• talljohn777

    This will never be reported by the mainstream media….

    • Mike6

      Fast and Furious was a White House operation that killed two brave Americans and one hundred of innocent Mexicans. Now Obama and Eric Holder have swept Fast and Furious under the rug and Congress will never find out why it was ordered and by whom.
      Obama wants to disarm God Fearing/ church going Americans who maintain guns to protect their families from the aggressive SEIU union goons. These SEIU Union goons have terrorized banker families at night with torches and bull horns, and that is an outrage.

    • Guest

      cuz they are niggers

    • Mike6

      I have a feeling that if the four brave Americans trapped in Benghazi were blacks then Obama would have send help right away.

    • gary

      No it would have been the same . Stevens & the prime minister of Turkey was discussing smuggling guns through Turkey to Syria and bozo didn’t want no survivors that knew what was being planed.He planed the meeting and the raid and all of his boot lickers knew what was coming down that is the reason Rice turned down secretary of state because she didn’t want to testify under oath and Hillary got the Dr to say she had a concussion and wouldn’t be able if the General would have told the truth it would have been the end of that administration. I believe his life was threatened and being in the CIA he knew that was very possible the clinton had it done to several people if you remember all the strange deaths happened when he was running for office. I have heard that Chelsey’s life has be threatened in the near past.

    • Mike6

      Susan Rice went on four TV show and lied about the Behghazi murders.
      An Old Coptic man is in a Los Angeels prison because he made a silly video about Islam, and our Pravda media has not said a word. Obama made a speech to the UN which was sympathetic to Islam. No American President capitulated like that to muslims before and this is an outrage. Thomas Jefferson send the US Marines to Algears for much less.

    • 1American1st

      MIKE6 -

      You said, ” Obama made a speech to the UN which was sympathetic to Islam.”
      It is so outrageous that he keeps promoting Muslims/Islam, especially after 9/11. That is one thing I find totally offensive about Obama. I will never forget 9/11 and for our prez to be a Muslim/Islam sympathizer and supporter just outrages me! It makes my blood boil. He is either a Muslim or he missed 9/11 (probably on vacation that day).

    • ADRoberts

      Clinton has had about 150 “friends and backers” die from “accidental plane crashes or one car accidents, etc. Since they KNEW all the tricks the Clintons had pulled, there was only one way to make sure that NO ONE would be able to TELL THE TALE.
      Vince Foster was about to release the subpoenaed documents that would have been REAL trouble. He “committed suicide” by doing so. And the reports indicate that he died in the WH, his body laid outside for a while in the parking lot and was finally found in a park with CARPET FIBERS in the knees of his pants.
      Don’t mess with Hillary Clinton. Even Bill would be DOA, if Hillary did not need him.

    • Mike6

      Vince Foster shot himself with his left hand when he was right handed. He had no blood on his shirt and he had a bad head wound. He was laying in lacy Park like he was on a picnic.
      His Whitewater documents dissapeared from his office in violation of the orders of the FBI. I don’t know if he was having an affair with Hillary or perhaps he just knew too much about the Clinton hanky panky.

    • Armyof1

      Yes Chelsey’s life was was threatened that’s how Obama got in office and Bill started the birth-tha room’er they all knew Obama did not have the qualification to be the President. They should post pone the hearing and have Hillary testify, because Obama is guilty of Treason a long with Biden and Holder.

    • Fed UP

      Read Murder in the 52nd degree off the net. Tells all about the Clintons and the BS during their Admin. Just ask Sec of State Ron Brown at the time how Air Force 2 flew into a mountain! Bill and Hillary have got to go.

    • hankthetank

      NO,he would not,he does not care about people!, but he did care about his friend, the TURK AMB. They made sure he was gone before the attack started; (REMEMBER BENGHAZI )

    • JEFFC 66

      I have guns..vote gop…dislike the agenda obama brings…but your IGNORANT post labels all of us!!its idiots like you with the racial slurs that discredit every moral issue we try to raise…..you are a fool…a stupid fool!!

    • OtherStalin

      I would say the 12 likes he has as of now, or the agreeing response with 16 likes, showing that while a lot of people may not want to say it that they agree with it. As long as that image exists no one is going to listen to a lot of what is being said.

    • munimula

      More likely a liberal troll.

    • Warthog0

      Since he signed as guest, it maybe an intentional baiting or denegration of the rest of us. Never the less an Assbole troll.

    • Chuck

      Jeff: You’re both right and wrong, depending on who the above “guest” happens to be – or, more correctly, “what” he/she may be. Use of racial slurs and threats of violence discredit the entire conservative community and reflect badly on those of us who try to oppose ideas and actions that are destructive to our nation. We then get called “racist” and “threats to national security” by the liberals we’re trying to deal with. “Guest” may, as you say, be a stupid fool, posting offensive comments with no thought to their effect. On the other hand, he/she may be a liberal infiltrator whose job is to do just that – discredit conservatives by hanging the labels of “racist” and “security threat” on us, as “munimula” below suggests. Moderators for this and other forums should make a serious effort to purge such comments – anyone who would leave such a post and then complain when it gets deleted has a serious problem, one way or another.

    • ADRoberts

      The problem with your term is that too many people only associate it with one race. If you will make that term somehow, to cover ALL people who are selfish, destructive, hateful, angry and stupid, then EVERYONE here will agree with you.
      As it stands, you lost a lot of people by the use of a term that has long been associated with ONE race. Look up the word niggardly. It is appropriate and doe not apply to one race. Then find a synonym

    • mwl

      Guest, your wrong. The hot dog man was black. His livelihood was destroyed by the same obama endorsed union terrorists. The union jerk off who threw the punch was white. Lets get down to it. This is about total control over the people of the United States. obama uses divisive tactics to cause internal strife. With internal strife and chaos that obama promotes, he gains power. He even relayed that to the french president. He told Americans what he would do. His fake tears and concern only shows his contempt for Americans during the Conn. tragedy. obama and his crew of criminals have made America weak and his gun disarmament is for one reason only, to make it easy for his forces to encircle the US and take control. obamas agenda is easy to understand because its already been accomplished. This program of national take-over is directly from stalin. All the lies and cover ups will go away, then a real do it or die agenda will emerge. That is the next phase we’re in. Disarm and kill all dissidents.
      Thats why black conservatives get the full blown attack. He cant have the blacks see what the truth is.
      The hot dog man was selling hot dogs but he was doing it on the wrong side, supposedly. He was just trying to make a buck. But that wont do, he was black and that was seen as a traitor and abetting the enemy of the obama regime. Democrats will not tolerate a successful black. Unless it promotes their ageda of the new plantation.
      Hot dogs could have cost him his life. Did you see obama or the union come to the mans aid for financial loss. Or anything said about this crime. What the union did was a crime and they should be proescuted and sued. We have full videos and know who were the criminals.
      Mike in Afghanistan

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJ2KA7K46X3IXO3JX7JFOS7PNY tazz_89103


    • KAS

      talljohn777 You are soooo correct! We do not want to show crime can be prevented or reduced by carrying a Pistol. They think we in Az. are CRAZY, but the nuts do not know who is armed and crime is down. Look at Chicago, can not have guns and guess what… look at their crimes and shootings.
      Only the Bullies will have the power.

