Earlier this week in his State of the Union address President Obama made some observations on climate change so brimming with falsehoods I’m surprised his nose didn’t fall off.

It really doesn’t matter where he himself was deliberately lying or whether he was merely lending the gravitas of his office to the deliberate lies of others. The point is that the President of the USA has access to any number of fact checkers and advisers and if he stands up and addresses the nation with a farrago of complete untruths then the buck stops with him. This dissembling and mendacity becomes all the more culpable when it forms the basis of major public policy decisions which will have a serious impact on people’s lives in the US and beyond.

So why this snake-oil salesman being allowed to get away with it?

Here’s the offending part of Obama’s speech.

Now, it’s true that no single event makes a trend. But the fact is, the 12 hottest years on record have all come in the last 15. Heat waves, droughts, wildfires, floods, all are now more frequent and more intense. We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were all just a freak coincidence. Or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science and act before it’s too late.

And here’s Marc Morano’s unanswerable point by point rebuttal. Obama’s war on climate change is a war against a chimera. He is enlarging the state, holding back the economic recovery, restricting freedoms, driving up the price of energy and killing jobs in order to deal with a problem which only exists in the discredited computer projections of a shameless cabal of grant-troughing activist scientists increasingly out of touch with real world data.

So why, outside the internet, has no one called him on it?

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  • RE

    well you guessed it the dem.s don’t want to admitt there boy is such lier. they turn a blind eye to him and the news don’t want to hurt his feelings .meanwhile he is screwing up the united states.the only way to get rid of this guy is to go over his head and do a real check on his birth certify, draft card check ss number.. numbers don’t add up .why…school records free schooling ..see why he is hiding all this info…some solid info here. impeach him its all there..

    • mallen11

      The question is; who will do it? It has been tried with no results. Somehow his records need to be opened and why they are not I what I cannot understand unless God is allowing evil to run its course to get America back to Him to learn His ways and apply them to their lives.
      II Peter 3:8… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.
      II Tim 2:15 Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.

      God has a purpose for evil power to punish: this leads to great evangelism. Evil has to run its course when evil leaders rule a nation. Think how fast Christianity spread even under the rule of the Roman Empire.

      Ps 76:10a For the wrath of man shall praise You; God uses the wrath of man to praise Him: Those with malcontent to do His will.

    • Catherine Barrett

      As long as the MSM cover for him … the low information voters won’t even know he lies. Sad but until we change what is calling itself “the press” … the TRUTH will not be Reported …

  • SUSANM621


    • polmutant

      yep. the sheople go to destruction crying out, take my wool, eat my children, only leave me grass to eat. “i am a man, a proud american man! can i have a food stamp to feed myself? someone shelter me? yes i am an american man, abit worse than an ifidel but i am an american man.



    • SUSANM621


  • redwolf6911

    When he is caught in a lie, he does not care. He is going to pass his radical agenda one way or another. Just like his minder Jarrett tells him too. Soros for one is pulling the strings, and I would like to know who else. He is simply not that intelligent.

    • Red55bird

      Oh but he know’s extremely well what he doing redwolf6911 what we our watching is the repeat of history and God help us if we do nothing to stop this man from with-in. He took and divided American to get the vote in November 6 for he had no record to run on. So he lied has if no one would be watching him and it worked. Now he is in full swing to finish his job of complete transformation of America. He does not need Congress for he has executive order, next month he again will used executive order to past the small arms treaty with the U.N. a direct attack on our 2nd Admendment of our Constitution. I ask will you stand for freedom or just lay down your arms to this Dictator.

    • deesposito1

      What would happen if this so-called arms treaty went through and absolutely no American citizens accepted it? Millions of Americans armed themselves these last few years for a reason!

    • Dingbat36

      NO treaty may be signed by the Tyrant, Dictator, Liar in Chief until it has received a 2/3 approval vote of the Senate……and that is not going to happen with a UN arms treaty!

    • LadyforLiberty

      Dingbat36: He has just signed into law an Exec Order about “Internet security” without (again) recourse to Due Process (ie the Senate etc).
      You cannot stop this man. He is not an American/does not believe in American values, and how will he need 2/3 majority of the Senate if he rules by Exec Orders continually??
      This man is crazy like a Fox!

    • Hudmar

      It would still be unconstitutional, so let stand with the constitution and prove him wrong that all his executive order are nothing but illigal hypes from a usurpur.

    • Wayne Peterkin

      The sad thing is that treaties can surpass the Constitution. While I doubt such a treaty would be passed, if it were it could essentially negate the Second Amendment.

    • Snowman8wa

      1957 Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1 which can be reviewed below or you can look in the Stanford Law Review.

      Constitution TRUMPS everything else…… is what Our Country runs on and no foreign influence can DICTATE otherwise. Should the Senate concur and the President sign a treaty that is unconstitutional….it is void.
      Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

    • Chuck

      Treaties are irrevocable. They only require 2/3rds majority vote of the Senate.

    • Snowman8wa

      I didn’t say they were……what I said is that Treaties are TRUMPED by the Constitution. They only require Senate concurrence by 2/3rds. For all who would like to debate otherwise, here is the heirarchy of United States Laws. Treaties are SECONDARY and do not Trump Constitutions.
      Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

    • Wayne Peterkin

      I wish that were true, but my understanding is that international treaties can in fact supercede the Constitution in many cases. The Constitution permits it. I don’t like and do not favor that, therefore I hope you’re right. Let me add that I do not believe there is any chance of a treaty that overrides our Constitutional rights getting the 2/3 vote needed to pass even this Senate, so I suspect this is a moot discussion.

    • Canadianlady

      It cannot take away your natural rights.

    • Snowman8wa

      Sorry Wayne, as I posted to Chuck and for anybody else who would like to debate otherwise, here is the heirarchy of United States Laws. Treaties are SECONDARY and do not Trump Constitutions.

      Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

    • Snowman8wa


    • Wayne Peterkin

      Apparently some did not like my comment above. However, it is sadly true. My point is based on the Constitution, not on my preference.

    • Canadianlady

      Wrong! No international treaty can trump the US Constitution.

    • LadyforLiberty

      Wayne: No measure passed by United Nations can be applied to USA unless the US UN representative actually VOTES for it!
      Something which seems to undermine 2nd Amendment would be contrary to US Law, and for sure, a United nations motion to restrict guns in States would be opposed to the 2nd Amendment! Additionally it would then demonstrate the FF were prescient in including the term “enemies foreign and domestic” in the Constitution.
      Also it would clearly show that the “Domestic” enemies would begin in the WH, and the foreign one would begin in the United Nations!
      Even if O signed an EO to pass the UN measure, he would (I think) show unfitness for office of President because of favoring “foreign” measures over that Constitution he so recently swore an Oath to Protect and Defend!!
      Impeachment would then be a possibility. (I would say “certainty” but with the caliber of people on the Hill today I can`t be certain anymore!)!

    • noitaint

      not impeachment…Treason!!

    • LadyforLiberty

      I believe that an Executive Order is only authorised in times of “Clear and Present Danger” to the USA!
      How much C&PD has there been in the last 4 years when Obama has bypassed House & Senate regularly?
      Seems O wants to be the Next Monarch of USA!!

    • Ret. Marine

      “millions of American,(i.e. Patriots) armed themselves these last few years for a reason”. The last count I sought, and found, was somewhere north of 65-million new owners, or a few I suspect, were extra’s just in case. That count does not apply, nor includes the numbers since the Sandy Hook incident. What that should say to these ultra-hippsters, the liar, liar, pants on fire crowd, obum, feinstein, shumer, et. al., is this, MOLON LABE, but when ever do these types listen to the voices of truth, narly a little, I suspect, our vioces (the shots heard across the country coming from the truth tellers) will be heard sooner then we may think, I’ll just give it a little more time, we’ll see, or they will hear, whatever comes first.
      Semper Fi. to God Country, and the Constitution, a Republic if we can keep it.

    • LadyforLiberty

      Well said Marine (Marines never retire!!)
      God Bless you, and God Bless America!!

    • Ken

      And millions of Canadians also!

    • podunk1

      11 million citizens displaced by illegals @ $43,500 avg. US wage is $478.5 billion/yr. lost income, plus 11 million citizens on unemployment food stamps, etc. @ $20,000 is $220.0(?) billion defecate spending at citizen taxpayer expense… is a $698.5 billion loss to citizens and our economy!

      11 million illegals on welfare, food stamps, medical, and educational subsidies @ $30,000/yr(?) is another $330.0(?) billion defecate
      spending at citizen taxpayer expense, making the total $1.0 Trillion/yr.!!! That’s $10 trillion down the sewer in 10 years… for those who like to mix 10 yr savings with annual spending defecates* & no budget. *(It is what it is.) It could very easily be more – play with your own numbers – Add in the legal aliens in citizen jobs & the numbers jump a lot more… mindboggling. Has Mr. Rubio spiked the tea with a little LSD?

      The issue literally sucks the blood out of mainstreamers, laborers & democrats, who should the climbing the walls, burning union halls,
      & lynching their elitist progressive leaders. You can’t count all the good hard working voters who will make a difference if they understand what their leaders are doing to them. We’re all on the same Titanic & it’s time to throw the pirate captain & his henchmen overboard before he drowns all of us! PASS IT ON!!!

    • oledad48

      While this may make us want to “defecate,” you actually mean “deficit.” But your focus on the outrageous spending is spot on!

    • podunk1

      The way it works now, they’re synonomous

    • catman

      Stick around. The last paragraph of your comment may just come to pass if this crap continues very much longer.

    • LadyforLiberty

      Podunk1: I agree with you man!
      In the 1970s the Fed Expenditure was 5x taxes being gathered.
      Anyone know how may times Fed Expenditure more than tax income TODAY, with a deficit of $17 TRILLION???

    • podunk1

      Some annuity & SSI trust fund stuff was posted in late Jan somewhere – says the $16.6 trillion is a drop in the bucket.
      note – gov. defines SSI as a trust fund with trustee & secure deposit funds. “pay as you go” excuses admits it’s a ponzi scam. It’s as bad as it gets!::

      “”There is a reason our economy is collapsing.

      Solutions begin with fixed value annuity analysis starting with $43,500 average wages depositing $450/mo (12.4%) over 46 years @5% ROI (return on investment 18 until 65), followed by 17 years of payback (65 until 82), which generates $1,431,466 total ($7,017/mo) payback! “Average SSI payments are $1,235 until death and total $251,940 to age 82! Adding 41.8% for children, spouses, etc., the $1235 becomes $1,751/mo $357,251 total to 82. The difference between $1,431,466 and $357,251 is a $1,074,215 loss (75%)! If age 18-82 could be 78% of 315,000,000 citizens, half funded @$1,431,466, the SSI trust fund would contain $176.0 trillion, not $2.6 trillion (SSI 2010)! The $173.4 (98.5%) trillion losses were plundered by government consumption and inflation. That capital loss triggers another $8.7 /yr trillion productive ROI loss! Our officials destroy productive US capitalist investment! Collective government redistributive consumption of Chinese production, runaway inflation, unending taxation, debt bondage, and false promises appears to have unending zeros behind its curse!

      The summary is based on factual annuity math, & their numbers.
      Change age etc. – it doesn’t matter – the message is abomination – like Hiroshima yesteryear & Detroit today. We can fix it if we ID the issues & prosecute the causes with diligence! Responsibility begins and ends with our legislative and executive officers. The money flow is in the treasury, FED, & global banking monopolists. Information CPI index, SSI, trust fund (it pays 5%+/- but funds aren’t there), annuity, & common sense. Water-board Holder & the cards fall.

      We can whine & crawl under rocks, move to Russia, or start removing legislators until they start doing their job, honor oath of office, and start prosecuting the many officers in this scam! Don’t believe me. Run the numbers & look it up, then pass facts & make things happen – recover the loot!””

    • Wayne Peterkin

      I agree except, I have asking various legal minds about those Executive Orders. No one has yet responded. The power and the responsibilities of the president are defined in Article Two of the Constitution. I can find no mention of any authority that remotely resembles an “Executive Order” in Article Two. I have searched the amendments looking for something and haven’t found that authority there either. We all know that presidents have been issuing such orders for many years, but as near as I can tell, they have no constitutional authority to do so. If I’m correct, such “orders” are not law and cannot be enforced.

    • Black Rain

      I know EO are announced to the congress after that I’m not sure if congress vote on them for ratification.
      It’s funny the sheriffs across America are writing letters to the president they will not enforce an EO which is unconstitutional.

    • LadyforLiberty

      I think, (but do not know for sure), that the situation existing must pose a “Clear & Present Danger” to the United States to justify an Executive Order, but would like guidance on this.
      If what I believe IS true, then Congress would have to vote, surely, if a Clear & present Danger situation existed??
      (But how can such a danger have been posed for all the 36 EOs that O has signed into law up to now, bypassing the Politicians??)
      I always knew Dem Libs were misguided, I never realised they were all power crazed too!

