in the home~ And now the net wields the power of suggestion of filth~ Then on top of all this we have leaderships who wanted to be presented as Movie stars who play their part in planting the seeds~ So these mad caps want to get rid of guns~ How about them all get rid of themselves and leave the children alone and quit influencing the innocent into acting out such crimes from once a screen to their own realities in their environments~ THEY ARE TO BLAME for all of these violent acts because there is deep core of the mind being infiltrated~ It is called planting false seeds~ Sure I know the offenders themselves do the crimes but the question is always why would they~ Why would they be crazy and it starts with what they have been led to believe~” Here is a way to understand how bad it is –

  • Bob Marshall

    Once Hitler took control of Nazi Germany he instituted gun control.

    • Ron Mccubbin

      Hitler was no different than the kenyan hitler that lives in our White House now.

    • Paul Christensen

      Did this action by Hitler stop people from being killed? History says no.

  • TPM

    Oh No … people killed with a bow & arrow and a knife !
    My proactive response …
    1. Blame the native americans / indians. Because, I attribute bows & arrows to them. Probably want to hire an attorney to suit native americans, in general. Time to lay hands onto some of that endless supply of indian casino money.
    2. Someone used a knife? OK, guess it’s time to get a UN ban going on knives. Society doesn’t need them. They’re nothing but trouble. People get killed with them, every day. Killing with knives & edged weapons has been a problem for much longer than firearms. So, let’s ban them first. Oh, and don’t forget to include clubs and rocks. They’ve always been problematic, too.

    • Ron Mccubbin

      The best thing for this Great Nation would be to ban libturds….

    • Paul Christensen

      Let us not forget tomahawks, sabers, swords, cannons, bayonets, They think that by removing the guns the innocent people will not be slaughtered anymore. The reason they are vulnerable to slaughter is because they have no guns. Look at Fr. Hood. I FORGOT TO MENTION HAMMERS. We just had a neighbor who killed his wife with a hammer.

  • Zoomie72

    Gun control laws would work great if EVERYONE followed them. And we know criminals like the knife wielder obey all the laws, right? Like the one against murder, for instance

    • Paul Christensen

      If everyone obeyed the laws automatically then it would make no difference if anyone had a gun or not. Guns are in reality a protection for the innocent people. We see where the absence of guns allow many crimes to perpetrated against them taking away their guns would make no difference because they have none in the first place. Alls it would do is to make them more vulnerable to the sicko.

  • adirondack_1

    I can see the future BATF&E+Bows and Arrows…stones…sticks…thoughts.

  • Whats in a name

    Stop selling knifes at any store. Ban Knifes world wide. Just maybe if someone had a gun maybe only the attacker would be dead

    • muckfexico2

      NOW I like this thought!!!!!!

    • bikerchick22

      also- ban louisville sluggers–we all know how dangerous baseball bats are!! It has nothing to do with the jerks using them -right!!!

  • mas1az

    They want to disarm this countries people so that way an invasion would be a lot easier. I say if someone really wanted to change liberals minds, I say lock them in an auditorum somewhere and force 24/7 without limited breaks to pee, and make them watch re-runs of Obama speeches. When the week was over, they’d be brain dead and would want to leave the country.

    • muckfexico2

      It’s will never be MORE TRUE than YOU THINK!……….IT IS COMING, lock & load!!!!!!!!

  • muckfexico2

    YUUUP!…….it figures. Shut up and move on!

  • www.tinyurl/com/DeltaWolves

    Guns are a last line of defense against tyranny. As a non-governmental private security contractor, I would rather die than give up my right to bear arms!

  • Ron Mccubbin

    So tired of all of the limp-wristed, pansy libturds that tell us to run to our safe room, lock the door, bend over and put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. The police have no option to protect us from harm. They are after the fact. It is up to each person to take control of their environment, and keep their family safe from harm. I hold our police in the highest esteem, but ladies and gentlemen, use common sense, they can cannot be everywhere at anyone time.

  • TomM

    To the Liberals this isn’t tragic becasue it doesn’t advance their agenda.

  • WASP

    Now the libtards will have to ban knives–and arrows, and motor vehicles, and baseball bats. They can all be used to kill people. Oh, yeah. Ban gummint, too. It kills more people that all the other things combined.

  • bikerchick22

    Boy-oh Boy— we better BAN chicago cutlery!!!!!

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