    • mas1az

      How right you are talljohn, I live in Kingman Az and see people carrying guns in the open around here. Of course they are legal, but it’s nice to see a nice guy or girl not afraid to stand by their beliefs and are ready to protect others. The police never seem to get at the incident till after it’s already started. This man in Oregon, he was right by not shooting, but the shooter saw that a normal person was pointing at him and I gurarantee you he changed his thought real quick. It’s always sad whenever anyone dies needlessly. God bless

    • hammer

      I live in Show Low and ALWAYS open carry( also have a concelled carry permit), I have yet to be stopped and yet to be approached by the citisenary as to why I carry…remember the guns that police carry aren’t ment to protect you, they are ment to protect them…

    • JRRS

      Ask the Prime Minister of Austarlia what happenes when you disarm a nation. Millions were spent to collect and destroy the guns and crime ran rampant.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      People in the Outback still have them & say they will never give up their arms & the government isn’t even trying anymore.

    • Warthog0

      Don’t let O’Riley hear this, he lambasted the 2nd amendment guy last night on the same subject saying it wasn’t true, that the disarmament did and was working according to some university study, I wasn’t fully listening to him any way, I’ve gotten to distrust him as well as Hannity. Gretta rules!

    • MARYANN33

      I don’t trust her either. I like Cavuto

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732096185 Mike Hennessy

      No it did not Crime is down significantly after banning guns in Australia.

    • http://www.facebook.com/erichr Erich Gottkaiser

      I don’t know where you’re getting your statistics from, but they’re false. No MASSACRES have happened, but gun crime and violent crime in general increased post-ban, and home invasions became a new phenomenon.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Liberals & anti-gunners have their own facts, though bogus they are. They will never acknowledge a person with a CCW can stop criminals. It does not fit their agenda, so it can’t be true. They are saying this mass murder was the second largest & Columbine was the largest. Not true! google 1927 Bath Michigan School Disaster.
      38 children A-G either don’t have a clue or are lying because it doesn’t fit their A-G agenda. Crazy people will kill by any method available, as the human mind is inventive even when defective.

    • 1American1st

      PLEASE post this article on all Liberal sites including HuffingtonPost.com, ABCNEWS.com, MSNBC.com, MSNBC.com, CBSNEWS.com so all the Liberals can see it, because left up to the main stream news media, it will never been seen.

    • Mike6

      Violence in movies causes violence in the steeets. The recent Dark Night film inspired the Colorado shooter. I do not have the space to argue this point.
      I would recommend a return to censorship of the 1930′s when movies were clean and people were decent and uncorrrupted by the Hollywood filth. I don’t care if Hollywood makes less money now, as long as our kids are protected in school and movie theaters.
      I read about American cities in the 1930′ and the downtown streets were safe and so clean that you could eat of the sidewalk.
      I am sorry that I am not optimistic this Christmas, but after Obama was re-elected that is how I feel.

    • 1American1st

      Mike6 -

      I was fortunate enough to grow up in the 50′s & 60′s. We never locked the door to our house & our windows were open at night in the summer. The car was always unlocked with the keys in the ignition 24/7.

      Never heard of a kidnapping, murder, rapes or armed robbery back then, unless it was in some far away place like Chicago or New York City. Never knew anyone who was divorced until I was in my late 20′s.

      We knew everyone in our neighborhood. We rode our bikes and played outside. How many people even know their neighbors on both sides of their house now?

      We went to church every Sunday where we were taught the 10 Commandments and were expected to abide by them. Actors & actresses on TV were always fully clothed, no nudity, no Gay couples, and they couldn’t even say “damn” on TV. The news wasn’t Liberal biased news, it was just news with facts, no Liberal agenda.

      I know this sounds weird, but we had dinner together as a family EVERY evening. It was home cooked & we didn’t even have a fast food restaurant in our town. We did have a drug store with a lunch counter & soda fountain, a Woolworth’s with a lunch counter & a couple of other restaurants where you sat down & ate.

      We were taught manners and to respect adults and authority. If you talked back to your teacher you were sent to the Principal’s office & could end up getting a few whacks from his paddle. It was an embarrasment and when you got home you got some real butt spanking and might even get sent to your room without dinner. I never got in trouble at school, because I respected my teachers. Nowadays I read about teachers getting beat up, cussed out, stabbed…what’s going on?

      I think drugs damaged our country a lot. I also think our current welfare system encourages young men & women to NOT get married and to have babies (outside of marriage) and to not work. People no longer have to put forth an effort to keep a marriage or family together, they just get a divorce…it’s so easy. The children really suffer. I can see it everywhere. Sad.

      I cannot imagine growing up without a complete “family”, without my mother OR my father.

    • Mike6

      You agree that the violence in the movies has to be censored/stopped? I don’t care if they start making films about Bambi and Hollywood losses money as long as these school shootings end.

    • 1American1st

      I agree, Mike6, along with the violent video games, but you know Liberals will never let that happen, because Hollweird is one of the Democrats’ big sponsers.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      As a firefighter for almost forty years, seeing people hurt has hardened me to the point it no longer bothers me. Seeing children still hurts, but this desensitizing also happens when you see enough of these violent movies & video games. It can reach a point there is no division of reality vs fantasy & killing someone no longer seems real. Reality & fantasy merge & they can’t be discerned. Is this the cause of so much young violent people? I don’t know, but we better find out soon or we may lose a generation or more.

    • diverjimk

      Yesterday I heard somebody, speaking about Newtown, CT, comment “How can a loving God allow something like this?” We’ve taken God out of the courthouse and out of the schoolhouse and then people wonder where He is. This wouldn’t be the first nation that denied God and then have God deny them too! Does Israel/Babylon ring a bell?

    • http://www.facebook.com/lfewell1 Lynn Fewell

      As a 74 year old, I could not agree with you more! My husband and I raised 5 sons, 4 of which are 50 and above, and none have ever spent a night in jail or been arrested. They respected their parents and knew what was expected of them, ie good grades if they wanted to play sports! My grandchildren and a 14 year old great grandson have been raised with the same ideals. You hit the nail on the head!