    • Ret. Marine

      ” I can find no mention of any authority that remotely resembles an “executive order” in Art.2″, spot on, that because it does not exist. I believe the practice of an EO, goes way back, I haven’t even found a true day one, as to when it started, but I believe it was during the Lincoln days and it was used as a means to subjigate the Southern concerns, with the Northern intent, of keeping the Union together, that the EO was used because of the State of the State, was divided, and by using EOs, prez Lincoln, was attempting to ignor all legislative, and or House approvals as to the concerns of the Southern seperation, because of the new Constitution they devised as to their concerns, I could be wrong, someone?, I’d really like to know my self. Regards
      Semper FI.

    • Remington 870

      Lincoln was partially responsible for the First American Civil War. Obama will be responsible for our second Civil War.

    • Black Rain

      Barry can not use EO to pass the UN Small Arms Treaty. Congress has to ratify the treaty before it becomes law. I may be wrong.
      Same with amending the any Amendment. Any changes to the Amendments has to be vote on by the states with a 2/3 yea. before becoming law.

    • guest

      Any CHANGES to the Constitution NEED a 3/4 yea vote from the 50 states, ergo 38 states NEEDED to amend.

    • Buster Atkins

      Thank god he is black! I would hate to think any white man could be as stupid as this a$$ that we have for president.

    • Randolph Goeman

      and he is not evev half-black!!!

    • aray

      Jimmy built houses for Habitat, Obama doesn’t even lift a finger to help disaster victims. As Presidents, both will not be remembered well.

    • Billy Hill

      Remember Carter???Jimmy,not Billy.

    • Harold

      There was very little difference between Jimmy and Billy.


      Billy had more sense than Jimmy not saying to much

    • believe

      And that is why Jimmy sticks up for Barack he can relate to Stupidity.

    • tjhome

      Amen! he is a total pos

    • John A Demers

      Please don’t Play that race crap,It makes me sick to think that people out there are making those comments.I feel the same way you do about how bad this President is but making comments that are races don’t help anything.Why do you think this Country is so divided,You would help get your message out alot better without using those type of words. Thank You.

    • Snailmailtrucker


    • Whackajig

      If you actually think that black people and white people live their lives the same way, then you are incredibly stupid. Blacks have AIDS at a rate ten times that of whites. Why is that? All of the stereotypes about blacks are firmly rooted in first hand observations of black culture. Statistics do not lie. Examine the available statistics about the various phases of black living and you must come to the conclusion that they are different.

    • believe

      WHY? because a Country divided is easy to conquer.and that is why Barack rather you agree or not is why he uses the race card as much as he can sneak it in. Grow up.
      Reality isn’t always a beautiful painting.Is is all according to who has the Brush.
      If this regime wins on turning people against each other they can walk in and WALLA ,America is MARXIST.
      And now you see Blood running in the streets, not unlike other countries at this very moment.
      READ ,Let’s make the TRUE AMERICAN people the Author of this chapter in HISTORY, Not what this regime is TRYING to make.

    • believe


    • Revere

      All you have to do is look in the mirror to see a white man who is more stupid!

    • lara

      you are making a racial statement…its not the color but the culture…white trash and low class blacks are the same…

    • believe

      Sorry REVERE he is right, the Cultures are totally different, check it out do some research , How many people ,and who were the most people that stood in line to get a free phone?How many people just heard how Barack in his speech led the Black people think he was going to support them financially on all fronts, whos has the most children just to get more money from the Government,and nor in Most cases don’t even know who the fathers are ,and don’t care,As the one black lady said when ask why she voted for Obama beCause he gonna give me some money and pay for every thing for me.

      SORRY I have this on tape.

      Disgusting .

      Example Barack and Michelle think they can go and spend,spend ,Spend on a Luxurious life style on OUR DIME while everybody else is out looking for a job that is not there, and isn’t that does not bother him one bit?He thinks if he can five everything away to the lazy and stupid he can do it for him self also.
      And Michelle 8is the one that said he was Lazy. can’t argue wit a wife of convenience now can we?

      Your liberal bleeding harts better wake up, it will soon hit you in all directions.And I say DONT COME KNOCKING at my door when it reaches you.And if not Stopped it will.Even the people4 that believe

      Take time to research instead of talking before you know the facts.

    • Whackajig

      I am not fond of blacks, but it is not his skin color but rather how he governs that bothers me.

    • Eugene Patrick Clark

      He is half White/ half Black yet he feels more comfortable in his Black Role, and was selected for his bi-color features by the “Powers behind the throne” to add a inique mixture of acceptance by the masses. Obviously the technique worked and the KGB scored another win for deceiving, en masse, the majority of ignorant and gullible American public. Read the Biography of Yuri Andropov entitled “ANDROPOV” (former head of the Soviet KGB) where he claims his greatest acheivement as head of the KGB, was “Winning the Vietnam War”. He bragged about how the KGB, with it’s myriad of foreign agents imbedded in the American media, academia, government, religious orders, and other key all-american organizations (Communist front organizations, Women’s Strike for Peace, and Physicians for Social Responsibility, etc.), effectively convinced the American Public that the Vietnam War was illegal, immoral, and proven unacceptable to piblic opinion in America and throughout the world. Obviously Andropovs tactics worked and America was literally “Forced” by public opinion(engineered by the KGB) to throw in the towel in Southeast Asia. The KGB is alive and well in spite of “Glasnost and Perestroika” (which were other KGB ploys to convince the world of their false change-over to “Good-Guys”. This KGB ploy also worked brilliantly and Gorbachov played his role masterfully, even fooling the actor/President Ronald Reagan and the co-opted CIA, and other US and western Intelligence agencies. Communists have been working these monumental scams since well before the 1950s and right up to now. They have accomplished a myriad of Intelligence victorys which has left the west completely powerless, We will never be able to successfully turn our defeat to victory until we understand these basic truths and act accordingly. What we must do won’t be pretty for sure. But to save our Republic, it will be absolutely necessary. We cannot allow any further descent to total defeat. We must act NOW !!!!!

    • seekerisback

      The media lets him lie because they are Council on Foreign Relations controlled. Obama is CFR as well as Hillary, Feisteine ,Schumer the current gun grabbers and nearly 500 others spread throughout our govt . The CFR sets policy then gets a puppet they get elected to push their agenda,This article should get started on the reall puppet masters..

    • Maynard

      Seekerisback is telling you the truth. If you want to remain free you will start learning. He has given you a place to start. ~ Don’t Tread On Me. Join the Tea Party on your internet.

    • fideux

      I think you meant to say, “He is simply not intelligent.” You implied that he might be somewhat intelligent.


      He is simply ‘SIMPLE’.

    • Harold

      Wrong he is as crooked as a dogs hind leg, perhaps that is from eating dog. GAG.

    • Whackajig

      Speaking about dogs, when ovomit and mooooochelle were selecting a dog for their family, they looked at many breeds. One breed considered was the Blue Tick coon hound. It was rejected since it kept treeing the kids.

    • Wayne Peterkin

      He is cunning and dangerous. Raised in a Marxist environment, his “fundamental transformation” is a very bad thing for this nation. But don’t underestimate him.

    • Eugene Patrick Clark

      Obama is the oratorical messenger only. Behind him is the” REAL POWER” directing his every move and who are using him as a willing tool to destroy Capitalism and the Westernn World. Every tactic used against us these past 4 years clearly smells of the Soviet’s KGB. They cleverly convinced our nit-wits in Washington and the rest of the world that they abandoned the “Old Communist” Bad guy immage and are now the pillars of virtue, peace, and capitalistic charm. NOT !!!!! Putin is KGB first and formost, and his actions should have convinced even an IDIOT that he will always remain KGB.
      Meanwhile our vast Intelligence Agencies have been co-opted any years ago which is why it is an impossibility to properly Vet a usurper to the US Presidency. Obama’s open relationship with known Marxists, Communists and radical Left Terrorists (some of whom are now tenured at some of our more prestigious Academic Institutions and working in government) is a joke to Washington insiders. It is no wonder why we are on that slippery slope to becoming a Marxist State.

    • concerned

      Need to send one of those drones to White House,, Senate, and Congress, and start all over

    • Kenai

      Maybe we’ll get a blessing from God and he’ll send one of those meteors out of the sky for a direct hit on DC.

    • catman

      Take a map of the United States. Draw a line from Bangor maine to San Diego. Draw another line from Miami to Vancouver Washington. Where those two lines intersect is where you build a NEW national capitol, in the middle of the country where citizens can get to it without having to travel across the nation. So far as DC is concerned, maybe those 9/11 hyjackers hit the wrong buildings. Leave the monuments in DC as they have nothing to do with crooked politics. Raze the white house and the capitol building to the ground and let others place monuments on that ground if so desired. Otherwise it would make an excellent park.
      The moral of this comment is this: According to the Declaration of Independance, second paragraph, the people (that’s you and I) have the duty and/or the right to abolish a tyrranical government and start all over again. Bring this country back to a Constitutional Republic just as our founding fathers envisioned and gave their sacred honor, their fortunes and in several cases, their lives in order that we may have a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”, not the one we have now.

    • LaVerne Velasco

      Unfortunately it doesn’t take brains to be cunning and shwerd. This, Osama Insane Obama is. The person is a MANIAC. Power driven PUNK. WE HAVE TO STOP HIM. LEGALLY, of course. They don’t know the meaning of the words, LEGAL and ILLEGAL. I am Hispanic and I know the difference. CLOSE THE BORDERS TO ALL. Then, the Cartel doesn’t come here and IF, they or ILLEGALS from anywhere come into OUR COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. Arrest, Try, Convict and EXECUTE them. QUICKLY. It’s the best way to handle it. WE could do away with pirates, drug dealers and ILLEGALS if WE wanted to do so. THEY do not want to do it. SO, maybe it’s time for the PEOPLE to get involved. REMEMBER, there are only a handfull of them in Washington, and a whole lot of US on the outside. They work for US, not the other way around, although you would never know it. SO, Let’s get it done. Start flooding your Congress reps. with e-mails, phone calls, letters and possibly visits to their offices. Non-violent, of course. But, it’s time to do something, or be subjected to this crazy little KNUCLE_HEAD in the White HOUSE. I thought the Clinton’s stunk it up, this MUSLIM PUNK and TERRORIST is WORSE. Let’s MOVE to REMOVE the PUNK. LARRY VELASCO, AMERICAN. hispanic against the PUNK PRESIDENT that some IDIOTS elected, twice. I didn’t like Bush 2 either.

    • Carol


    • Kenai

      LaVerne, Doing it legally is simply not working. I don’t know how we are going to get rid of him because we have tried and tried the legal way and somehow he always gets around it.

    • Robert Cosenza

      we the people,who are the real government,this is how you do it,i call again on wayne/nra/amac/john birch society/all militias/all freedom loving,god fearing legal american veternas/citizens/and donald thrump you stated ovomit/satan in revolution begin,no donald an evolution of we the people,donald you have the power/press/etc.time to gather we the people,under one giant freedom umbrella,the albany rally for guns across america was great.donald/wayne were and when.god bless sheriff joe and cold case posse,dr oily taitz,chuck norris,frank serpico,yea thou i walk in the shadow of the valley of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

    • Whackajig

      ovomit could be removed by action of the House of representatives alone, without any need for action by or interference by the senate. , There is a legal method of impeachment called “Inherent Contempt of Congress” Under this method, the House can impeach, hold trial and sentence all by itself. I repeat, no Senate involvement. Since the House is controlled by the rinos, er um I mean GOP, the only reason it is not done is a lack of balls.

    • believe

      Face it they have all been NEUTERED!!

      And UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE show they haven’t Neutered us the AMERICAN PEOPLE ,They will continue there art in How to DISTRUCT a NATION IN A FEW SHORT YEARS.This is NOT SOROS first Rodeo,and he is running the show behind closed doors.Barack is just there Puppet.
      Better do some research folks.

      They wont back down until we MAKE an Obvious STAND like the other Countries are doing, look back , they set back and waited hoping things would change,(they didn’t) and found while they are sleeping some one took over all they possessed.

      And isn’t that what we have doing??

    • Maynard

      When you are a puppet you have no brain and do not think for yourself. The puppet master does all that for you. So don’t keep blaming Obama for this or for that, like many puppets in the Republican party and GOP infiltraters into the Tea Party want you to. That you for searching oujt to lean who the puppet masters are. He keeps you from search for our real enemy which is the Bilderberg Group (do search on internet) and there New World Order (do another search) which is to be the One Wold Government headquartered at the United Nations, the Charter for which was written by an American communist and traitor, and chief advisor to Rossevelt and Truman, Alger Hiss. Americans have to quit being so blind as to believe that every politition
      and government official, elected or appointed, is an honest pariotic American. ~ Americans thought Hiss was and other cabinet members were, until exposed as commuinists. Must Amicans continue to be blind suckers?
      Don’t Tread On Me! The more often these words can be read by Americans, the greater is the visible strength of our countrymen. I feel proud when I write those words. I stared doing that back in 1962.


