The U.S. Senate is set to vote on the ratification of a deeply controversial United Nations treaty on disabled people, dubbed the UN “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” (UN CRPD), which critics say represents a serious threat to American sovereignty and certain unalienable rights. After voting to consider the agreement in late November during the lame-duck session despite furious protests, a vote on whether or not to formally ratify the planetary disability scheme has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 4.

The Obama administration, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), and an array of UN-supporting Democrat senators have expressed strong backing for the widely criticized treaty, which claims the definition of disability is “evolving.” So far, however, Republicans have largely refused to support the controversial agreement, with some 36 GOP Senators signing a letter in September blasting the consideration of any treaties at all during the post-election session.

Those Republican opponents have immense support from a broad and diverse coalition of liberty-minded organizations. More than a dozen heavyweight non-profit groups have blasted the latest UN treaty, expressing concerns about everything from the continued erosion of national sovereignty and the ongoing usurpation of illegitimate power by the scandal-plagued UN, to the implications of the global agreement for home education, the right to life, and more.

Analysts point out that the United States already has among the most robust protections for handicapped citizens anywhere in the world. They say the idea that Americans need orders from the UN on this issue or any other matter is preposterous, to say the least. Instead, more than a few critics have complained, the UN CRPD, like other global treaties, is simply another power grab by planetary bureaucrats hoping to gradually increase their control over domestic law and policy in as many fields and nations as possible.

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  • James Maxwell

    Any thing put forth by the United Nothing is never good for any free society. They are
    corrupt and run by wannabe tinpot dictators and terrorist. The only time they feel safe
    is when they have found aways to circumvent the U.S. Constitution and try to confiscate
    private weapons. That day they will rue their birth and woe the day thier parents even

  • Walt Hobbs

    Repiublicans stand tall and tell Reid and his fellow socialists to go screw!!!!

    • Rosie46

      And don’t bother to call Reid’s office — they say this is only a recommendation and then they hang up on you.

  • GWY

    ANY senator who votes for anything the UN wishes should be looking for another job after his next bid for re-election. We demand national sovereignty.

    • dean29685

      Any senator who votes for any treaty which removes any part of American sovereignty need to be impeached forthwith. Treason is treason and violating their oath of office shoud be enough for that to apply.

    • Donna

      We do not have time to wait for the vote….dictator bummer will make sure it passes and will destroy one more piece of our freedom! What are We the People left to do, sit on our bottoms and hope someone fixes it? I think not! How much longer and how much more do the people have to hear before action is finally taken!

      People, wake up, this bunch of commies in DC are taking away our freedom!

  • junkmailbin

    i may be disabled but i want to have nothing to do with the un including it being in NYC. Defund it, move it to france, and than drop out

  • colleenf

    We need to tell the UN to go push their gun grabbing, population control, climate control lying and stealing thugs to go play in someone else’s back yard!
    Tell the UN to go to H E L L !!!

  • Fred Palombi

    We need to get out of the UN and get the UN out of the United States! They are trying to set up a one world order!

  • Joe Tomei

    Wow! These continual moves to broaden the UN’s prowess over the United States adn our constitution? Why has the United Nations been so active since Ibummer was in paower? Has anyone obthered to ask this question? The UN has been emboldened by the power grab the recent successes of the Progressive movememtn that has been established in America by this obummer administration! M. Just maybe I will see the untimate impact of the “New World Order on these Unirted Sates of America before I hit the grave! Of course there will be hell to pay before this happens I suspect! If they the UN trys to usurp the American Constittion even more than their latest attempts, try and take our weapons to defend ourselves, you know the guns! I mean so “we cannot form a violent revolt? Come on this is not what America is all about unless it gets so bad the people will unite to protect our country our Liberties and way of life. This is what I feel is being threatened each month of this president is in power holds office! Look at what is happening to AMERICA! We are being disintegrated from within more and more every day as a nation! We have already been crippled and our economic abilities reduced as a country…By whom? The UN is tryig to everyday to reduce our ability to defend our constitution and our country. Did anyone of you Americans that care ever hear of any of these programs before the last four years? What doe this tell you, what is happening to America? Is this just nother attempt through America to destroy America? it is something to cotemplate! if you look at world events can you relate to a scenario of possibly this could be the one final push to establish Nationalism and Socialism through a puppet presidency over seen by the Socialist Agenda of the Progressive movement? I call it History repeating itself and “The Hitler Syndrom” this Socialist agenda used to reform Russia for over 75 years only to fail, all of eruope with Hitler, Moussilini, Spain, now Greece, Canand and France? Is this the preccurser to this so called “New World Order” finally being exposed from the emboledment and successe of the Progressive movement in America? You really have to ask yourself! this is the dawn of the greatest power struggle and control and the largest scale of totalitarion Government attempted in world control in History.” Now at a Country near you! Yes get up…rub those sleepy eyes America. “It Is a new Dawn”!