    • OldNYFirefighter

      You have a couple of years on me & my better half. My kids – two daughters in mid to late forty’s with 5 GC & one GG. All professionals except for newest Grandson. He is being re-deployed to Afghanistan next month & with this administration, that scares us. This is his second deployment to that rotten land, He would have been out next month, but with the job outlook, decided to stay in the Army. He will be gone ten months, so we will be praying he returns safely to our family & his two month old daughter. I have always been a supporter of the Constitution & especially the first & Second Amendments. I, nor my better half have have never even had a parking ticket, so we have a hard time understanding why so many people ignore laws or do criminal acts. I guess we are too old fashioned & value the principles the founding fathers left us to guard & the new generation no longer cares. Fortunately some, like our grandson still do.

    • 1American1st

      Thank God for families like yours. We will keep your grandson in our prayers, along with the rest of our military heroes.

    • gary

      1American that is the way i was raised but my mother died when i was 5 my father became an alcoholic so he was never in my life but my grandmother raised me but that was OK. but the neighborhood i was raised in had a local drug store & dime store -barber shop – grocery store – shoe repair – gas station every one knew everyone and if i acted up my buddy’s mother would swat my bottom and sometimes send me home she was like a mother to me. but we never thought about locking thing up it was like MAYBERRY.

    • Armyof1

      1 American 1st. That was the good old days, and kids did not have tattoo’s and ring’s in there nose and rods in there mouth, you would think they are buying stock in a scrap metal company.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      I would hate to know where they have more of those “body enhancements”, but I can imagine & that must smart! LOL!

    • 1American1st

      ARMYoF1 -

      Yes, and it makes me sick to see these kids with piercings & tatoos on their necks. It used to be that you only saw neck tatoos on convicts or ex-convicts who had served time in prison.

      These kids today do not realize how detrimental that crap is to their career path. As a small business owner these tats & piercings weigh heavily on my decision to hire a person. If I interview 2 equal applicants I wil choose the person without that crap every time. I don’t want my customers to think I employ “thugs”.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Proudly-Unaffiliated/100003705641555 Proudly Unaffiliated

      Not drugs so much as liberalism damaged the country.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      It sounds like you are from my neighborhood, but maybe not. This society has changed since then & not for the better as far as morality & lawfulness is concerned. If people don’t wake up we will lose a lot more of our young ones, if not due to Mental Defectives, to foreign terrorists that are already here because of our porous border that invite them in & this administration doesn’t want to stop. Sometimes I think this administration wants a terrorist attack on our schools or elsewhere, so they can declare Marshall Law & establish a monarchy.

    • 1American1st

      Old NY -
      Not “monarchy”. “Dictatorship”.

    • Warthog0

      Time to press the reset button friend.

    • 1American1st

      Warthog1 -

      Sure wish we could so our children & grandchildren could grow up knowing what a “safe” country is like, free of drugs & gangs.

    • tina james

      Amen. Amen.Amen.

    • L

      I was about to share this article because I believe in innocent citizens being able to protect themselves, but the extreme conservative bias in these comments has made me change my mind. Personally, I am neither liberal or conservative; I judge each issue individually based on morals and common sense. I support the right to possess firearms, and I support marriage equality. Because I believe every good person deserves to be safe and happy. I’m disgusted that you list “gay couples” as if it were a terrible thing; newsflash, there have been gay people since the beginning of time. They are not bad people because of who they fall in love with, and if you actually interacted with them, you’d find a lot of them are a lot kinder, more respectful, and more generous than you are. I know gay people that grew up in the 40s and 50s, so obviously there WERE gay couples back then and you were just oblivious to it. Also, research centuries older than your own. It is not a choice, otherwise people wouldn’t be committing suicide over being miserable about their sexuality and the lack of social acceptance. What right do you have to judge who falls in love with who? Why is it ANY of your business? Yes, I myself covet older eras when things were simpler, less corrupted by technology, and people were more interactive. But violence has been a part of human nature since far before film was ever invented, and blaming violent films for violent behavior is just ignorant. I own several firearms and I watch horror movies and violent movies all the time, I have no desire to end innocent lives. If a person is a psychotic killer, they already were one. A film didn’t make them one. The more closed off you are to lifestyles other than your own, the more the other side will never listen to you because they don’t respect you.

    • 1American1st

      You are right….I don’t respect Gay Marriage.

      I don’t believe people are born Gay. I believe they are indoctrinated by other Gays who want to push their twisted lifestyle on the rest of us.

      It is not normal, I don’t care what anyone says.

      Out of 7 – 8 Billion people on Earth only a very tiny percentage are Gay. Why is that? It’s because it is not normal.

      Think about it. Were you “born” Gay or did one of your buddies convince you that you were Gay at a young age?

    • JJM123

      I grew up 10 years later than 1American1st in the same lifestyle. Note that I grew up enjoying Disney, Westerns and War shows/movies and noone I knew became a mass murderer. Yes, Hollywood could be blamed but more so in their support of immorality. A return to proper Morals, God, Commandments and Golden Rule would cure much of the evil we see now.

    • Mike6

      You are correct on blaming this school violence on Hollywood violence, Video games, and the silly media.

    • MARYANN33

      It absolutely would. But so many foreigners are here now with a different agenda. They want what we have but do not want to live like we lived…There is no righteousness in their backgrounds..The world is getting too small now and no country gets to be as it was and should be. We left God and he left us….

    • gary

      I agree with you Mike seems like bozo would realize that when he was elected the first time gun sales skyrocketed and every time he does something weird the American people don’t trust him and go buy guns and when he was reelected this time gun sales skyrocketed. he will never get all the guns with out a lot of blood shed.

    • Mike6

      Every marxist goverment wants to confiscate guns to make arrests easier, and the Chicago DemocRATS are no exception. Fast and Furious was authorized by the White House to criminalizing gun shows and the Second Amendment.

      Last year, the SEIU union goons terrorized banking families in New York with torches and bull horns right in their front yard, and if they saw that the father had a gun they would have left right away.
      You can bet on that!

    • 1American1st

      Guess what folks! I made several 2nd Amendment comments on Huffington Post, especially replying to a few brain-dead Liberals who want to ban all guns. I just went back & checked….HP deleted my posts. What a trashy Liberal site!
      So it’s up to you. I can’t fight the Liberal bias alone. How about posting your intelligent, factual comments on some of those Liberal sites? The only thing they get is Liberal propaganda.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

      Better off posting on Canada Free Press.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Excellent idea! Liberals hate that website.

    • Mike6

      I wrote several article on the Huffington Post and they printed them, but those were not political. However when I criticized Obama they deleted them. They only print what is good for the Chicago DemocRATS.

    • Flamingogal

      Don’t feel bad. I’ve been banned from posting on the HuffyPost because they said I was “almost a bigot” and “rude”. I had to email them for weeks before they would even try to rationalize why I was banned from commenting. The truth is I never curse, use foul language or call people names but I do not agree with the HuffyPosts liberal positions on homosexuals, Christianity and you know the rest. I am their worst nightmare an old , Christian, white lady who says what she thinks in a nice way but without bowing down to the politically correct crowd. Soon all the comments sections of all the liberal media will be banning those who disagree with their agenda. So much for freedom of speech. People are already losing their jobs, getting kicked out of colleges and having their reputations destroyed because of these ravenous hyenas we call the press.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Naughty naughty, you are every thing they hate, but if I wasn’t married to my better half for fifty years I would kiss you. They won’t even let me post anymore. They didn’t ban me, just remove everything I post. No loss, as I no longer would waste my time, as I ain’t getting younger & time is going faster.