      A lot of Ilegals came over here under the snake Bush”s Administration and they are still coming thats what helped Obama get elected twice.Sounds like a set up deal under the last 3 or 4 administration.Something is fishy going on.

    • Rattlerjake

      Obutheads first election and re-election had nothing to do with illegals. It all boils down to voter fraud. When you have a system that doesn’t require any proof of who you are, you have more than 100% turn out in any precinct, a you allow online voting, and it has been verified that there is a computer program designed to give the win to you candidate (, you’re going to win. It wasn’t hard to rig, there were a certain number of states that were DEFINITELY red states and Definitely blue states, so all they had to do was concentrate on the swing states; that’s where the corruption created the win for Obozo. Our only solution will be another revolutionary war and the annihilation of socialists and socialism. Depending on the SCOTUS’s decision on Obummer’s status and the number of gun laws and attempted confiscation that liberals are trying to force on conservatives, this country will soon see what a war at home is all about.

    • notyranny47

      You’re 100% right on the spot about the fraudulent election. Now he’s flooding the country with illegal immigrants, who will be his voting block, but I think the single most dangerous thing he’s doing to this country is allowing radical Islamists to infiltrate the govt, as well as opening wide the borders to them too. They’ll sit tight until the right time, then they’ll strike. This govt doesn’t have the guts to stand up to the Islamists, which are truly an existential threat. They (the radical Islamists) were actually “consulted” on what should be included in training manuals for the CIA, I believe, and guess what they advised (and of course, were granted)? Remove the term radical Islamist from the vocabulary! Great, huh? They can’t even define the enemy anymore…and isn’t it important to know that John Brennan, the nominee for HEAD OF THE CIA converted to Islam? Do we hear any discussion of that in the news? Do our Senators on the advise and consent committees question him on this? We’re doomed unless we cease the political correctness this country is eaten up with, which is nothing more than Marxism straight up. What’s it going to take to get our reps to listen????????????????????????

    • Whackajig

      Smells more like re-fried beans

    • Wayne Peterkin

      Whether we liked Bush or not, he was far better than what we have today.

    • polus

      Do You really believe this one man in WH can do anything by himself?
      Is the term Puppet sounds familiar to You? Let me tell You this the real owners of this country are the one pulling the strings. Yes, You and the rest of the country have the owners. This circus about elections, democracy, freedom is just a smoke screen. To give You illusion that You can change something. Guess what: You can’t . You have no right you have the owners. I hope you can comprehend this before is too late.

    • Eugene Patrick Clark

      Way to go Larry !!!! Spoken like a true American Patriot !!!! As a Vietnam Veteran, It would be an honor sharing a foxhole with you anytime dude !!!!

    • Maynard

      Obama is nothing by himself. He is just another of hundreds of puppets in Washingotn DC, both republican and democrats. Sorors is one of a hundred or so puppet masters known as the Bilderberg Group (look it up on search) whoes mission is to establish the New World Order ( look it up on search) now known as the Globnal Union. Romney and Obama are both members as is the leadership of both political parties, like Karl Rove who is seen so often on Fox News, and who is determined to kick out Constitutional conservative from the GOP and the Tea Party who interfer with the mission of the New World Order and their conquest of America and establishing the One World socialist government. ~Dont Tread On Me! Join the Tea Party and become a minuteman.

    • John A Demers

      With all do respect I think your statements may be not correct in whole.The first thing I would like to address is the Tea Party ,You are completely correct about that issue as I have been a member pretty much from the start of it.And I can tell you that the main goal of the Tea Party is to Follow the word of are forefathers and that means the Constitutional without it being misinterpreted buy the jerks out there that want what is being called a new world order.Why are you claiming Mitt Romney or Karl Rove has anything to do with kicking out Constitutional Conservatives from the GOP or the Tea Party.If I missed something please correct me,But the last I knew is that Romney and Rove were very much in favor of following the Constitution and I heard on Fox Karl Rove come to the defense of a Senator stating a Tea Party member had spit on him and stated racial remarks and Karl Rove came onto Fox News with Video Footage that showed that this did not happen.I do not remember which Senator stated that but can remember him in support of the fact that he or several of those Senators were indeed not true. He also tried to explain what the Tea Party was all about and that the People in the Tea Party were every day people concerned about this Country with Peaceful intent and worried about the future of this Country and how the Government is out of Control with just about everything,Spending,Government growing way to big,Passing Obama-care without even Reading it Executive orders,and on and on.So if I am incorrect please advise me as to what I have let slip by me and I will look into it. Thanks and Lets Pray to God that Obama gets his ass impeached.

    • carltjohnson

      Agreed, and you have seen partially thru these illusions. Now, for all of you to get the BIG! picture, Please go to; and download; The Fight for Conscious Human Life. It is a jam packed 2 hour read and only costs $3.99

    • El_Love

      Is anyone else laughing at the troll who logs in just to put a down vote to every single comment against the feckless narcissist who had hidden his entire life in a lie, takes a muslim name and says he is a Christian?

    • LadyforLiberty

      Redwolf: The artlicle question header was “Why is the leader of the free world lying?
      Next Question!!

  • JungleCogs

    To a Marxist Democrat any means justifies their desired end.



    • polmutant

      a most foolish statment. why would Israel arm it’s enemies? it is a muslim dog.

    • NukeWaste

      Do you really know what a Zionist is? Or are you really a commie troll?

    • Old observer

      ZIONIST puppet? Get over your antisemitism! Satan’s puppet —or should i say Islams?

    • Harold

      You are 100% correct, Look at Pilousy, Snake eye Reidy, Hilarious Clinton, Erica Holdover, How much wood could a woodhead Chucky Smoocher. and all the rest of the socialists and commies in the senate and congress.

  • VirgoVince

    Because WE’RE letting him, with NO end in sight!! WHY????
    he’s an ugly illegal mu-slime POS SOB ni666er fraud, it’s what they do!!!!
    WHY are they still breathing????

  • traci

    Because he is a liar thro and thro and truly evil!

  • Bryan Mace

    Because nobody has the balls to start the impeachment. Just because the Senate won’t complete it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be started –At least there should be 50 complaints filed at the Federal court level

    • notyranny47

      1000 likes! Right on!

    • polmutant

      do you really expect to find balls on baby murdering homosexual promoting sodomite effeminates????

    • Beautut

      First we need to dump: Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barbra Boxer, Dianne Feinstein and a few others before the fireworks start..

  • dotherightthing4

    Because we have a sycophant media and I have come to the conclusion they are not very bright. They come from a like-minded echo chamber and can not accept any facts, data or truths that do not comport with their preconceived narrative. They are in fact, brainwashed. We have propaganda media–welcome to Pravda U.S.A.

  • wfwilson6

    Because the Main Street Media has miserably failed the American people. Thw question is, WHY?? Why are they letting our country be destroyed, along with their news outlets. Readers are down. Viewers are down?? Where is the 4th estate?? WHERE IS THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER??

    • Domino

      Soros’ owns all the alphabet soup and if they want their job they say what he allows them to…nuff said.

    • Kim Vz

      Actually, he doesn’t. Rothschild owns most all the alphabet soup, including Reuters News, Asso Press.



    • polmutant

      you mean muslim communist media. Israel would like to see an American, not an illegal commie pink muslim kenyan dog eater.

    • polmutant

      sheoples do not need information, only soothing words. all media not american owned.

    • notyranny47

      This is a good site. And the best online source, in my opinion, is WND. No BS there.

  • slickzip

    ODUMBA can lie and get away with it because the socialist/communist/liberal press are in his pocket,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Carol Mitchell

      Yes, you are correct. There are too many liberals in broadcasting who “adore him” and get “tingles up their legs when thinking about him”.

  • gamme

    If people would forget he is half black & remember he is also half white, he’s would have been “called on the carpet” for his lies. The “LSM” is who we’ll have to thank when the S**t hits the fan!!!

    • notyranny47

      Don’t forget Congress and the Senate, whose job it is to remove him.

  • azbear166

    He needs to be impeached as soon as possable!!! He has ruened our country enough and we need to get him out!!!!

  • Macdonald Cory

    How does Obama get away with lies so easily? This is simple. His whole presendency is a lie. First off, he is not eligible to be President. Everything in his past is a lie or is hidden. No one calls him out on it, so it becomes easier and easier to tell other lies. As long as there is political correctness, no one is going to challege him because they don’t want to be called a racist by the left.

    • polmutant

      because china refusing to lend $, so all this foreign aid given to the allah lands to raise standard of living there was actually leveraged against the USA. now these monies that were given are being lent back. under islam/sharia law interest is forbidden. the interest is bow your knee to allah/islam. the senate, congress, scotus and jcos all eat at the muslim trough. no fuel for naval ships but food for welfare trash. all muslim pro muslim advisers in cabinet. military is owned by muslim brotherhood. china has litttle need as they have already surpassed the USA. also ever notice russia sells equipment as USA gives it to allah lands? armies need to eat and washington district od communists is bankrupt, so they sold the military force to new leaders. this is why there is budget cut as new leaders do not want armed people. they have their own armies. USA is for target practice. this is why every police action USA soldiers not alowwed to make war. but htis started with clinton and bush beasts made the field ready for a whole slaughterer.


      What happen to the Sheriff in Arizona who was investigating Obamas birth certificate he is not in the picture any more don’t hear from him.

    • Beautut

      Sheriff Joe is alive and well and about to make a big news flash. Join him at:
      Sheriff Joe Arpaio
      PO Box 5066
      Scottsdale, AZ 85261 P.S. He needs our help….Are you inn ?

  • tommyeee

    because he is a politician!

  • chann charlie

    It is up to ” We the People” to unite against him, Semper Fi!

    • Patrick Henry

      I totally agree Full Speed Ahead!!!!

    • polmutant

      in the land of sheople good luck finding a people.

  • Learned the hard way

    This SOB has never told the truth about anything.Most people know that.So, how did he get to be president again.

    • notyranny47

      Why, he LIED! Some states were called before the votes were counted, he made sure the military wouldn’t get ballots in time, and how about those vote tallies from Ohio? Straight down the line, precinct by precinct – thousands of votes for Hussein, 1 for Romney. No voter ID allowed, and of course, no paper ballots. He didn’t win squat. The election was stolen. And unless we go back to paper ballots and voter ID, it’ll be stolen from here on out.

    • 1Clara2

      AMEN, brother, AMEN

    • Beautut

      Stolen for the 2nd time…..Someone needs to expose his hidden documents, That should do it…

    • HOTROD


    • kimjim4042

      FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD and fixed voting machines. Dead people, dead dogs, false voters and anything else you can think of to win at all cost and nothing is beneath the dems. Crooks and criminals, everyone!

    • squeak

      Well, It was, Fraud, Illegals, Welfare Takers & Losers, His performance on his Campaign tours with LIES, etc… that is who & how…did that answer your Question ?

    • Beautut

      Ballot Stuffing,legal votes Dead People still vvoting and the almighty Press and Blacks who are loosing their jobs to Illegals….Any questions?

  • john

    father of lies, king of flies!! the truth is not in him, or will ever be!!

  • fedupwithliblies

    It is simple….he controls lame stream media and the senate. He can’t blame Bush anymore, so he blames the repubs. He is a whiny lying muslim sympathizing narcissistic coward. enough said

    • notyranny47

      Great sum up statement, but I’d have left the word “sympathizing” out. :)

  • Ann Rand

    With the latest disasters, one would think that God may be trying to tell us something…. ARE YOU LISTENING, BARAK OBAMA?

    • polmutant

      you mean antichrist?

    • mallen11

      The antichrist comes during the Tribulation and all believers will be in heaven before that happens. The Rapture or Exit Resurrection of believers of the Church Age.
      At the Rapture we meet the Lord in the air and at His 2nd Advent He will touch down at the Mt. of Olives.
      I Corinthians 15:51-53 Behold, I tell you a mystery; we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed,
      in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet; for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. For this perishable must put on the imperishable, and this mortal must put on immortality.
      I Thess 4:16-17 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.
      Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord.

      The 2nd Coming or Advent is when Jesus’ feet will touch down to the Mt. of Olives and sets up His Kingdom after defeating Satan at the end of the Tribulation.
      Zechariah 14:3-4 Then the LORD will go forth and fight against those nations, as when He fights on a day of battle. 4 In that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which is in front of Jerusalem on the east; and the Mount of Olives will be split in its middle from east to west by a very large valley, so that half of the mountain will move toward the north and the other half toward the south.
      (Jesus Christ will then reign on the earth for 1000 years on the Throne of David and restoring Israel to their promised land. This info barely scratches the surface of so much more information in the Word of God.)