  • Steve Rose

    What’s Hillary bucking for? Joe Biden’s job as most stupid remark by a politician?(previous post)
    What is the deal with Obama and his Administration constantly trying to give up our sovereignty. He is determined to make us a weak nation. I just can’t believe we have so many idiots that would give this guy a 2nd term. There has to be some serious fraud going on. I would hate to think that about 1/2 the country could be so stupid. I don’t know if we’ll ever see America as we know it in 4 yrs..

    • Kid Richie

      Obama wants to make us weak politically, financially, morally, educationally, and as a Constitutional Government. After he is allowed to continue weakening us in every vital way, he will them dismantle this great and wonderful Country of The United States of America.

      Remember if one has a brick wall one wishes to take down, one does not have to remove every brick. If one removes or weakens key-placed bricks, then it doesn’t take much to bring the entire thing down. Obama and the Socialist Democrats have been and are doing this in our Country.

      We are at a precarious moment in American History. A physically and morally weakened people have been protecting and supporting Marxist Socialism ala the President and the Democrats. They must be exposed and sent packing. We will have much to repair and it may now require decades. But let us start now before there is nothing left to repair. Ignorance and thuggery and deceit gave Obama another four years to continue his quest to destroy the USA.

      Let us not give him the means to continue his destruction! We need the Republicans in the House to cut off all funding of Obama’s Socialism. To hell with the Socialist Press. They are evil too!

  • cae973

    As American citizens my family and I follow the constitution Not the UN and will never submit to any laws or regulations placed on us by the UN!!!

  • Rosie46

    Why do we want to turn anything over to the UN — this treaty, the LOST treaty, Agenda 21, and the arms treaty. When has the UN done anything to support the US. We should be voting to ban them from our country, instead of turning our sovreignity over to them relative to our disabled, our children, our right to keep and bear arms, our oceans (LOST), our lands (Agenda 21). Contact your senators today!!!!

  • Richard Cancemi

    We need to NOT give the UN Any power or control over our United States!

    The UN is basically anti-American and it would be better if we opted out altogether from this Socialist-Muslim organization.

    I am hoping that our politicians remember that they are American citizens and not citizens of the UN.

    I am hoping that they vote against any intrusions into our Constitution, Bill of Rights and any and all aspects of our American lives..

    I am hoping that our politicians who are patriotic read and understand and reject everything that the UN proposes under Agenda 21.

    I am hoping that true patriots in both Parties reject any and every Socialist proposal from Obama. He has been allowed to hurt our Country far too many times and in far too many ways. He is acting like a despotic king and NO ONE stands up to him! They all took an Oath to the Constitution and We the People. It is time they respect that OATH. Oaths never run out with time!

    Vote for America, first, above all other considerations.

    Republicans control the House of Representatives and hence the purse-strings of this Nation. Stop funding all of Obama’s Socialist programs. They have the power right and duty to do it. All they need is COURAGE!

    Harry Reid uses his power over the Senate but never in the interests of America. He is the majority ‘Traitor’ of the Senate

  • metoo

    someone mentioned turning the un building into a refuse for homeless Americans, sounds like a good idea, the un can sleep under the bridge

  • respectlife

    Sorry but this is against the constitution and any politician who supports this should be kicked out immediately. Get RID of the UN and get rid of AGENDA 21!!!

  • Luci Tomlin

    Walt, Their specialty is being “screwORS! WE are the “screwees”! The UN is over-run with devious, self-serving, greedy, power-mad, mercenaries who do NOT WANT PEACE! It doesn’t fit their “PAY SCALE”! And by the time a “ten dollars on the thousand” funds trickle down to those it’s suppose to HELP, it doesn’t! No one is even mildly curious about the bushy tail hanging out the back of their “sheep wool clad” rear-end! REALLY cheap polyester “wool” from their Rebel, Rabid, Radical Country friends! Plan B?, Just pour all the next billions we send to THEIR coffers for their friends, into the outhouse! The “fertilizer” would do us more good in a bountiful harvest, than the UN has done since it was formed! Liquidate it, stop wasting money on it, and practice “Charity begins at HOME”! FIRST!

  • Miko

    Here! Here!, Kid Richie! I agree! But, I believe that Romney WAS the last great hope for this country. We haven’t seen the likes of what that slimeball fascist Obama has up his sleeves. I think the country will fall, Obama will try to take total control (he’s workin’ on it!), and we will fall the way of Fascism/Communism. We are LONG OVERDUE for a reset in this country. The only way we can take it back at this point is by civil war.

  • quipster

    the only nation I love is the United States but some of the people in this great country sure do suck, you all know who I mean !!!!!

  • Cheri Preston

    It is one thing to leave comments on this page and I applaud you for it. But if you really want this crap to stop, you must start emailing,calling, writing, and visiting your Congressmen and Senators to get their attention and make believer’s out of them. My legislator’s hear from me on average at least once a week, but most times more due to all the treaties, obummercare and other issues that usurp our freedoms and dilute our Constitution! Have you ever heard that the squeaky wheel is the one that gets greased? Well, it does and we can’t give up if we want our nation to remain a free country, free of radical Islam, free of Communism, free of Cronyism, and free of those that want to destroy us from within. Please help me help us and get busy getting their attention and don’t take no for an answer. Thank you for your consideration…..a patriot!

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