    • 1American1st

      Flamingo -

      They banned me once (during the primaries). I just couldn’t stand the Liberal lies people were posting, so I added a different username to my AOL account & started using that. Now every time I post something it comes up with the message “This comment is pending approval and won’t be displayed until it is approved”. Then they usually delete it because it doesn’t meet the criteria for the HuffyPuke Liberals’ agenda.
      “Freedom of Speech? NOT on Huffington Post !

    • OldNYFirefighter

      That is exactly what I said would happen. Been there done that a few years ago & they haven changed except more Liberal, anti-gun & stupid.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Huffpo will only remove it anyway, as they won’t allow anything that is contrary to their opinion. Not sure about the others, but doubt it.

    • Remington 870

      There is no mainstream media. There is only the Democratic Party Media who live to worship their god..obama. Today, Russia has real media people…America has the communist media.

    • aschark

      Sorry I’m off topic, but responding to Remington’s post
      There was a little tidbit published in Pravda, the Russian
      newspaper, June 1, 2009 (check it out on Snopes), about how the USA was rushing
      into Marxism like a runaway train. First, it said, was the dumbing down of
      education, so that the students knew more about pop culture than the classics.
      Then it said that the Americans would call 911 if they didn’t get their
      McNuggets before calling on the loss of a Constitutional right. Then came the
      dismissing of religion – can’t say God in public. Then, it said, the final
      collapse came with the election of Obama. He has set a record in spending and
      printing money IN THE WORLD! It said that the reshaping of the tax system is
      used by the very thieves who used tax money to bankroll their thefts, loses,
      and swindles in the hundreds of billions of dollars (“green power,” like
      solyndra, ring a bell?). They make the Russian oligarchs (government members)
      look like street thugs.

      If you’re bored, James Carville, a Democratic strategist,
      wrote “40 more years: How the Democrats will rule the next
      generation.” Rule the next generation? Aren’t they supposed to work for
      their constituents? Maybe that’s why the Democrats are following Obama’s
      “orders,” for job security, and a one party Country.

    • Remington 870

      Thanks for the input fellow Patriot. It is a shame the other half of America does not know or care about this fake occupying the White House and his legion of thugs who keep the cowardly GOP Congress in line. I am beginning to feel like a Jew in 1939 Germany felt.

    • Bluebadboy

      It would have been reported prior to this recent terrible incident. I question if this guy isn’t trying to be a self made hero, with no actual proof of what he says he did?????????????

    • OldNYFirefighter

      It was reported by someone that saw him, but I forgot where I saw it.

    • monty

      yea that’s the first time i have heard a good samaritan story the sorry media won’t cover the good stuff only the bad stuff so they can try and put more restrictions on guns.sorry liberal media bastards!!!!!

  • Howard

    That’s because responsible people like him have taken the time to learn responsible gun handling and protection technics and I bet he has taken several gun courses and belongs to the NRA and goes to a range! Good man!

    • debaum

      Thank Heaven ALL us ex-paratroopers who are in their 70′s+ were taught how to fire many different types of weapons. That’s probably why the “Crazies” don’t screw with our generation because they know we know how to handle ourselves .

    • OldNYFirefighter

      I still CCW when we winter in Florida & shoot almost every week & so does my better half. She is a crack shot at ten yards & can take care of herself if anything happens to me.

  • outofsteam

    Now here’s a hero. Many people called heros’ but few are. This man is a true hero.

    • Bluebadboy

      I would agree, if true. He should go to the authorities and be recognized and “verified.”

    • OtherStalin

      Verified how? It’s just his word. Are there any witnesses who saw him pull out the gun? Or saw the shooter see him? Or do we just believe this guy when he says “Hey guys, I’m a hero in a completely unverifiable but plausible way”?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZILT7FI37IEGIGZ47H34VLVAY skyhawk

      Worked for Kerry.

    • OtherStalin

      Oh yeah. Worked great. That’s why he was elected President.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    end gun violence now everyone should carry one

    • Bama Bill

      Where I live in Alabama every home has guns, and eat mostly venison. Nobody ever has bothered us, they know better. Except for a druggie high on drugs that got shot breaking into a house late at night. They didn’t kill her, but she did as told after they put a .45 slug in her ass.

    • mallen11

      They do in Switzerland and it works there.

    • hankthetank

      I am for arming some in the schools; If he knew the school was armed, he would NOT have went there. the kids would be alive today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

  • Doris c

    Goes to show that not everyone who carries shoots just because he has a gun,He still was a hero.He did exactly what he should do,

    • TxnByBrth

      And proved the point that a law abiding and licensed person does not ‘have’ to kill someone with his gun, but his mere presence caused the cessation of violence against innocents when the shooter recognized someone had the capacity to stop him, so he did the cowardly thing and shot himself instead. I have a CCL and hope I never have to discharge my weapon but that I have the courage of this Oregon CCL holder.

    • rodney

      The Second Amendment is my license.

    • Bluebadboy

      I would think this “hero” would have reported his actions to the police. Where is his proof, witnesses besides a family member or friend.

  • got243kids

    Imagine if the Principal (or the teacher) had done the same thing. The Bloomberg, alphabet media, anti-American propaganda machine would never see the front page again. But that doesn’t play to the Statist’s want-a-Be’s plans does it?


    Check the haircut – military or former military ???? Any bets ???

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PKMLAM7GHCGHIGNXECMO7YYMUI nancy

      Yes ‘ ; I noticed it . Wouldn ‘t it be a great idea ‘ ; to require all young men ; to have go through ( Boot Camp ) ; so they would have some idea ‘ ; of what its all about ‘ ?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rachel-Guess/100001271026565 Rachel Guess

      Actually my husband and I have talked about this. My father was retired CIA and he never registered his guns. He always said if we were ever invaded gun registration would give the invaders a complete list of everyone that owned a gun, which was a valid point.

      Personally I think that all seniors in high school should have a mandatory weapons training class and that right to carry concealed should be recognized nationally, without any registration requirements, although I think that a background check should be completed for the purchase of weapons. In Tennessee they do a background check, but the information kept on record is limited to an assigned number and doesn’t leave the store. There is no record kept at either the state or municipal levels of government.

      I am a retired peace officer and to be honest I think most perps would reconsider committing violent crimes if they weren’t sure who was armed and who wasn’t. Give them something to think about, that the victim might actually be able to fight fire with fire.