    • polmutant

      it is written judgement begins on the house of God, Paul was told my grace is sufficient for thee. no where does the bible say god is sending the cosmic kirby to save the Christians. rather Christ said will i find faith when i return. Satan has beguiled the weak slothful church players with phantom placebo that they are more valuable than the prophets of old and should not have any persecution because they eat mataz bread and drink grape juice shots to bare their crosses. this great falling away the Christ speaks of before his return are the foolish who spent their oil will waiting for the bridegroom. all of these will say where is the rapture why is it not? why am i persecuted? there must not be a good and turn away to take the mark of the beast. and on this sublect it is clear the mark is on the hand or the head. do your hands work for Christs kingdom, does your mind think for Christs kingdom?? the mark is only the material of the spiritual, many are in hell and did not receive the physical outward mark. be aware of of foolish doctrines, for they have nothing to do with relationship with the creator.
      John said and i saw Christ returning with 10thousand thousand saints. perhaps he saw astroid bombardment.

    • mallen11

      I am sorry but you sound very mixed up in your eschatology. There is no way I could believe a word you wrote. One should never try to spiriualize reality regarding the Word of God.

    • polmutant

      no I am just not main stream religious churchie. and i see the that there is NO power of god in many of churches only the 99cent sermon. I see that Christians of old, and even during revolution against Britain were bold. I see a bunch of wanna bees sitting on a fence in dogma, bondage and humanism. so i do not care what your “vision” of the future holds. your soul is not my responsiblity. God bless you anyways, even as you serve antichrist in your blindness.

    • notyranny47

      No, since his “god” is allah, as inscribed on the ring on his left hand.

    • polmutant

      barak knows he is antichrist. is America listening?

    • rwcx

      DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

      The latest from “DHS Insider” part

    • Harold

      His real name is ‘Obabler’ His real agenda is destruction of America. So his Muslime brothers can take over, along with the communist.

  • bobmann101

    He has lied most of his life so it comes natural to him. It is telling the truth he has a problem with!

  • polmutant

    only a fool would consider that there was a free world. and that an illegal muslim antichrist antiamerican dog eater that cannot count is the leader. regulation is damnation. someone show me the freedom.

  • Seymour Kleerly

    Did Minute Man Press ask the same question when Bush/Cheney’s historic lying almost destroyed America?

    • $8093868

      So. Finally. You ADMIT that your lord and master – Obama – is a LIAR. You bean wits out there in Lib-La-La Land constantly whine that Bush did it too. That is nothing less than an open admission that your guy is a FLAMING LIAR. Thanks, seelessthannothing, it’s about time.

  • jimcrowe

    The truth is NOT within him, he’s lied his whole life.

  • jime

    Well, if you can lie about how you really are then the rest is very easy! Any more questions???

  • Remington 870

    Everyone who supports Obama with lies. There is no credible media to ask those hard questions, and thus they all lie and we know they lie and not even a GOP congress person or Senator calls them liars. This is the same attitude which exists in third world countries where dictators prosper.

  • Bimbam

    He is negro and no one wants to criticize the negro because the racist who believe negroes are one step down will call YOU the racist.

    Some facts about negroes:

    They do not invent anything.

    They live off of white people.

    They are lazy.

    They are the greatest racist.

    They never farm.

    They never prosper any country.

    HEY, doesn’t that describe the Barry Saetoro????

    • notyranny47

      Sir, I’m white, but I have to say, you’re painting blacks with a wide brushstroke. No ONE race fits all ills or all good!! Some blacks live off white people, some whites live off other white people, some blacks are lazy, some whites are lazy, some blacks are indeed racist and some whites are, and on down the line. How sad that the Civil Rights movement is settled, and yet race hustlers and white haters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and their ilk drag it behind them, encouraging blacks not to stand proud, but to think of themselves as victims (that way, they can blame others for their situation). And Jackson and Sharpton go so far as to denigrate the blacks who raise themselves out of that mire, treat them like Uncle Toms. What a travesty. Look at Allen West and Dr Ben Carson. Dr. Carson came from abject poverty to where he is today by HIS OWN willingness to work to rise above it. And so can any other black. They need to listen to his speech at the Prayer Breakfast because there’s much there to give them hope. They need to take to heart what Bill Cosby and Dr. James David Manning have to say to them. They weren’t born inferior and they don’t have to die inferior. They just need to step out of the pit of victimhood and tell the Jacksons and the Sharptons of the world to take a hike if they have no better advice for them!

    • Bimbam

      Sorry government agent liberal. I don’t buy that “we are all the same” crap. We are not all the same, ok??? We bring in illegal immigrants and the crime rate and disease and the “misery” index shoots up. We bring in Asians and Europeans and the country prospers.

      Negroes do not invent anything.
      They do not farm.
      They are racist.
      They live off of whites.
      They are lazy.
      They never prosper any country.

    • notyranny47

      Govt agent liberal?? I’m a 66 year old, white granny, registered lifelong Republican. You conveniently pass over folks like Allen West, Ben Carson and others because they don’t fit your “talking points”, which you obviously have copied so you can pull them up quickly. You’re sure good at hanging labels on folks. The one I’d hang on you is the classic definition of a true racist. “Bring in Europeans”?? You probably aren’t aware that most of Europe is in a fight for their existence because of the number of Muslims they’ve let immigrate, who have only one goal – to subjugate, not to assimilate. Educate yourself a little.

    • Bimbam

      Sorry granny but looks like you watch too much Muslim/liberal controlled TV.

      Take a look around. Go to a shopping mall and see the invasion of illegal immigrants, welfare t-bone eating negroes all with fat government handouts buying all the Gucci bags, the Nikes and fattening themselves on McDonald’s fries and shakes.

      While I labor day and night to fun-d them with this illegal robbery called TAXES! Since 1913 the liberals have kept US in debt and servitude.

    • dotherightthing4

      Actually, he is a Muslim. His father was only 1/6 from the Lao Tribe and 5/6 Black Muslim. His mother was Caucasian. He is a carpetbagging “Black” who is pretending to share their heritage in order to co-opt their voting block. He is a flim-flam man. He is a….carnival barker.

  • sunnyblues

    Excessive lying is a common symptom of several mental illness. obama lies because he can. He lies because he is good at it. He lies because there are those who are ignorant enough to believe him. He lies because he has the support of the progressives who are liars themselves and actually believe they have all the answers when in fact they haven’t a clue. obama lies because the “underdog” wants a savior who makes promises they think they can believe in because they don’t want to make the effort themselves. But most of all, obama lies because the truth is not in him.

  • Garrey McVicker

    hes had years of practic, on lieing. time the people shove his lies in his mouth. when he comes to your town hold sighs calling him a lier. time to call it the way it is.

  • Jack

    As long as the media are in bed with him this President he will do anything and get away with it

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    The Bible foretold of such a talented liar for whom the crowds would swoon.

  • Moose853

    He’s a lying Muslim, who is following what the Koran say’s….too lie to infidels

  • James Maxwell

    When will people wake up and realize that oscummer is an admitted liar and has
    said so on numerous ocassions. He would rather lie then tell the truth but in his
    ignorance he cannot recognize the truth even when it might be more beneficial. He
    is after all a Kenyan Socialist Democtat who slithere into Chicago politcs and was
    educated and trained by those who hate our naiton. Look at his list of friends
    before he came to America, after he got here and then crawled in the sewars of
    chicago politics. Lying is the only thing he knows and is to lazy to wake up and face
    the truth openly and honestly. His one goal in life is the destruction of our way of life
    and our naiton by any means possible and he found a wilingly accomplish in the
    democrat party.

  • Edwin

    It’s because he is in love with himself!

  • Patriot

    When this whole house of cards comes falling down around our ears, He will be held accountable, and it won’t be pretty. It’s a true shame that so many have been complicent in allowing his deceit. There are so many other crimes against the people and the Constitution, and the Oath of office that he took that also discust me. Either here on this earth or in the afterlife there will be atonement for this cretin.

  • kannon

    He’s a commie,a muslim,and everthing that comes out of his mouth is a lie.

  • Luci Tomlin

    Because he is was CREATED for an AGENDA not of his making but his to eagerly fulfill! An agenda by radical, Foreign and Domestic Factions who are part of the groups and “party” that helped shape his views, ideology, dedication and determination to follow to the LETTER his duties! Which is to mesmerize the clueless, gullible, minorities of all races, uneducated, and inexperienced who form their views on lack of reasoning and emotions rather than fact! Like young college students who treat him like a rock star! He was created to be a master orator, an articulate speaker, a man who could sell icemakers in Alaska! In January! To keep the innocent so “high” on his “inspirational sugar-coated” message they would follow him through hell in kerosene hoodies! Meanwhile, the ones who really hold the remote that CONTROLS his every move, are busy in the bowels of our Government, Washington and our White House “seeking what they can devour”! Most of his Administration were trained and mentored by the same CPUSA that his mentor FMD and Vals in-law V.J. managed in Chicago during the early forties and help build membership into multi-millions! This earlier “Party” also controlled the Unions in Chicago! If American citizens knew the roiling depravity, evil, destructive, deviate, subterfugal, under-handed, happenings right under our nose, rest or sleep would be impossible! The only way I keep my sanity is knowing that no matter WHO has “the SAY”, God has “the control”! He said “I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me”! As long as I KNOW that, I can still grieve for what’s happening to our beloved Country, but I don’t have to worry! When it gets to the point where God says to Jesus: “I’ve seen enought! Go rescue my children”! And Jesus WILL! Just like he promised! As for his LIES? His religion condones it! GOD doesn’t! HE will judge him!

    • notyranny47

      So right, Luci!!!!

  • Edwin

    I just can not believe when he talks how much people still believe all the crap that comes out of that lying mouth of his! It just blows my mind!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Everything Obama and his cohorts say is a lie, obfuscation, or a distortion. Everything about Obama’s life is either hidden or presented as a lie, and every thing he does is deceptive. The Socialist lapdog media will parrot his lies without question. He has never taken responsibility for any harm he has done, and constantly shifts blame to others. Why should the actions we will see now or in the future be any different?

  • Patrick Henry

    He has NO Soul……Even Satan believes that he is mighter than GOD himself!!!!

    • notyranny47

      Well, it’s easy to forget that he does have a soul, the way he acts, but he does! I just wouldn’t want to be standing in his place when he meets his true judge. No amount of lying will help him then.

  • David Peacock


    • agbjr

      Obama and his minions aren’t even honest about his ethnicity … he’s half’n’half, what used to be referred to as mulatto.

  • Nancy Lebischak

    He has been taught that a lie is not wrong, so he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. He is the best politician in the world, due to the fact he does not react to his lies, as his lies are not lies if they support or extend his own view, only if you stand against him and his side can you lie, he can not as he lives to protect the people as they are too dumb to be able to protect themselves, I think that’s his view on things, and lies can only be told by those against his view of the world. He is right and stands for the good of the common man, even if it kills the common man.

    • notyranny47

      As a muslim, they consider it a virtue to lie to the infidel (that would be us). Anything they need to say to mask their true intentions, they say! The mask will only come off when they’ve populated this country enough to subjugate it. We better wake up, America!!

  • Sam Sundberg

    Feb. 16th…I care more about the lies he has told and continues to tell about Benghazi…if he would lie about something as important as this, why wouldn’t he lie about anything else – or everything else? He told several outright lies during SOTU – but he gets away with it and continues to get away with and will probably never be held accountable. Just as Hillary will never be held accountable; just as Ted Kennedy built a successful & powerful career in the Senate and was honored by his peers despite what he did to that young woman…it was proven that if he had called the police right away, they would have been able to rescue her…but he didn’t and he got away with it…people need to stand up and say: “No more!” I don’t care what party you belong to…there should be a massive demonstration in front of the White House come early Spring…demanding truth and accountability. What a joke for Obama to declare that his is the most transparent presidency ever…what planet is he living on? Or is he beginning to believe his own lies??? Something is very wrong here…

  • keeper

    Because stupid people believe him.

    • Tim Ives

      And there are way too many of them.

  • Richard

    Good Muslims are taught this. Lie when you have too. And do it with conviction so that your followers will believe you. And, trust me when I tell you. There are young and old, black and white Americans that will follow the Pied piper to their death. Happily singing Kumbayah the whole way.
    I never believed I would see the day when my fellow Americans were so enthralled by the sight and voice of a man like they are about this evil human being.
    Third saddest day in the history of the world was the day this devil was born.

  • Tim Ives

    Because that is how his kind think. Before you hit the racist key on your macro board I’m talking about socialist as being his kind.

  • Ballistic45

    BOTH Political parties are running interference for him and protecting him from any meaningful investigations, impeachment, prosecution and incarceration… Both Parties are for a Globalized Government and Economy run by an Elitist Ruling Class… (Agenda 21)…. The Republican Party has become a hollow Party which only serves as a false hope for Conservatives.. To make them feel they are represented when in actuality they are sucking on a sugar tit to placate them.. To waste their financial support on a paper tiger…. Wake up America ! You are being sold down the river by those who you are paying and the real funny thing is, you’re also paying via taxes for them to do it to you….. YOU are paying ALL the expenses it is going to take to enslave you… All the agencies that are making regulations to strip you of rights and choices and jobs, YOU ARE paying for it to happen…. Are you Getting the Picture yet ????

