Think about this.

Our government regulates our showers. They regulate our toilets. They regulate our light bulbs. They regulate our electric and heat sources. They regulate our water. They regulate our home and self protection, and want even more regulations on that.

They regulate, in many cases, what we can and cannot put into our bodies. They regulate what our children eat in schools. They regulate what our children learn in schools. They regulate how much we earn, be it too much or too little. Through federal, state and local taxes they regulate our finances. They regulate the cost of labor while regulating the young and inexperienced out of jobs.

They regulate our health care, or lack thereof. They make life saving drugs harder to come by through regulation. They dictate what the majority must pay for to benefit a few.

What aspect of our lives are they not regulating at this point? It seems that would be a simpler question than asking how much they are regulating. I just keep waiting for the leftist anarchists to start screeching about keeping government out of their bodies. I won’t hold my breath, seeing that the leaders those same leftists have chosen are further eroding our liberties, and these morons are just fine with it.

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  • DontTreadOnMe11

    The leftist only want “choice” when it benefits them.

    • louisiana_mom

      I’m throughly convinced the things they call “choices” today will become mandates in the future. Look at abortion and their push for government funding, with Obamacare, they will be able to claim any mild deformity of a baby in the womb would be a hardship on the collective and must be terminated. Even today, most women are heavily encouraged into aborting non-perfect babies by their doctors…

  • DavidE

    They’ll be after our butterknifes before long.

    • kid721952

      rev.sharpton has already said,if murder rates increase with knives he will try and get kitchen knives banned

    • Seymour Kleerly

      Did you know that Al Sharpton was STABBED by a White racist?

    • Ret. Marine

      too bad the “white racist” was not sucessful, hea? That one dirt bag the world could do with less of, IMHO.

  • nax777

    And how many elected Pub leaders are hell bent on
    eliminating these “regulations”? Keep whining about the left and vote right.
    Stuck on stupid will work better than walking away from them, right useful
    idiots?! / /

  • GK

    Our “free society” under the Constitutional law inherited from the founders was designed to limit government to a few legitimate functions: mainly, to secure life, liberty and property, and to protect us from force, fraud, theft, and breach of contract, and that government otherwise ought not to interfere with its citizens’ dealings with one another. 70% of what the government does is unconstitutional. A “living constitution” is no constitution – i.e., a dead constitution.

  • Stephen Russell

    Govt needs to regulate these more:
    Neo Nazi race hate groups.
    Drug cartels.
    New Black Panthers.
    Zeta gangs.
    alien tourists.
    & civil rights for: toilets, urinals, ammo & guns.

  • Tim Newton

    Communism really never reaally died with The Berlin Wall coming down in 1989 and what has taken place with The Soviet Union since then.What ever happened to staying within the U.S.Constitution when it come to all this hoken cow manure????????????It spells out what these stupid jack booted gov t thugs can do and can t do and is not being observed.Why did nt these tax fattened hyeanas dial back and start applying all this marxism to their lives first to see if any of the rotten stink will work?If these damned fools want to tell the rest of us what to do let them apply all these pie in the sky dreamy eyed screwball ideas to their personal exclusively 1st?

  • Pennell

    There is a way to regulate those in government that regulate our lives but the brain dead of this country keep on voting the dirtbags back in..

  • Ret. Marine

    My thoughts, are just that, MY thoughts, but I get what this article implies, and am none too happy about it either, what say you, fellow Patriots?

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