      UNMARKED POLICE CARS worked quite well in towns where they were in use in keeping drivers on their toes, not knowing WHERE the police were! ~ Matter of fact, I believe that many municipalities stopped using them due to lower revenue from lesser citations issued!!!

    • fed up!!

      ah….common sense has surfaced once again!! THANKS

    • fed up!!

      they do that in Israel…..also teachers and i sure some of the older kids ARE armed! do they have shootings? once in a while from hamass but it doesnt last long!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJ2KA7K46X3IXO3JX7JFOS7PNY tazz_89103


    • chief1937

      No bet but I agree you are probably correct.

  • winlockmike

    so lets take guns away from legel gun owners. Good for this guy

  • cathy

    Nick Meli is a hero. We need more men like him.

  • Alvie

    The news media did not cover this aspect but they are only liberal and choose to report on the bad news.

    • Bluebadboy

      Fox News would have reported it, I think all of them would have, prior to this latest incident. There are questions in this story?

  • Steven

    This was the first I heard of it. This was not reported anywhere in the MSM.

  • drof32

    This man should be hailed as a hero! He had the courage to take action that prevented the mall shooting from becoming much worse. By drawing down on the shooter, he scared the shooter enough to cause him to change his plans. In light of Friday’s horrendous incident in Connecticut, it is my opinion that we should not have “gun free” zones. The nut jobs know that they won’t be in jeopardy in these areas, so they take advantage of this fact to work their mayhem. But the liberal media and the liberals in this country including our president will call for bans on weapons and all associated parts of firearms, in my opinion. The second amendment will likely go down in flames disregarded by our “leadership.” This is a very sad day for America, not only for those who had dear ones taken from them, but for the remainder of us who will suffer and perhaps be in jeopardy because of our government. Welcome to the United States of Amerika comrades.

  • Carnut44

    This is an example of what happens when legally armed citizens are present in public places. Evil picks the time and the place to strike and will always be able to do damage. Without Meli’s action, this could have been another Sandy Hook or Aurora, where large numbers of defenseless people are slaughtered.

  • khack1

    You are exactly right! Someone wrote last night and wondered what would have happened if someone in the Sandy Hook School had a gun. I’ve been wondering that myself. Might we have saved the lives of 20 innocent children?

    • Jewel97

      I wonder what would have happened if the Sandy Hook shooter’s mom had had a gun? Oh, wait….

      This topic is way more complicated than whether or not to be armed. Each situation is different.

    • fed up!!

      oh yeah….he was trying to buy guns a couple days before!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJ2KA7K46X3IXO3JX7JFOS7PNY tazz_89103


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Holley/1178389425 Chris Holley

    You still stopped him….force must be answered with over powering force to protect the innocent. You faced him, showed him that you were ready to stop him, so he answered the only way he knew how, to kill himself.

  • KingofThings

    Good job Nick!!!

  • soldiermom11

    What a nice young man. Bet he’s military. Love those guys!

  • craig

    i am now carrying mine everyplace …i would have nailed him

    • fed up!!

      MAYBE? depends on where and what!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJ2KA7K46X3IXO3JX7JFOS7PNY tazz_89103


  • DrBillLemoine

    This is a vigilante’s dream, the right wing gun owner’s fantasy–thwarting crime by his ‘packing’. Ask the families of 32000 or so gun victims if one instance of success like this is worth not regulating weapons. What irresponsible reporting; where are the witnesses to corroborate this story? I’m an expert shot who finds this to be nonsense.

    • rangers53

      Personally, I find your remarks NONSENSE! Get a life or take your butt to China!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rachel-Guess/100001271026565 Rachel Guess


      Has it occurred to you that if you disarm the public, all lawful citizens will turn in their weapons, meaning that only criminals will be armed? The only thing that would be produced would be an army of sheeple for the slaughter by armed criminals. This is what the 2nd Amendment sought to prevent.

      As my husband says, you never hear about a robbery at a gun show. I am a retired peace officer and I am still armed to this day. When someone asks me why I carry, my answer is always the same: Because the officer was too heavy to carry and didn’t fit in my holster.

    • DrBillLemoine

      Not one word of my post says ‘disarm’ anybody. Prudence dictates we regulate guns: (1) screen all purchasers–presumably you were screened; (2) register all guns to isolate the criminals; (3) require training in use and safekeeping–trigger locks and locked gun cabinets; (4) outlawing all assault weapons and large magazines of civilians outside military and law enforcement. Who, but the gun manufacturers and NRA top leadership could object? BTW gun shows are a big loophole to existing laws.

    • Ray

      Dr Bill, Your ideas are out of touch with reality. Same thing as taking em away. The left wants all guns registered so they know where to go to take honest citizens guns away when they so decide. And your full of horse manure about gun shows. And also many existing laws are a big loophole around our constitution, but of course that little item is of no concern to a leftist. A Chinese man went in a school and stabbed 22 people to death with a knife. Its not guns that are evil. Its Godless people that took prayer from our schools, encouraged abortion, making life meaningless, union thugs on TV making threats that nothing is done about, And we wonder where our youth get the idea it is ok to go on a rampage, killing people for the hell of it? I don’t wonder. Its caused by you leftists liberal ideas. (lack of morals)

    • DrBillLemoine

      Don’t be stupid. You register your car and your house–nobody comes to take them away if you obey the law. I go to gun shows, do you? Your example–absent a gun, nobody died in China. Next bogus example? Morals and ethics don’t stop these loons and criminals from shooting. With regulations we can separate the good from the crooks. Your right wing ideology is showing in ‘prayer from schools’, ‘union thugs’ and rampaging youths. Regulations keep or identify people so they are more responsible–exceptions aside.

    • Bill Tyner

      Regulators can be insidious. Imagine, a regulating-happy portion of our population wants to dictate our lives for us. If we resist, they call us too stupid to make our own decisions – such arrogance! For instance, when describing a semi automatic pistol as a bad thing they refer to it autoloading another round after one is fired. Pull the trigger and a round fires. Well, so does my wheel gun yet the autoloader is evil. I’m looking at getting an 8 round wheel gun in .357 mag. It holds 1 more round than my .45 semi-auto. It’s just another way lefties like to selectively argue.

      Your ideology is showing by alluding to “prayer from schools, union thugs and rampaging youths” being of right wing ideological concern. I guess then that you want prayer out of schools, union thugs and rampaging youths? Are you a “left winger”?

      You say: “Regulations keep or identify people so they are more responsible–exceptions aside”. Drinking and driving, speeding, driving without a license, without insurance, texting, chatting on the cell, all highly regulated yet 135 people a day die in car crashes mostly caused by violations of some regulations. No sir, regulations don’t make people more responsible. Taking personal responsibility does and lefties can’t stand allowing people to be responsible for themselves. Just look at their leader Obama. He blames everyone else.