  • truthbeknown

    he gets away with what ever he wants because all or at least 99% of those idiots in washington are in on it. That and the people pulling his strings is also pullinjg theirs. They dont care about anything but their political butts. Job first people they rep. last. Wake up folks we need to get rid of the whole bunch and start over. No more lawyers in political office. No more finance guys either. They are all crooks. Its time normal folks take over again. do we have all the experince no. but we have what it does take . careing.. now is the time before the only recourse left is to use the second amendment for the reason it was put there.

  • Tim Ives

    Are enough people tired of the post racial president to checkmate him in 2014?

    • notyranny47

      There were enough in 2012, but he’s crooked to the core and knew how to steal the vote. Go to and get an eyeful.

  • Carl Johnson

    It’s simple, the state run media is in lock step with De Fuehrer, isn’t it obvious?

  • Ellen

    Not only that. He has no sense either. And the people who voted for him is worst than he is. He does not care if this country and it’s legal people goes to the sewer, as long as he, his wife and family are well provided for. Which they already are. And when this country is already full of parasitic illegals, he will just move to France or anywhere else that is not yet in the sewer. But I think he should move to Mexico or other Hispanic countries that he so loves.

    • notyranny47

      The real disaster, I believe, is the fact that not only are Hispanics crossing the border at will, but so are Muslims. They can pay $5000 to be smuggled in and once here, they of course, don’t register and are quietly setting about being ready to go with full jihad once they’re a certain percentage of the population — all with Hussein’s help! They’ve long ago infiltrated our govt. If you haven’t yet, watch “Muslim Brotherhood in America” documentary on YT. It’s a real eye opener.

  • $8093868

    In the first place he is in NO WAY a leader. He is a bullying DICTATOR. Second, there is no more FREE WORLD. The Globalists have seen to that. And lastly, he is a serial LIAR who utters a continuous stream of untruths that the Main Stream Media swears to and foists onto the citizenry as gospel.

    In other words, this waste of good oxygen is the spitting image of the Father of all LIES. Witness the ring he wears openly that states “Allah” is the only god he bears allegiance to. A false president doing the bidding of a false god.

    The TRUTH of this one-thing wrecking crew shines like a lighthouse in the fog. All it takes is the desire to look for it.

  • DG11

    I am not as polite as Mr. Johnson. It is the A-Hole media and its Marxist agenda that lets The POS get away with it!

  • agbjr

    He lies with impunity simply because his Ministry of Propaganda – aka: the media – allow him to and report his every utterance as gospel from on high. Joseph Goebbels would have given anything to have a Propaganda Ministry as good as Obama’s.

  • Raymond Appenzeller

    There is a lot of talk about this man and his agenda. But, I see no action being done to stop him and his minions! What is it going to take before something is done to remove this guy and the vice president out of office? Total destruction? Then it’s too freaking late now isn’t it! Need Congress or the Senate to start doing something besides collecting a paycheck and taking all our money each payday! With bitter results each and every time the do act!

  • catpaw

    How can he and other left wingers explain the dust bowl era back in the 30’s. Extreme drought back then. Also the massive tornadoes that swept across the country state by state, heading for the east coast. This one tornado hit numerous states. It was miles wide.

    The earth is in just another cycle. Nothing you, I or anyone for that matter can do about it. When the wobble in the earths axis starts coming back around there will be cold, extremely low temperatures and so on. This climate change crap is nothing more than a money grab.

  • DLC

    Only God is in control of the weather, but our leaders are responsible for the judgements that come on the country. Americans need to come back to the God who created this GREAT COUNTRy, and quit giving away the land that God gave to ISREAL.

    • Richard Wright

      God first judgement is always wIth the weather.This is not from global warming.God is judging America and it is going to only get worse.A far as Obama goes you can not convince demagrubs that they are wrong. IIThes:2;11 says because your heart is so wicked I will send you a strong delusion,that you will believe a lie…

  • fideux

    Bush said, “Read my lips, no new taxes!” And they never let him forget it or let him off the hook for saying it. The crazy thing is, the Dems got what they wanted and they still used it against him. Clinton never had sex with Monica either. Although being impeached for it, he in no way suffered for it. (And if Hillary cut him off, that would have been a bonus for him, as a result!). I say to the Dems. and to everyone for that matter, be consistant in your arguments. Don’t hold lying against one individule or party if you aren’t going to call everyone for lying. Obama speaks, he lies…is everyone just numb to it now?

    • agbjr

      Please remember Clinton’s impeachment was for perjury not an extramarital affair. He knowingly lied to a federal grand jury, a criminal offense and therefore solid ground for impeachment.

    • fideux

      I know, he lied to the Grand Jury about his tryst with Monica. His impeachment was symbolic, nothing more. The stain on Monica’s dress was a larger problem for her than the impeachment of his presidency to him.

  • cedarcreekman

    EVERYBODY re-educate yourselves. We are doing and have done everything that Juan Peron and Evia Peron did to Argentina! In 100 years a world leader was taken to proverty by all the thing this LYING, SOB has done, everyting to the TEE! “Don’t cry for me Argentina” because you need to save your tears for the USA and the worthless IDIOTS that put this Fraud back in power! Live by your vote, DIE BY YOUR VOTE, IDIOTS!!

  • mrsgunnut10

    What else is new People. Obamass has been lying for a long time, even in 2008, and he wasn’t elected yet. He has been lying ever since 2008 and just about everybody knows this to be Fact. There isn’t anything new about Obamass’s wants, they are about him wanting MORE MONEY TO SPEND as usual.

  • Bonnie Thomas Usrey

    Answer: Corruption, Media Compliance&Cooperation, and Partnership of the forces of evil. We have a “tool” of the Green Agenda, Muslim Brotherhood, Unions, ACORN, Ayres-type Revolutionary Socialists, and their dependency voters! When he is lieing openly and obviously, his eyelids come down to half-mast, hooded like a snake, and his chin goes up ready to strike. He can say one thing and do another, or say the opposite the next day and the Media, Politicians, Judges, don’t call him on it or hold him accountable. He says NOTHING about Benghazi and gets away with it because no one asks, and others lie for him. Where does his power come from? Certainly not God, so it must be the other guy!

    • notyranny47

      You’re right Bonnie. It’s the other guy.

  • Joanne

    Must be easy to lie when your a fraud an a phoney and trying to bring our country down.
    Evidently its worked for him all these years, right on up to the White House.

  • fideux

    When you challenge him on a point, inferring that he’s lying, black people say you are being racist. When they play that race card, they are in effect saying that it’s racist to call Obama a liar because lying is what black people do. No difference!

  • Doug Hamlin


  • paul debaggis

    because he is a communist. a lot of people dont believe it when you tell them that,but sooner or later you have to look at his record.

    • notyranny47

      I wish I had the source now, but it was uncovered that he was a card-carrying member of a Communist organization in college. The truth came out but it was squashed soon afterwards.

  • LaVerne Velasco

    The little Bastard is a born LIAR. The MUSLIM PUNK and LIAR a lot of you picked to be your president has no conscience. Morals are not the PUNK’S strong point. Afterall, he is the TRUE TERRORIST THREAT to OUR country. You will ALL find that out soon enough, I hope. He is EVIL without a doubt. George Soros should have his ASS kicked. He has nothing but money. You know what they say about money and the man. For one thing, Georgie is NOT A MAN. He is probably just another PUNK like Osama INSANE Obama. You see, Barry Soetoro Hussein, the EVIL ONE is just a mere PUPPET on a string and GEORGIE is pulling the strings. I have no use for either of them or people like them. One good thing is, Georgie is OLD and hopefully will not be around long. Who knows, maybe one G.E. jet will fail on AFONE. Would’nt that be a blessing??????? Just a wishful thought. Lying is Osama Insane Obama’s biggest and strongest point by far. SCREW him and his Administration. LARRY VELASCO, AMERICAN and hispanic who is against ALL Osama Obama is and what he stands for, which is NOTHING.

  • Ruth

    In the Bible, Daniel foretold of a future bad leader:”the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceedingly dreadful…that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things…diverse from all the kingdoms…he shall subdue three kings…and think to change times and laws…the land of Egypt shall not escape…the Libyans and Ethiopians shall be at his steps…Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.” It is time to repent and serve God. See Daniel Ch.7&11.

  • haroldson

    nothing Obama has done has been on the up and up , he lies buys and steals by hook and crook all he got so far, when he makes the wrong move at the right time, He will end up a bad memory

  • Robert

    Because the Media & the People don’t hold him accountable, never have and it looks like they be waking up! He lies one after the other and there catching up with him.


    He is trying to hide wipe out or change his historical record through lies just like his identity, citenship, education and birth records, Benghazi, etc…

  • mallen11

    It will never end with -0 in charge. When a nation’s leader’s lie and the people believe those lies we become a nation of liars. Rules of integrity do not apply to them. Lying is destructive to a nation. We don’t need leaders who are liars. Arrogance and narcissist leaders think others are beneath them.
    Proverbs 17:4 An evildoer listens to wicked lips; A liar pays attention to a destructive tongue.

  • El Poder de Cristo Te Obliga!

    All I can say is that Nixon resigned amidst far less scandal when he was faced with possible impeachment.

  • rwcx

    It is the mode of operation of the left. Who is surprised?

  • rwcx

    DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

    The latest from “DHS Insider” part

  • Micheal Stone Sr.

    In case you havent noticed nearly every elite leader of the militant progressive movement appear to be deranged and removed from reality! Im serious, just take a gander at the way these screwballs talk and act! pelosi, van jones, hillary, jarret, wooserman-shultz, carney, sunstein, can you actually listen to the ANTI-AMERICAN vomit they put out without realizing they are handicapped with left wing obsession!

  • rwcx

    DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

    The latest from “DHS Insider” part 2

  • Bob Marshall

    As a patriot who believes in our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and type of government set up by our founders i have to applaud Obamafor the way he has manipulated the millions of Americans into believing he cared for their welfare and well being. While using the Cloward-Piven strategy before becoming president and using Saul Alinsky’s book,RULES for RADICALS as his play book afterwards. By surrounding himself with people like George Soros, Hillary Clinton,Cass Sunstein, John Holdren and Eric Holder just to name a few,having gained control of both the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court and through his executive orders while bypassing congress he is turning America into the Socialist nation as dreamed of by Karl Marx. Norman Thomas,the former associate editor of the leftist magazine,The Nation and six time presidential candidate of the Socialist Party of America,stated,”The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. but under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation,without even knowing how it happened.” Thomas also said,” The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is: Democrats have accepted some ideas of Socialism cheerfully,while Republicans have accepted them gradually.” In a major speech f titled ,” A Springtime of Possibility’ and focused on Obama, Communist Party USA leader Sam Webb, after calling Obama a friend, declared the now,”on the road to socialism.” Webb’s speech, delivered at the CPUSA’s National Convention and posted on their website, referred to the 2008 election of Barack Obama’s victory as a ‘sea change.” He referred to Obama’s win in the 2008 election as a “rout of right wing extremism,a reaffirmation of the decency of our country and people,a leap forward on freedom and a peoples mandate for change. In a May 2001 NationalPublic Radio interview,Obama lamented the Constitution’s blind “spot” regarding “redistribution change and the fact the Supreme Court had never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth. Using the Supreme Court, the Department of Injustice,bypassing the Constitution and through the use of executive orders he has brought change to America. A national debt that went from $10.6 trillion when he first took office to $16.5 today. The number of food stamps now exceeds 47 million.Obamacare alone created 159 programs and meant the hiring of 16,000 IRS agents. No on e is sure yet how many new taxes are coming because of Obamacare.What happened to the smaller government he promised in his campaign speeches? If a man’s charter can be judged by the company he keeps, and if what he says is any indication of what he intends,then a large number of immature and ignorant voters have just elected a very dangerous man to the most powerful office in the world.” Lyle H. Dossiter Jr. M.D. is a board certified psychiatrist who has treated mental disorders for more than 40 years. Does President Barack Obama suffer from a Narcissist Personality Disorder as many psychiatrist have claimed? He loves the praise and the limelight but cannot stand to be criticized.

  • thestormy

    King James Bible: Gen. 8:22,God’s promise of no global warming. God or Gore,the money hog elitist? I choose God.

  • David B.

    The American people wwere warned twice before electing this charleton, the seconf time with a sizeable 4-year record to backup the allegations. Yet, 51% of our countrymen returned this poltroon to office. We, as a nation deserve the calamity that is about to befall us. We let a small, vocal majority hijack our democracy and destroy us from within.

    It was fun while it lasted.

  • rwcx

    DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

    The latest from “DHS Insider” part

  • RoryT

    No one calls Obama on infinite lies because there are no enemies from the left. I mean
    gays don’t care if he is wrong because he advances homosexual causes.
    Environmentalist, anti-gunners, communists, blacks, illegal immigrants, Muslims,
    atheists, pagans, lazy, poor, chemical dependents, mentally ill all likewise get
    stuff paid for by others and see their causes advanced by Obama. Next question

  • Alberto

    Well, Im praying that when the Republicans win the elections in 2016 along with good Democrats impeach Obama and his cabinet that help him destroy our way of life and our Nation.. We will see what Obama is fixing to do with our Nation just to please his mentor who is his father..

