Vice President Joe Biden figuratively slapped the National Rifle Association in the face on Thursday during a Google+ Hangout by indirectly slamming its suggestion to put armed guards in every school in the nation.

“We are not calling for armed guards in schools…we think that would be a terrible mistake,” the VP said during a PBS “Fireside Hangout.”

“The last thing we need to do is be arming school teachers and administrators,” he added.

The Vice President did talk about allowing schools to hire more mental health professionals and ‘resource officers.’ Biden said the current proposal — some $40 million for schools to hire these individuals — will not fully cover the cost of implementing these strategies nationwide, but it is a “way to begin the process.”

Biden’s backhanded insult came just minutes after he mentioned that he had met with the NRA during his gun safety task force meetings earlier this month.

But Biden’s position on armed guards isn’t one the administration has been pushing. During an interview with David Gregory on “Meet the Press,” Obama said he was “skeptical” of putting armed guards in schools, but refused to rule it out. And the federal government used to pay for a program to put armed guards in schools, something that Obama discontinued in 2012.

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  • reggiec

    Biden is just echoing the liberal ideology. After all if there are schools that can defend their students and faculty; it would eliminate a bunch of those crisis that they can’t let go to waste.

  • patriticveteran

    If this is the case then why does obozo’s children have secret service and armed civilian guards in there school??? you people suck!!!!!

    • Seymour Kleerly

      America president’s children are always protected like that. Especially today with the Rabid right foaming at the mouth at the “treasonous” President. Please think harder.

  • Ort

    Why is it a mistake? Biden, you are a horses a ss. You and the muslim, marxist h omo
    Need to be arrested, put on trial, and executed for treason and high crimes against the United States. Now.


    “The last thing we need to do is be arming school teachers and administrators”

    Then the first thing “we” need to do is remove them from Odumdum’s urchins” schools.

  • FireMall

    Putting Biden and his Traitor DADA in office ,Twice , was a helluva bigger mistake & likely only scratches the surface as t6o how “BIG” the Mistakes are . Nuff Said ???

  • AB Carroll

    We have had armed police and/or sherrif officers on duty at all our schools for the last few years. As far as I know no child has developed psycological problems and all actually think it is cool as my 8th grade grandson describes them. Biden is an idiot as is his boss and others in congress.

  • conservative

    Putting Biden in office was a terrible mistake.

    • tagdogs

      He was protection for Obama. Who would want Biden to be President if something happened to Obama. It’s like Dumb and Dumber

  • old_salty_dawg99

    The LIBERAL IDIOTS of which Biden is a major one of do not want everyone else to have the same protection they have.Obama and Biden have armed guards to protect not only them but their families.Yet when we ask for the same thing it is a bad thing.WHY? The answer to that is simple if you look at the old USSR and the biggest reason it collapsed.Under the old USSR party members were better than regular people the same holds true in China and the IGNORANT LIBERALS feel the same way as those IDIOTS did.We the PEOPLE Obama and his fellow IDITs work for US yet they think they are better than US.The problem is that to many Americans have let those IDIOTS LIE and BUY them for so long they think they can do what they want at anytime.So we need to say to those IDIOTS NO never will you take from us what is OURS.

  • Robert Osborn

    Isn’t it strange how Progressive Liberals such as Joe Biden just make blanket statements such as “Putting armed guards or armed teachers in schools is a terrible idea” but never goes on to explain why to him it is a terrible idea. He also thinks that having Gun Free Zone signs will keep a mentally deranged person away because mentally deranged people always abide by signs and the laws.

  • Eric Tarleton

    Hell the vice president is just as dumb as our F’ing president.

  • Dhr

    So, let’s take them out of all the schools.

  • redwolf6911

    You liberals keep putting targets on their back. Give it up for a change.

    • redwolf6911

      You are right.

  • freedomringsforall

    Yeah it might prevent more mass killings of little kids so they don’t have their fake little rally cry for their commie 2nd amendment rights squashing plan.

  • Hans Ecker

    Obama said he is skeptical that armed guards can protect your kids in your schools. But he obviously believes armed guards can protect his kids in his school. Why is this? Remember this has nothing to do with the president’s kids needing higher security. This is just a simple issue of whether armed guards can protect kids in school. Can they or can’t they irrespective of whose kids they are?

    See my point? The liberals have totally distorted the issue.

    It doesn’t freaking matter whether they are the president’s kids or not. The question is can armed guards protect the children in the schools.

    Now if armed guards can protect the president’s kids, why would Obama say he is skeptical that armed guards can protect your kids?

    The answer is that Obama IS an elitist hypocrite.

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