    • DrBillLemoine

      No, Ray. It’s your paranoia that’s taking away your sanity. You register your car and house, why not your guns? Nobody’s taking anything away, just insuring more sanity for the nation. In your China example you prove that absence of guns is better; in this country we don’t take them away, just control and monitor them for the greater good. Good morals don’t make a difference in crazy people killing children. Remember the ‘Christian’ pastor in FL burning Korans that got people killed abroad–immorality from a religious ‘leader’. Your redneck background is showing here–out of touch with reality!!!

    • Ort

      So then, we will put you in charge of disarming all the gangs in the United States. When you accomplish that, your next assignment will be to disarm all the other criminal types. Geez, you are a moron.

      You are a liberal troll, so go find a liberal board you can post your spew on.

    • Ort

      You are a flippin i diot. Please exit this forum and get thee to a dhimmicrap website where you can spout your kumbaya drivel to your hearts content.

  • cowgirl20

    A real hero in my eyes!!

  • James Foley

    “I know after he saw me, I think the last shot he fired was the one he used on himself.” said Meli. Well, DUH!!!! But it is notable that just the appearance of an armed citizen made the killer decide to end it all rather than have to do the time.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJ2KA7K46X3IXO3JX7JFOS7PNY tazz_89103


    • gary


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Rogers/1316988102 William Rogers

    Disarming the innocent does not work; this does.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Rogers/1316988102 William Rogers

    An armed society is not just a polite society, but a disarmed society is just an easy target….


      THE BEST WAY for government to protect society is for them to STOP IMPEDEING society from protecting themselves, in violation of our Second Amendment rights to self-defense!

      “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”
      ~ Thomas Jefferson

    • fed up!!


    • fed up!!

      you hit that right!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJ2KA7K46X3IXO3JX7JFOS7PNY tazz_89103


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Norman-Reefer/100000550136220 Norman Reefer

    I am not writing this because of today’s Dick Morris daily lunch video because I had already thought of the solution to prevent this terrible shooting from happening again. Dick says the answer is metal detectors and armed police in the school. I guess the metal detectors are OK but my idea is have no more than 2 entrances to the school for students to use coming to and leaving school. Metal detectors and armed officers would be needed at these locations. Just before the school day starts close and lock one entrance. The other entrance would be the only one used during school hours. No windows to break, only a door with a buzzer. After a person is buzzed through the door, the door locks behind them and they find themselves in a small area with a second locked door. This area would have a camera and school officials could see and talk to the person about why they need entrance. If the person seems like a possible problem, they are already locked between 2 doors and police could arrive to investigate further. Inside the second door there would be a trained armed officer at all times. Towns and cities do not have a large crime wave between 8 am and 3 pm on weekdays and the armed officer in each school could be spared even in a large city. A few additional officers may be needed just prior to and after school to watch students arriving and leaving. This expense would be small compared to the carnage it could prevent.

  • gypsy314

    I hope the so called leaders bring this up in there debate. Liberals will still have there armed body guards. American people will not and after having a fraud reelected to office America people will need there firearms more then ever. So I say hell not leave our rights alone and go climb another tree.

    • Bama Bill

      I say all anti-gunners must give up their armed body guards! What hypocrites! I want to hear their response if I could ask them on national Fox news why they have armed bodyguards, but want guns banned. You would hear BS coming out both sides of their mouths!

    • fed up!!

      just like rosie odumbo! LOL!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJ2KA7K46X3IXO3JX7JFOS7PNY tazz_89103

      THERE U GO

  • Granny B.

    GOD BLESS YOU, SIR !!!!!


    Good to hear the carnage came to a abrupt halt and that a legal gun carrying citizen may have been the reason…..The left is simply making another power grab to expand government, WTP want to who employe the government want to keep the 2nd amenndment so we can check the power of armed government.


    Well what do you know DISQUS decided to work properly….

  • MaryCeleste Tucson AZ

    God Bless this young man. He is a true American Hero!… Just by the fact that he has the right to bare arms saved countless lives!! Even though he is probably suffering with his actions. They were in fact what America is about!!! There are many of us whom Thank you and honor your actions. Live proud. Live the Constitution with your rights to bare arms. Your action to not shoot but show your weapon did actually save numerous lives. Live proud of your action and practice to use your weapon like it is a part of your body. Then you will not hesitate to protect yourself and loved ones. We should all know of your amazing action. You are a HERO. thank you for saving lives!!!

  • Marte

    History has proven over and over again that when citizens are armed, crime goes down. How these idiot gun control people can begin to think it could be different is beyond my comprehension.

  • Jim3123

    The government, by making the school a “gun free zone”, made it impossible for the law-abiding citizens to protect their own children. Mises said it best. http://sn112w.snt112.mail.live.com/mail/InboxLight.aspx?n=76191108&fid=1&fav=1#n=1911701104&fid=1&mid=6189f58f-4868-11e2-a174-00215ad84b6a&fv=1.

  • newyorker


  • dogwithoutslippers

    The shooter shot himself – which would have been the probable conclusion after he had killed as many people as he could have. Seeing an armed citizen thwarted his twisted sick plan of murdering glory before more carnage occured. C&C takes the bravado out of ill minds. Citizens must be armed to combat criminals as police are not everywhere at once.
    Take away the protective guns of the political hacks loke Bloomberg and they will quickly change their tunes. Never felt this way about guns until I got one almost two years ago – I sleep more soundly at night now.

  • sfbinms

    Well, it makes a good story at least. And it helps keep the ignorant and uneducated whipped into a howling mob, which is critical to the purposes of the puppetmasters. We’ll never know, of course whether he pulled a gun or whether he hid under a counter until he was rescued. But he can still serve as an icon to the frothing crowd. In fact, his story could be even BETTER if he also suggested that — without him standing there in front of the gunman — at least 200-300 others would have been killed.

  • har82

    Sounds to me like the criminal knew he was about to get it himself and decided to end it himself instead. Good for you Meli, and don’t beat yourself up about not ,, pulling the trigger. No one knows how it is until they are in – your – shoes at that time . :)

  • Eli

    Bless you Meli…..this is the reason to keep the 2nd Amendment perfectly strong. Good people stopping bad people.

  • a_browning

    This will never be common knowledge, because the press will not let it get out. It is contrary to their agenday.

  • mallen11

    Thank God for those who legally carry a gun and not just the police.
    Luke 11:21 When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own homestead, his possessions are undisturbed.
    Luke 22:36 Then said he unto them … he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.
    NOTE: Jesus did not tell His disciples to register their swords with the government.
    Matthew 24:43 …if the head of the house had known at what time of the night the thief was coming, he would have been on the alert and would not have allowed his house to be broken into.
    Jesus commanded His disciples to purchase weapons:
    1Timothy 5:8…if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

  • bdcorvette

    One of the things one learns when he obtains a concealed carry permit (I have one and a .38 with hollow point ammo) is that, in addition to the 3 conditions necessary to make lethal force a viable option, the shooter should ensure that his shots will not injure innocent bystanders if he misses. This guy made a good decision NOT to shoot.