  • standtallall

    It is always good to have a faithful band of enablers. It makes every lie ever so acceptable and innocent.

  • John Pruden.

    The way to stop him is to see his College and University records. his applications will tell us he not eligible to be President because he was born in KENYA. A write up in the Harvard Law Review says just that along with his picture. He was not properly vetted before his ist term and the birth certificates he has shown were found fraudulent by experts. No one has explained how he received a Connecticut Social security card without ever living there. These stories have existed for a long time. I have yet to see a denial .

  • A. G. T. Jr.

    Many reliable experts say with scientific reliability that lying can be a domestic upbringing, a disease, or an intrinsic/innate property of a person. This document-scarce Kenyan is all these.

  • coolercoleman

    Lying comes with the liberal gene.

  • JibJab

    Overwhelming judgement of science???Obozo been sleeping with Gore??

  • mikeledo

    If a man can’t look straight into a camera and lie, he has no business running for public office or being a policeman.

  • cfn7usa

    Can we the people impeach obamit? How do we (I) do that? It is time we end treason in America. Who do I talk to? How do I get this started?

  • valeryane

    He doesn’t care when his lies surface because there are NEVER any consequences for them.

  • Niggishzidda

    Well Mr. Obama shut of HAARP and our weather will go back to normal.

  • cfn7usa

    Can we the people impeach obamit? How do we (I) do that? It is time we end treason in America. Who do I talk to? How do I get this started? []

  • Maynard

    A conspirator will lie to futher his goals. He tells the truth when truth will suffice. Weather they be truths or lies they must always lead toward accomplising the mssion. They are masters of deciet. There moral vlues, if any, are very low, and they seek support from those of their own kind. They certainly wouldn’t want the support of honest people. This is way it is so important to scrutenize and question any appointments made by known liers. If this is not done, then the honesty and morality of the interrogators must then be addressed. Don’t read On Me! Join the Tea Party and become a Minuteman!

  • Steve Atkinson

    media protection! we have been betrayed by the mainstream media which is now the propaganda tool for “dear leader!”

  • Thomas Campbell

    He’s the Dark Prince of the International Central Bankers whereas Bush was their
    Dumb Prince

  • Donald David

    I guess he forgot about the dust bowl years.

  • Hal

    Hey most everyhting that comes out of his mouth is a lie !!!

  • Harold

    To answer your question: Because he is a fraud and a communist: He is a pathological liar on purpose. He has lied about his b.c. his college records, why he went to college as a foreign student, that he is communist or a socialist, . The trouble is we have either a congress that are scared out of their diapers or are as complicite of of this fraud as Obabler is.

  • AnotherPatriot

    Because he can. He became President at a time when we had the worst Leaders for the people in office. They are weak, w/o backbone, selfish because they aren’t thinking of the people who elected them….they are thinking about their own well being. Obama knows they are these things and so does the World. He’s taking advantage of every things that comes that will promote his cause. He is hateful, revengeful and will do whatever it takes, including lying to those who support him to get the job done. That’s why we need Tea Party people in right now….not 4 years from now! They have guts, they have backbone and they are patriots to our Constitution! They really care about the American People…not just themselves!

  • buzz131950

    I find the comments for this article hypocritical at best. Here is a bunch of right wing morons, who lie in every imaginable way, trying to claim that “everything” President Obama says is a lie.

    Their willful blindness, lies by omission, ignorance, racism, etc. have blinded them to any and all truths. I pity them and those that have to listen to them on a regular basis.

    • Incredulous1

      Hey, Buzz-brain, “I’ll cut the deficit in half by the end of my 1st term.” LIE. “I’ll never allow tax increases on the middle class.” LIE. “Benghazi attack caused by internet video.” LIE. Would you like me to continue? The list is endless but my time wasted on morons like you is not.

  • GK

    Liberals can rationalize anything . . . even science.

  • dragonfFIRE01

    because he can.

  • jvb5058

    He lies because he’s never had to stand accountable for one single lie he’s ever told. No one calls him on. No one called him on it growing up because he grew up black and no one held him responsible because he HAD NO DADDY. He lied as a young adult because he was taught by the best how to lie and turn it into the truth for the gullible. He lies now because he’s fully aware anyone who stands face to face with him and calls him a liar will have to deal with his minions who defend him by calling THEM racists. And this DOES include the media. When lieing no longer gains him power or fame or money…when lieing finally costs him more than he was prepared to pay for the lie…he will stop.

  • Eugene Patrick Clark

    Obama knows exactly what he is doing, why he is doing it and fully understands that the Marxist Philosophy that he espouses and has “DICTATED” these past 4 years will lead to the complete destruction of the United States Economy, our Values as a Judeo/ Christian nation and our very Freedoms which are granted by GOD, NOT the government and certainly NOT by Obama, the Democrats or the Republican Parties. Obama’s “State of the Nation Speech” this past week should prove to every discerning American citizen that he is an absolute “DICTATOR” and a complete unadulterated “LIAR” to boot. Even the dimmest of minds had to question Obama’s “Pie-in-the-sky” drivel about how “Wonderful” the Job market, the economy, illegal immigration, the debt, the Al Qaeda, and all the other issues he enumerated, were . He seemed to indicate tha all was Just perfectly in control, thanks to his magnificent and infalable leadership these past 4 years. Now, after the Marxist Controlled Media convinced the “Dead from the neck up” buffoons in America that their Favorite-Son, Communist Candidate was the Messiah incarnate, Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected, much to the admitted joy of FIDEL CASTRO, HUGO CHAVEZ, VLADIMIR PUTIN and of course HARRY BELAFONTE of “Daylight come and I wannago home” fame. But dazzled by his dictatorial performance these past years Obama has finally awakened the “Sleeping Giant” that Japanese Admiral Yamamoto feared so much after directing the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941. Obama, seizing upon the dastardly and horrendous murder of school children in Connecticutt, (Never pass up an opportunity to take advantage of a crisis), completely by-passed the Congress and violated the very core of the second Amendment and by Executive Order, directed a totally unconstitutional move to remove certain weapons, ammunition, and magazine clips and other restrictive measures to harm NOT the mentally unstable or criminal elements of society, but only the responsible and law-abiding citizens of the Country. Of course the reason for his mandate is to keep “GUNS” out of the hands of citizens so that in the event (such as now) that when the Government ceases to represent the PEOPLE of the nation, the PEOPLE have the RIGHT and DUTY, tro replace it. Both Republicans and Democrats who both have been “Fleecing” the American People for years and have turned POLITICS into an ORGANIZED CRIME consortium. Obama is only the figurehead of the corruption that abounds, not only in Washington DC, buth in every State Capitol of the nation. It is time that “WE THE PEOPLE” begin NOW, to take charge and cast out the riff-raff, and start anew. “Patriots Only Need Apply” should be our demand for Term Limit Legislators, followed by: “VIOLATORS OF THE PUBLIC TRUST WILL BE HUNG” (immediately after a fair trial !!!!)

  • Harold

    When people turn their back on God as America has, there is a result. (11 Thess. chap 2: vv. 11 & 12.) God will send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie. They who follow him will believe anything. Meaning Obabler.

  • Jon Cardinal

    I would point out that sooooo many politicians lie that to call them on it would appear partisan. We are stuck with the man for the next 4 years. Even if the House Impeaches him the senate will refuse to prosecute. The best we can hope fore is gridlock in congress and pray that the courts will reign in his abuse of Executive Orders

  • Lloyd Revalee

    It is quite obvious that this man in the White House, this Muslim Socialist President(“), Barak Obama, hs no trouble whatsoever in telling lies. The questions should be “why is Congress, We The People, and most of all the mass media, letting him get away with it?” We have suddenly found that those we have depended on to defend our rights have become our enemies. Those we have trusted turn out to be enemies of all that we hold to be self evident – we have the right to determine how, and by whom, we are governed.

  • kimjim4042

    Everyone is so in fear of “politically correct” it is disgusting. No one has the courage to call him a liar to his face when he lies and so he just keeps on and on. The media is a bunch of whimps and don’t have the courage to report the truth and most of America is so uninformed and many are just unwilling tto believe the truth when it hits them in the face. He is a LIAR, and that is his best quality. He is everything no one would want to be. Try him for treason and punish him accordingly along with all his cronies. Why does no one in Washington have the —– to do the job they were elected to do….UPHOLD the CONSTITUTION? Liberalism is truly a mental disease.

  • zeprin

    Sorry but while he may be, and is, a LIAR. He ain’t the Leader of the Free World.
    Leading requires both conviction and FOLOWERS. He surrenderd leadership on the day he first took his first Oath of Office as President. No one is interested in following him. No one is even interested in listening to him, except his Greek Chorus of yes men and sycophants.
    I’ve heard more than one pearson opine that ‘If he isn’t Declaring WAR. Or RESIGNING, they no longer care what he has to say.

  • Take 2

    The other two main branches e.g. Full House i.e. Congress needs to (i) hire a third party to investigate all blocked background information (ii) Follow up on Fast and furious (iii) Green Corp Loans (iv) Gulf Oil Spill (v) visitors list to White House (vi) use of Government funding for Campaigning. (vii) joint cap & trade corporation with Gore (viii) details into why’s of personal Executive Order Bank and who will run it.

  • Leslie Elledge

    I don’t know guys.Did any of you happen to see the special edition of Sean Hannity on Friday? Dr. Robert Carson was on with a selected audience. You may remember him from the Prayer Breakfast. He literally told everyone that the president has it all wrong and that change needs to be made to save America. Boy, you should have seen the “deer in the headlights” expression on Obama’s face. He was pissed off to the max, but the good Dr. had the audience enraptured because he is calm, cool, and has some really great ideas about fixing the country. I loved it. This man, who is incredibly bright, pointed out every flaw in the current administration…and then proceeded to tell everyone how to fix them. Great stuff. I finally feel a small amount of encouragement growing within.

  • underthewire

    I refuse to recognize the title president when it comes to this suedo African.

  • HappyG

    The Obama Ministry of Propaganda has been working feverishly for years trying to rewrite that disturbing period of time when global warming ‘scientists’ were indeed caught manipulating and purposely distorting data to further what they consider the ‘Greater Good of the masses’…why not just be a good subject and throw common sense to the wind and embrace this new phenomenom as gospel truth…No you say? Well me neither…when those who claim they can control the whims of Mother Nature can control the winds and tides then maybe I’ll listen…Until then Mother Nature is pissed to think that there are humans arrogant enough to think they can control her…
    From article above:

    which only exists in the discredited computer projections of a shameless cabal of grant-troughing activist scientists increasingly out of touch with real world data.

  • Jp

    Al Gore lied about it and became rich, Obama wants a piece of the pie.

  • caskinner

    No morals, no conscience, no soul……yes that is Obama.

  • Edward P Cox

    A Marxist believes that anything he says that advances Communism is the truth, no matter how much of a lie it is. The Democrats are famous for this.

  • Babsan

    Because that is all he has EVER done in his life,go check legal papers on him

  • Doran Cooper

    Because we let him get away with it!!!!

  • rwcx


  • rwcx


    • rwcx


  • Reuben Hart

    Islam has a provision called ‘taqqiya’, this is a tenet by which it is pefectly proper to lie to an infidel, or in our case, a nation of infidels. As Obama is a militant Muslim, he practices taqqiya with a gliding smootheness. He has lied from the start, and will continue to do so. Note. Lying to another Muslim is thought to be very wrong in Obama’s world.

  • Hudmar

    Just leaving in a Utopian Dream which will catch up to him soon or later.

  • LisaCBrown

    To answer the question posed in the title of this article: because the propagandists formerly known as journalists let him get away with it. They have been allowing it well before their public relations campaign for him (a.k.a. – “news coverage”) since his name was first mentioned as a presidential candidate. Why would they stop now?

    • LisaCBrown

      Plus, any politician who dares question him is denounced as a racist.

  • Richard Gibbard

    Which was full of more raw fecal matter- the SOTU address or the Carnival cruise ship?

  • game50


  • Henry

    Ahhh. He is a marxist. That is all that needs to be said. His mission is to destroy America as the free leader in the world. Why are so many Americans clueless to the reality?

  • bayman61

    Because he is black and he dares anyone to do anything about it. He knows the race card will be played and the blacks will raise Hell if he is removed from office for his lying.

  • usluv

    For him….its effortless. Hope his nose falls off.

  • rocketw

    There are too many “Republicans” who love the aroma of Obama and the heady – to some – sense that up is down and wrong is right under him that we won’t get rid of him until he has delivered the entire Final Solution upon America. Sorry, but that’s the way it is now.

  • wildeagleone

    He gets away with it because there are no men in the Senate or the house.They are all prussy whipped weaklings that went to D.C. to become rich off the backs of hard working Americans

  • Dennis

    When you come across this leader of the free world let me know cause Obama aint it.He cant even lead this country let alone the free world.What an assinine title for an article.

  • Mike1948

    Because he is a lying leftist liberal. They all lie, even when the truth would serve them better. It is in their genes. I am convinced of that.

    I seriously doubt if Obama could pass a lie detector test, regardless of the questions asked. He’s just a natural born liar. As such, he is the perfect puppet for the real power controlling this country. George Sorose and others are pulling Obama’s strings.

  • Mike Tanco

    He continues to ignore the Constitution, he lies most of the time and he is failing to carry out the oath of office. Congress needs to get his ass out.

  • Tim Newton

    What the hell makes this BLACK SATAN an expert in this??????????????????Or anything else for that matter?He put out alot of pie-in-the-sky things that would pushing gov t more and more into our lives

  • bob

    if we just had a congress he wouldnt be thi far, congress could have stopped a lot of this but didnt so now he just goes for broke ,

  • believe

    My Question How can we have so many STUPID people that still believe him??

  • Gerald Jones

    Liar in chief, rather enemy with in. Why congress doe’s nothing to proceed with impeachment tells me that our elected representitives do not have the guts to go after him. Why MONEY from sources that are criminal. Soros for one is a wanted man in russia take HIM to the russians to face charges, That would be a great start. Second ban all Islamic influence in this nation,we allow fredoms to people or sects that support the Democratic side of our house and senate,this should be handled in a way that if you live in this country you live by our constitution or go to a country that has no constition and madness that goe’s along with it. Sharia Law has no place in this country. It should have NEVER got where it is today, we have voter fraud that put our dictator in office for a second term, not a win with the real popular vote, take away all th multple votes, the un documented votes it would be flipped. this is the truth and the truth will come out. When are the true Americans going to wake up? Screw the UN we need to sell that building and send it packing to Syria. My god bless our Nation and it’s true citizens, the ones who work and don’t expect any hand outs from a corrupt big govrnment.Screw the lame liberl media that just loves Obama and his agenda, never ever hear anything negative about him from them, Why? because they are as guilty as Obama. Just brainwashed and influenced by foriegn forces to undermine what America stands for. Finally if you don’t Love America for what she is and stands for then get the Hell out, That includes the Obama team. I can’t wait for the day he is hand cuffed and sent to GITMO.

  • louisianimal

    Because he has total control over the so called press/media. No one holds this man accountable for anything. They have abused the 1st amendment or rendered it irrelevant. Obama has no fear of accountability. The media covered his past and only exist to aid and abet this usurping fraud. Thank God for the internet. Just yesterday, the SC held a hearing on whether or not to have a hearing about Obama’s fraudulent docs, SS# etc.. You would think this would be a huge story, wouldn’t you? Apparently not. I haven’t seen one thing on any news channel about it. Only some online sites. Instead of shining a light our LSM keeps us in the dark. Apparently, that’s what they get paid to do these days. Shame on each and every one of them.



  • Red55bird

    Did anyone watch Dr Calson speech at the prayer meeting, and did anyone watch Obama sitting there like a little boy with a Big boo boo face, this malignant Narcissist has lied from day one and will still be lieing at the end of a rope. All hail to the Lier in Chief………..

  • sandman

    It is easy for a pathological lier to continue, especialy with the help from the media he gets!

  • AppraisHer

    His entire life is a lie, he doesn’t know anything else.

  • Chuck

    More than 60 million voters apparently think his constant lying is just fine. Apparently , they think so because he has placed millions of them on the government dole, forgiven government supported loans, given them free cell phones, free healthcare, free education, government day care, meaningless jobs, free contraception, and amnesty for millions of illegals.

  • John A Demers

    John A Demers Maynard•4 minutes ago

    Flag as inappropriate
    With all do respect I think your statements may be not correct in whole.The first thing I would like to address is the Tea Party ,You are completely correct about that issue as I have been a member pretty much from the start of it.And I can tell you that the main goal of the Tea Party is to Follow the word of are forefathers and that means the Constitutional without it being misinterpreted buy the jerks out there that want what is being called a new world order.Why are you claiming Mitt Romney or Karl Rove has anything to do with kicking out Constitutional Conservatives from the GOP or the Tea Party.If I missed something please correct me,But the last I knew is that Romney and Rove were very much in favor of following the Constitution and I heard on Fox Karl Rove come to the defense of a Senator stating a Tea Party member had spit on him and stated racial remarks and Karl Rove came onto Fox News with Video Footage that showed that this did not happen.I do not remember which Senator stated that but can remember him in support of the fact that he or several of those Senators were indeed not true. He also tried to explain what the Tea Party was all about and that the People in the Tea Party were every day people concerned about this Country with Peaceful intent and worried about the future of this Country and how the Government is out of Control with just about everything,Spending,Government growing way to big,Passing Obama-care without even Reading it Executive orders,and on and on.So if I am incorrect please advise me as to what I have let slip by me and I will look into it. Thanks and Lets Pray to God that Obama gets his ass impeached

  • Revere

    Four more years! While you fear monkeys spin your wheels , the dark money interests who so easily manipulate you, are thankful that you are so easily fooled into agitating against your own interests. Have you seen the air in Beijing lately? They want that for you too; as long as it adds to their bottom line, Breathe deep little puppets.

  • David

    in a few words, this cockroach has no shame! his whole life is one big lie especially who his father was! I doubt that even his mother knew which one was his father!

  • elki

    He was SELECTED AND GROOMED for this job because he can and will lie in your face.

  • John A Demers

    Obama needs to be Impeached end of Story.He could care less about the Constitution of this Country.This must be clear to everyone the love affair that you people that voted for him is over.This Country will not be a safe place at the rate we are going,can’t you see that.He will take what ever he whats and act on his own and make executive orders which are UnConstitutional.He will spend and lie or do what ever he wants.Hows the Shovel ready Jobs going.Solyndra and many other things the Government should have nothing to do with.The Government can’t run anything right,Just look at the US Postal Service losing money every Year.There is so much wrong since Obama took office only someone that has no clue what the Government should be for is a fool to support what Obama has done to are beloved Country.God Bless Us All. Wake Up People You Have Been Fooled Again.

  • weeyummy

    politicians lie no matter what country they are in – i live in Canada and our dictator Prime Minister is not much better than your liar dictator president. the only difference is our political system – we have a parliamentary system in which the party with the most seats runs the country – in our case it is the Conservative party. we have gun control in this country, although it has its’ problems; it does work fairly well here.we just prefer a more up close and personal way of dealing with those we do not like – we prefer stabbing over shooting.

  • Back2God2010

    Why doesn’t anyone ever call him out on everything he does? He is an irresponsible spender of other people’s money, a traitor to our allies, a communist; and every time he opens his mouth it is a lie or twisting of the truth or an outright unconstitutional executive order to bypass the law of the land, not to mention the hypocritical war on women, abortion, gay agenda and perverted distorted brainwashing education to destroy the minds of our kids!!! When are we going to stop talking and do something about this traitor in our white house? He has no bearings, boundaries or sense of patriotism or care for America except to destroy its firm foundation and destroy our freedoms. He should have been impeached, and never even considered for re-election! There is not a single legitimate detail about this POTUS.

  • catman

    This narcissitic ego maniac, self centered usurper to the Presidency carres not one twit about what he says. His “handlers” give him a teleprompter and he just goes about his merry ol’ way never questioning what he is reading. I have to admit he knows how to read quite well doesn’t he?

  • ErnieLane

    Easy: the media doesn’t follow through, investigate, call him on it, or anything. I don;t think the press has _ever_ been in the tank for a President nearly as much. They have always shown a certain respect and courtesy, but this is journalistic malpractice.

  • Ken

    We know he is a muslem and we know he hates the CHRISTIAN America and if it,s true he is pushing chips into babies than he is the beast as fore told in GODS WORD which means he is a top deamon of saton and that he is trying to ruin us any way he can.Lies are only a small part! I would call his actions TREASON

    • Rhonda clark

      SIR GO TO GIRl REFUSES CHIP AT SCHOOL) also on utube packstand already getting chip go to utube (PACKSTAND GETS MICRO CHIP) its here! im pretty sure it was packstand

  • Laura

    The answer to ‘how can he get away with it?’ is easy. The press is not doing their job. The whole reason for having a free press is so they can hold the government and politicians accountable to the people. When the press is in the pocket of the government, it’s all over for real freedom. The shame is theirs.

    • Rhonda clark

      IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH WATCH MEXICIAN LITINO SHANN HANNITY FOX NEWS and no they are not racist CNN ESPN ABC CBS BLACK intertainment is all comminist

  • RE

    its easy for him he has not quit from day one .he lied to get ahead in school comes natural now people are catching on. but now he is our commander in thief..


    Semper Paratus, John!

  • newyorker


    • Rhonda clark

      ERRIC HOLDER SUSAN RICE OBAMA africians all working UNINTED NATIONS full control of world! good pope stepping down antichrist=amegetion inforwars utube world war3 riot2013usa (DEATH TO WITES0 NDAA LAW martial law

  • Billy Whitfield

    Obama can kiss my Patriotic Backside! Wait, he is gay, so no, he would like doing that! Obama is the most sickening person America has ever had in a position of power. The day America elected a Muslim Gay Illegal was truly a sad day indeed. Unfortuneately, it also showed how unintelligent most voters are, how ill informed they are over policies and even the names of those in power! Most Obambi voters know only one word – FREEBIE! Otherwise, they are truly twisted Leftists and hate America who can barely spell their own names.

    • Rhonda clark

      go to page (IS OBAMA GAY 3 loveres of his murderd!

    • Rhonda clark

      go to page (THEY STOLED THE OTE in states with no ID laws obama won IN states with ID laws Romney won. they also acked computer in 50 black counties not one Romney vote how racist was that the abused suppresed black poor people lieres! go to page (OBAMA RUNNING FOR 3RD TERM set it up he is there mesiah JESUS CRIST in heaven is our master who died on cross for our sins not obama JESUS CHRIST go to page (IS OBAMA THE ANTICHRIST) JESUS SAID HIS FAKE NAME IN HEBREW! great deciever muslium gay lier drone murder SKIN WORSHIPERES this is BLACK AMERICIA! fema camps NDAA LAW MARTIAL LAW (GOVERNMENT ORDERES MILLIONS OF BULLETS) (OBAMA IS A TERREST) (OBAMA WILL KILL US

    • Rhonda clark

      inforwars utbe WORLD WAR3 utube RIOT2013USA ace Ventura utbe FEMA CAMPS

  • Whackajig

    ovomit will tell a lie even when the truth would be better

  • Mike Evans

    Why has nobody in office called this lying POS on many of the illegal things that he has done? Most glaringly, why has nobody vetted this illegal?

    • Rhonda clark

      OBAMAS SSN# issued to a Harrison J Bounel born 1890Connecticut go to page (FAKE BIRTH CERTIFECTE) his name is BARRY

  • believe

    How can WE THE PEOPLE stand by and let it Happen??

    If we stopped him in the wake of all of his doing instead of showing our strength in TALKING it to it’s demise ,he wouldn’t have gotten this far.

    First of all start realizing Congress has as many SOCIALIST in there mist, as do the SENATE, So counting on them to stop Barack is like putting a bowl of candy in front of a child and telling them they can’t have any, but soon as you walk out of sight the candy is consumed

    So the moral to the story is The people that had anything to do with putting Barack into office or closing their eyes to what he is doing once the door slams behind him and his regime when they know the people like to talk but show VERY little action they just do it there way, and by the time we start doing something about it is all gone.

    This whole Regime thinks OUR HOUSE in DC is a CANDY STORE AND THEY ALL HAVE A SWEET TOOTH.

    Hence all the vacation and jumping on the Jets to go across the street is a defience against the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    Hey you want to talk some more or do you want to stop letting them get in the candy store??

    Remember when Barack told the Saudis that the AMERICAN people were Stupid, he did that you know, and by us setting back and talking instead of doing something about it they win.

    And that my friends is why I am not a PARTY person in choosing sides to be a Dem. Or a REP.

    Little integrity in both ,WITH EXCEPTIONS.their power hungry and that has little to do with working for the PEOPLE.

    • Rhonda clark

      WE ARE SLAVES if you work you are slaves to illigals utube (AFRICIAN DANCES FOR EPT CARD

  • lara

    Like his voting of present he makes sure he is notltied to making any bills..Liar and manipulater with communists and radical muslim tie..We are all in big trouble because the uninformed are blind to this nothing of a man..

    • Rhonda clark

      government orderes millions of bullets inforwars utube WORLD WAR3 RIOT2013USA) (OBAMA GIVES JETS TO MUSLIUM BROTHHOOD (OBAMA IS A TERREST)page (OBAMA WILL KILL US) utube (OBAM IS A MUSLIUM)

  • Wayne Peterkin

    Because telling the truth would be a disaster to him personally and the media is in bed with him, allowing him to get away with it.

    • Rhonda clark

      This is mexicio americia and black americia no GOD NO JESUS just worship SKIN COLOR utube (DEATH TO WHITES christians jews =amegetion OBAMAS RACE WAR)

  • Sgt. York

    In his pea brain what he says is “truth and you guys just take it to the bank”. All liars are inner thinkers as they speak. Thus it’s true.Feel sorry for the one with some mental problems we elected President

  • Pegi

    Lots of practice!