    This guy used proper gun control .He made sure he didn’t start shooting into a crowd and was covered from the shooter .

  • Mark Biolchino

    Meli is a hero – All honor to this young man. Even in such a crises situation he only drew his weapon but considered what would happen if he had fired for he reasoned there were too many innocent bystanders around where they could have been hit by stay bullets. Someone posed the question about where do we get such people that come to the defense of people they don’t even know. Americans raised by parents with a moral compass in knowing that evil is not relative but an absolute. God bless this young man as those in harms way were blessed when this hero came forward.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-M-Rolwing/1718182613 John M Rolwing

    Sure, the MSM may sweep this under…don’t let that deter YOU…We must let the MSM know what WE stand for and will take no excuses otherwise. ! This story is the perfect example of what works ! Shout it out !

  • Bill Tyner

    Which brings up the problem that CCW citizen faced. From his concealed position (smart) he could see that he didn’t have a clear shot as there were people in the line of fire downrange. What to do if the perp succeeds in clearing his weapon and takes aim again at other people? Do you risk an unreliable (distant) shot or two or more in the attempt to put down the shooter with likely collateral damage downrange from your own shots? Would you shoot in the air to get the shooters attention and make the coward run for cover? As it is, the perp may have seen the CCW citizen and that’s when he shot himself. Looks like the citizen made the right choice.

  • Worried about the USA

    I think of Obama crying & telling that these children will never be able to marry or go to collage or grow up! Does he also cry for the millions aborted each day? They also will never get to live!

    • jimpeel

      He was crying because they will never grow up to be taxpayers.

  • Breeze

    Do not give up your guns, no matter what law they pass. ARM YOURSELVES!

  • Frank Onofrio

    Very, very interesting. An example of an armed citizenry SAVING lives when time is critical. In the CT school incident, there are no guns allowed in the school, so the gunman didn’t have to worry about anyone shooting back at him.

    I agree with talljohn777, this will never be reported by the MSM (I now consider Fox News part of the biased MSM, biased in favor of big government, Establishment Republicans). Has anyone heard Fox News report on the above?

  • jimpeel

    He should not beat himself up for following the four rules of firearms safety one of which is know your target and what lies beyond it.


    are these events happening only in BLUE STATES;; go figure, libs and over regulation;;. the left is going to suffer from what I call the captive elephant syndrome ;;a massive warm blooded animal is kept in captivity for years, constantly nagged by ignorant humans, never allowed to move freely continually builds up frustration and BOOM one day he has had enough of the humans[liberal] bull shi66t and he goes rogue and kills his tormentors and liberalism is killed

  • steve69licks

    It’s coming and coming fast,the war that we the citizens are being pushed into by the very
    people who we elect to up hold our Constitution and I’ve been saying this for over a year
    PREPARE people,stock up on the supplies your going to need to save your families.I for
    one am ready,willing and able to do what must be done to keep this country free
    God Bless America Semper Fi

  • Caracas Warrior

    God sent on that mall. Bless him, since he saved lives. – How many loose nuts are out there?

  • Doc

    No man is so bless as he who lays down his life for his fellow man. The quote may not be accurate but it still stands. Evil thrives where no man stands against it. Evil thrives when the government removes your ability to fight against it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/audrey.fitting Audrey Fitting

    Thank God for a young man with a permit to carry, being there. The carnage could have been really bad. Its not guns that kill people, its people.

  • larryincamden

    Just make the claim that a brave citizen with a legal firearm stopped the rampage. Who is to gare it is as true as most of the crap in the MSM

  • Red

    “Only a gun can stop a gun” throwing rocks, running and hiding only gets people killied. These shooters need to know they will be shot without hesitation.

  • Sodbust

    The only way to stop a man man with a gun,, is with another gun.. Plain simple fact.
    Our police can not be everywhere all the time.. If so we could not afford a dept of that size.. Good people carry,, and only 1 out of 20 stories written by the press tells of the concealed carry stopping a death,, not the other way around.

    • vicki

      It’s not the only way. I just happens to be the most effective way. One of the reasons police carry them. Now for me I would prefer to carry a gun. A policeman is way to heavy.

  • jenniewalsh

    RE: the Sandy Hook massacre:
    This is the work of organized crime,
    the wicked, who want to be the only ones to own high power weapons so
    that everyone else is defenseless against them. They use mind control
    drugs, hypnosis and mind control devices on the young and naive’ who
    come under their control and domination. The shooter was as much as
    victim of them as the others who died. The organized Satanic criminals
    pick out those people who are somewhat loners and “misfits” and
    indoctrinate, hypnotize and drug them to be under their control to use
    them in their crimes. The Satanists will do anything to disarm GOOD
    If high power, automatic weapons are taken away from the good
    guys, they will be defenseless against the bad guys who will ALWAYS
    This horrible massacre would look like nothing
    compared to the bloody slaughter of innocent men, women and children if
    the GOOD people lose their 2nd amendment weapon rights to protect
    themselves from the EVIL organized crime syndicate, the globalist gun
    grabbers who seek to tyrannize America and the entire planet under a ONE
    Remember Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao and how the people of those
    nations and MANY other nations suffered terribly because they had no way
    to protect themselves from tyranny and the tyrants.
    If the teachers, principle and school guards had had weapons and sharpshooter training, the shooter could have been stopped.

    It is most likely that a secret servant of Satan did the autopsy on the
    shooter. It is most likely that the shooter had a mind control device
    implanted in his head. This evil event was orchestrated and conducted
    from beginning to end by the secret organized servants of Satan.
    The police respond within minutes, but SECONDS count in stopping massacres and other crimes.

    I know that the precious children and teachers are in a lovely,
    glorious, beautiful and very happy place. I pray for strength and
    comfort for those that they left behind. I know I would suffer terribly
    in losing any of my children.
    Pray for Divine Protection and
    Divine Guidance daily for your families, friends and loved ones! There
    is a tremendous battle between good and evil being waged on planet earth
    and the evil enemies are EXTREMELY deceptive and stealthy. They know
    that the murders of innocent children and their teachers will arouse a
    general outcry for “gun control” and that is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT.
    The EVIL ONES are responsible for the murders of millions of children
    around the world; it is one of their most effective tactics in disarming
    GOOD people, their intended slaves and victims.

    • Marine223

      I have various Flavors of weapons in my safe, BUT, if O’scumbags Malitia comes for us,We’ll need something MORE! AS IN, OUR Military! Conventional weapons will be obsolete compared to RPG style weapons and Armored Vehicles!Our Military will have to remove the Rats in DC!

  • catman

    The same sort of decision by a legally armed citizen happened at the Tucson shooting. Too many innocent bystanders for a clear field of fire. Instead, the citizen tackled the shooter and with help from others, held him for police. I know this from a close friend on the sheriffs dept here in Pima County.

  • DocJimmy

    You did the right thing, Nick; don’t let it bother you. If you can quell a situation without firing a shot, it’s good. In this case the would-be target took himself out…

  • legalimmigrant

    The liberals like to blame it on guns. Blame it on loose morals and a society becoming decadent. We kill over 1 million babies who would otherwise grow up into the beautiful children who died in the CT shooting. And who is to blame??? Obama in 2007 promised his audience at a Planned Parenthood meeting that the first thing he would do as president would be to sign into law the FOCA Bill. In 2008 after his inauguration, he could not wait to do just that!! Take some time to google FOCA Bill and read it and you will understand why America is falling and if we do not fight back, we will not recover. In a nutshell, it is pervasive evil in many Americans (starting from the top) that is causing the killing and violence on the streets, TV and in the hearts of men. The saddest day in my life as an American is the evening of November 6, 2012. That sadness persists.

  • Sutekh

    Bloomberg would demand that this man get the death penalty for being a “craxed vigilante.”
    The only thing that will save this country is the second coming of Charles Bronson.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Proudly-Unaffiliated/100003705641555 Proudly Unaffiliated

    Nick Meli is a real American hero. Nick, fantastic work! Thank you for your preparedness, your bravery, skill and excellent judgement. You came through in the clutch and met a severe test that most of us will, thankfully, never face.

  • quipster

    Just what we need in our schools teachers with conceal carry and I mean every school. Leave my guns alone obummer !

  • SallyE

    Good for him. I did not see this story on TV or read about it in the newpaper. Wonder why not?

    Obama cannot tell the difference between good, responsible, well trained gun owners and the mentally ill who caused these horrible tragedies in Oregon and Conn. He will come after all of us now.He has the excuses he needs and the sheeple will support him.

  • sovereigntyofone

    I think almost everyone is missing the boat. Instead of banning guns they should be ” banning whack jobs and mental cases “. We should be locking up these border line mental cases. If the family they live with won’t deal with it, then it’s time that the state should. If you are a nut job you have no rights to be our in society free to roam and kill. Oh, I know the liberals wants to ” Feel their pain ” and give them “Entitlements ” in hopes it will cure them. Well , this doesn’t work, they need to be put some where where they can’t hurt others or themselves. Stop giving someone with mental problems already drugs that has a warning that ” IF you have thoughts of suicide, or depression stop talking this drug “. Talk about instant killer in a bottle.

  • http://www.facebook.com/oguz.krugilla.5 Kutrigur Krugilla

    What is worse: Bush getting Americans killed over false wars and lying to the American public by saying “mission accomplished” or allowing torture. Remember I can torture you and make you say you are wearing pink underwear and have sex with animals (but that does not make it so) or Obama healthcare and the same amount of lies. Me, Bush’s lies are far worse than anything Obama has done. Oh yeah, lets not forget who was President when 9/11 happened and stared off into space on national TV wondering how he can make his friends richer by getting into some wars.

  • just Mom

    I also grew up in the age of innocence as did my children. I was raised with strong moral values and discipline. It didn’t hurt me and I raised my own children that way. When my
    children were 2 and 7 yrs. old, I became a single mother. It was hard but I never took a dime from anyone and in fact, never received child support because their father couldn’t stay sober long enough to hold a job. I worked and was the sole suppport for the 3 of us. I never waivered in my determination to make my children good, responsible, respectful individuals. They never had a problem with a teacher, policeman, neighbor or friend. The were A students who went onto college, married and became parents who raised their children with the same values, even when kids were into drugs and violence and the pressure to be one of the crowd was very strong. Fortunately, our family values and moral standards were stronger. Being their best friend wasn’t important to me. They already had friends. I wanted to be their parent. Today we are great friends, but I am always their mother first.

  • Jess

    Most everyone here makes a valid point and I agree. Bad parenting is the biggest elephant in the room. Seems like Obama only wants to look at part of the painting instead of the whole canvas. I’m 26 years old, married my high school sweetheart I’ve been with for 10 yrs this past August, our daughter is going to turn 5 this friday (Dec 21), we own quite a few guns and will never give them up. I grew up very sheltered, from everything and everyone, until i met my better half. He taught and molded me into the woman i am today. He took me shooting, taught me about safety, I go hunting with my own Winchester Model-70 30-06, (Yes I have a big boy rifle). Our daughter wanted to go hunting with us this year. We read over the hand book and did our research and decided to take her small game hunting (as long as she was covered in orange and didn’t touch the guns there’s nothing to stop her from going. She loved it. She payed attention and was really quiet and alert. She never made a noise, she would point if she seen an animal or another hunter. She’s as smart as a whip, can’t get anything past her. We have been teaching her about gun safety and what happens…took her to the range and showed her, if she has questions we answer them….granted she is only 5 but we tell her the truth. As a family, we were given a Wii for Christmas last year, we have maybe 10 games for it, we control how often and how long our daughter plays in it. She might get to play 5 times a months. Shes very active and isn’t and will never become one of those kids who care more about a video game than school work or work period. With regards to the shooting games and war games, she likes to play them but she’s not obsessed with them. She is only 5 so she doesn’t quiet understand the “missions” that the game requires you to complete, she like the learning of shooting the gun and precise aiming to hit a target. She wants to learn how to shoot mommy and daddy’s gun but she is too little yet. We never talked down to her or talked to her as if she was a child, never used baby language (goo goo gaa gaa) always words. She has a very extensive vocabulary for a preschooler, and her teacher wanted to put her in kindergarten etc. etc… We are not lazy parents, we teach our child right from wrong, answer questions even if they are complex, she over heard her preschool teachers talking about the tragic event that took place in CT. She asked questions and we answered them, honestly. She was upset about it, she has feelings, but she understood after she was told the truth. She came up with her own conclusion…straight from my 5 yr old little girls mouth…. “why is the president trying to take your guns away mommy? the bad guys will still have them because they’re bad.”

  • Diva

    These discussions would have so much more validity if most of you could spell or speak English :-)

  • Old Salt

    Our mainstream/communist press will only report a citizen with a gun if it shows him or her as an untrained, inexperienced screwball. Kudos to Meli for staying focused in a fire fight. He can’t be painted as a crazed gun owner. The press would be happy to report this if he’d shot an innocent person, so they may scream bloody murder, “SEE, SEE, TAKE THEIR GUNS, TAKE THEIR GUNS!

  • Nurse77

    Listen to what your all saying. If you don’t like the president, then you should have ALL voted him out. Everyone sit here and has all thee answers, if your so great, then why aren’t you running for President? or gov or for the senate. Thats right, your all frigging talk. Is he perfect, no, none of them are perfect. But by all means, if you can do a better job, them APPLY for it. Complaining on the internet isn’t doing anyone any good. Make things happen.

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