  • Getta Spine

    He is mocking you, you spineless moron!

  • sue

    What would you expect from the Obama Muslim Socialist Brotherhood Dem. He by His Koran is alowed to Lie to you all He wants to get His agendas way.

  • shanghai

    It is up to a legitimate media to call a dictator on his lies. What mostly exisits in this country today is an obama lap-dog, sycophant media that is just there to do his bidding and cover his back and butt.

  • harmonno98

    The president has the “slavish, compliant” media in his back pocket, and that’s that!

    • Rhonda clark

      He is WORSHIPED CNN ESPN ABC CBS BLACK INTERTAINMENT THE VIEW media blackout. make them believe him when hes lies everytime he opens his mouth antichrist, black, muslium, lier, gay/by, conman, great devider, murder, head of the world working in UNITED NATIONS,,worship by everone..full controll over your life (OBAMA WILL KILL US (NDAA LAW (FEMA CAMPS0 DRONES) can kill us dont give up your guns keep your kids inside keep guns away from kids. inforwars utube worldwar3 =Armegetion

  • JacktheFAC

    John 8:44-45 vividly describes Husein the Obamanation.
    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murder from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

    • Rhonda clark

      go to is obama the ANTICHRIST jesus said his name in hebrew! next he is gay (go to page is obama gay see small TV he is a muslium(go to utube (OBAMA IS A MUSLIUM0 he is a mureder droning people worship by the whole world, GREAT DEVIDER great lier con NOW OBAMA ERRIC HOLDER THE GUN DEALER MEXICIAN MURDER SUSAN RICE AFRICIANS ARE IN UNITED NATIONS inforwars utube world war3 riot2013USA fema camps AFRICIAN DANCES FOR EPT CARD we are there slaves and illigals take 30 million a year free medicial also get free food housing free college EPT CARDS wick ECT utube machiel saying all this for a damn flag utube DEATH TO WHITES) hes the antichrist=Armegetion just look

  • Richard Diaz, Sr.

    Pres. Obama gets away with every falsehood he says because the outrageous liberal media is in love with him and because half the country lost sight of what is right and wrong, good and evil and their lust for a lot of STUFF and being lazy, they consequently put him back in the White House. Now for the next four years America wil pay a horrible price for the lunacy. Heaven help us for only He can and that’s only if He wishes too.

  • Rhonda clark

    its worse than you think let me prove to you he will get gehaud on Americia and Isreal and were all dead! inforwars utube (WORLD WAR3 RIOT2013USA ace ventura utube FEMA CAMPS other sites to see (IS OBAMA THE ANTICHRIST JESUS SAID HIS NAME IN HEBREW! (OBAMA RUNNING FOR THIRD TERM) (MARTIAL LAW) (THEY STOLED THE VOTE hell make illigals leagal in states with no ID laws they oted hacked computer hell colasp dollor well look like greese people will riot he call martial law attack IRAN RUSSIA WILL ATTACK AMERICIA world war3 riot 2013USa explanes that NDAA LAW alows military to arrest you no trial page(OBAMA WILL KILL US) (GOVERNMENT ORDERES MILLIONS OF BULLETS) (IS OBAMA GAY 3 loveres is murdered) page (OBAMA SENDS JETS TO MUSLIUM BROTHERHOOD) (page (OBAMA IS A TERREST) (FAST AND FURIOUS) (on ut be MACHIEL SAYING ALL THIS FOR A DAMN FLAG (OBAMA IS A MUSLIUM ) utube (DEATH TO WHITES )pages (WILL KILL WHITES) LITINOES WILL KILL WHITES (OBAMAS RACE WAR( OBAMA CIVIAL WAR) (CIVIAL WAR2013USA0 hell use his illigals make them leagal millions of real Americians cant find work. millions already lost homes cars everything they worked for. the 9 dollors hour no one will hire or less employees (OBAMA CARE) no full time eployeese or less eployees. sorry about spelling I got public education am learning so soory God bless every one ps how could an e illigal take an oath under fake name also took GOD out of OATH also just adressed his illigal familys and black familyies not all Americia yes CNN ESPN CBS ABC BLACK ENTERTAINMENT it is BLACK AMERICIA after all and he will kill every one of us get jehaud on USA ISREAL inforwars world war3 Riot 2013USA FEMA CAMPS here we come keep your guns he wants to kill us!

  • Rhonda clark

    please forgive me cant spell or punchuate my idea is lets start our own christian news station you guys are smart you be the writeres well even have our own news paper we stand together fight the left media CNN ESPN ABC CBS BLACK ENTERTAINMENT THE VIEW wont tell the truth I can do something if trained ugly so ill have to work the back somewhere WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER MILLIONS OF US OUT HERE someone start a page itll read (SEIKING THE TRUTH CHRISTIAN NEWS) please

  • Rhonda clark

    I WISH astroyed would hit him, if he died all christian cathlicts non radicial musliums would have a party all over Americia I WOULD CRY IF HE DIED by natual causes of corse it would be the greatest day in history!

    • Rhonda clark

      One day the real jesus will come to my house for a sleep over and I would go to Isreal with him one day he wont be our dicktator

  • teedub812

    Apparently many of you have not been paying attention. The first amendment to the constitution has been modified to fit the athiest religion, as well as other prohibitions against citizens speaking out. Take a few moments with the third and fourth amendments to the constitution. The second amendment will fall before the end of this year. You will not hear of any leader of any resistance group taken into custody because the “Party” controls the media including the airways. The “Party” will do as they please for as long as they please because we the people did not speak up 50 years ago!

    • Rhonda clark

      isnt the second admenment freedome of speech if you post on CNN yahoo they erase your post we just lost freedome of speech explaine the two?

    • Rhonda clark

      Watch fox news Shann Hannity Romney is really our presedent

  • Dale Hogue

    I do believe I have written the same thing on pages just like this a number of times, but a Muslim is still our president according to the ignorant voters who voted for him both times. And the mainstream media is responsible for allowing this Marxist Muslim to lie time after time after time to the American people about what he hasn’t done or what he says he has done! How many times must this be allowed before this non-American citizen is removed from office by any means legally acceptable to the laws of the United States Constitution? If killing the president by a rifle shot isn’t legal, then killing the American economy by the Democratic Party and this illegal president isn’t legal. Both actions harm American values and American Traditions and American Laws written by our founding fathers prior to the founding of our Constitutional Republican government. Apparently real Americans are being far too patient with the demands of this non-American citizen who spends more time vacationing and campaigning than he does in governing simply because he doesn’t know what it takes to govern this nation legally under the laws set by the Constitution. He should be impeached or removed in whatever manner gets the job done. If he can issue illegal fiats, then real American citizens should take him to court and punish him for his lawbreaking.

    • Rhonda clark


  • WWII vet.

    From out of the depths of a man’s heart comes forth that which he speaks. Rotten heart-Rotten words. Matthew 15: 18.

  • bluealiendevil

    Tuesday Morning, the 19th, the Supreme court will announce if Obama has been in office fraudulently, see the Orily site!! Remember all the lawsuits filed several years back on all the fraudulent names, ss#, etc, this suit has made it to the top. Needs four of the judges.

    • Rhonda clark

      Obamas SSN # issued to a Harrison J Bounel Born} 1890 Connecticut go to page FAKE BIRTH CERTEFECTE)

  • madhatter46

    That’s what leftists do–Lie! Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Alinsky, both Clintons, Pelosi, Reid, and Castro. They ask the people to sacrifice while they live the life of royalty– gosh let’s go on another million dollar vacation to Hawaii, Florida, or maybe Martha’s Vineyard. To them the end justifies the means– so lying, propaganda, dachas in the Crimea, pushing addictions ( crumbs from government-entitlements), cronyism for dollars and votes, exemptions, and rule by dictate and regulation are all part of the progressive playbook , “social justice.” Like “Animal Farm” start out 4 legs good, 2 legs bad, and by the end of the story, 2 legs good, 4 legs bad. Where has socialism ever led to utopia?

    • Rhonda clark

      Bounce danced a jig for Castro who murdered thousands of his own people for 1 million

  • Earl Hudgins

    Well…he’s not our “leader”…really. He is mostly a professional vacationer.

  • cbarneym

    When it comes to exaggeration and prevarication NOBODY can do it better than the conservatives on this site who exaggerate and prevaricate to no end about Obama, when it would be difficult to find any president who has done more damage to America than former president GW Bush with his lies about WMD in Iraq and tax cuts for the wealthy.

    For example, On February 27, 2001, in his first address before Congress, GW Bush assured that his budget would: “prepare
    for the unexpected, for the uncertainties of the future” by setting aside “a contingency fund for emergencies or additional spending needs” totaling “almost a trillion dollars.” But he did not, and only two years later, The Wall Street Journal reported that Bush used “all the Social Security surpluses…to fund the government for the next two years and to spend well over $100 billion of Social Security funds in each of the following three years.”

    Bush accomplished this feat by using a “sunset provision” lie to overcome the “Byrd Rule,” and thus his Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA) was signed into law on 7 June, 2001. “One of the most notable characteristics of EGTRRA is that its provisions are designed to sunset, or revert to the provisions that were in effect before it was passed. EGTRRA will sunset on January 1, 2011 unless further legislation is enacted to make its changes permanent. The sunset provision SIDESTEPS the Byrd Rule, a Senate
    rule that amends the Congressional Budget Act to allow Senators to block a piece of legislation if it purports to significantly increase the federal deficit beyond a ten-year term. The sunset allowed the bill to stay within the letter of the PAYGO law while removing nearly $700 billion from amounts that would have triggered PAYGO sequestration.”

    In addition, Bush falsely involved America in a war that still drags on. In a speech in Cincinnati on Oct. 7, 2002, Bush said, “If we know Saddam Hussein has dangerous weapons today – and we do…” But in a 2/24/01 interview in Cairo, Egypt, Collin Powell said: “And frankly they (sanctions) have worked. He (Hussein) has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass
    destruction.” And On 29 July 2001 Condoleezza Rice indicated the weakness of Iraq when she said “the country is divided, arms have been kept from him and his military forces have not been rebuilt.”

    Also, according to a 11/26/09 article in Forbes ( “Republicans have been characterized by two principal positions: They like starting wars and don’t like paying for them. George W. Bush initiated two major wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but adamantly refused to pay for either of them by cutting non-military spending or raising taxes… Bush and his party, which controlled Congress from 2001 to 2006, never asked for sacrifices from anyone except those in our nation’s military and their families.”

    • Dale Hogue

      I do not agree with Barney Fife Murrell. The Democratic Party which Andrew Jackson founded it in 1828, has involved Americans in more wars than all the Republican presidents put together. Wilson – World War I, – Franklin D. Roosevelt – World War II, Harry S. Truman – the Korean War – John F. Kennedy – the Vietnam War and Lyndon Johnson who got us more involved in the Vietnam War after Johnson had Kennedy murdered by his Texas henchmen. The Spanish American War was started by Democratic Party policies and so was the The War Between The States – which we called the Civil War. Let’s see: Republican Presidents got us involved in wars in the Middle East after being attacked by some of Obama’s beloved Muslims. It’s no contest: the Democratic Presidents win hands down (or up whichever is the case.)

  • darkcyder

    You are looking at a man who is our president who knows nothing but lies. As a child- everybody lied to him. His mother lied to him about his father. His mother lied to him about why she sent him to live with his grandparents. His grandparents had to lie to him to protect his fragile ego from the truth of a mother who abandoned him. She died because of her lack of healthcare, by the way- another lie. Then, he lied to get into college- claiming to be a foreign student (or maybe that was the truth?). He then was lied to by admissions in telling him he was qualified, and it wasn’t simply his skin color that gained him admission. The next college similarly lied to him. He lies about his transcripts to this day, protecting them from view. He lies about his role as a professor of the constitution (he was really only a substitute teacher). Further to this- he was given positions through his career for which he was not qualified, and he KNEW they were lies. We have to thank affirmative action for all of this. And lastly, he was elected to the highest post in the land and we the public LIED to him and told him he was qualified to lead the most important country in the world. Now- please tell me why he would worry about ANY lie that is told on his behalf? The man surrounds himself with yes men. People willing to continue telling him lies. He does not like to address anybody who disagrees. Heck- even Tiger Woods lied about how good a golfer he was…The best we can hope for at this point is TOTAL gridlock, and perhaps we can wait him out while he puts decrees in place that we will have to recover once he is replaced. It really is our only hope.

  • Nanette Gray

    Because the alphabet news channels, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and MSNBC are propaganda stations, better said, owned by the state! Unfortunately, many Americans watch the stations that are local, ABC, CBS and NBC so they believe the lies! Like one low information person said, “right so I guess all these stations are lying, I don’t think so.” We know even with API that Media Matters through the white house dictates what they are to release and their subject matter! There are still many people I know that do not even use their computers at all or do not have one! Yes, there you have it low information people brainwashed!

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