President Obama is feeling good about America’s prospects. He made that clear last night in remarks to Organizing for Action, the group his reelection campaign transformed into since the last presidential election.

“I said in 2008 — and I’m pretty sure I repeated in 2012 — that you run elections not simply to get elected.  You run elections to have an opportunity to deliver on behalf of the American people.  And the central premise of our campaign was always that this great country of ours is built on some foundational ideas, the most important of which is that anybody, anywhere, if they’re willing to work hard and take responsibility, can succeed, and that if we’ve got a growing, thriving middle class and ladders of opportunity into the middle class, then nobody can beat us.  That’s the reason why we attracted immigrants from every corner of the world.  That’s the reason why our culture has always been viewed as dynamic and forward-looking — not looking backwards, but consistently looking at that next horizon,” Obama told the high-dollar donors and friends of the group who were at the St. Regis Hotel event in Washington last night.

“And the good news is that America in 2013 is poised, as it always has been, to succeed in ways that will make us the envy of the world if we make good policy decisions.”

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  • Hotnike

    What a frickin LIAR.

  • Call me anti-democrat

    Liar is the least of it! He is a Marxist,Socialist who is anti-America with an agenda to leave us defenseless and bankrupt! Meanwhile he takes his family,relatives, friends and major contributors on free rides paid for we taxpayers!
    He was raised in Africa and Indonesia,came to the US to begin his career of fraud by claiming he was a Foreign student, Barry Soetoro, in need of grants which we paid for. Then he lied under oath that he went by other names (than Barack obama) when he ran for president.

    He lies to us all every day. For instance , they closed the White House to tours because of “sequester” costs, and yet he is sending 20 F-16 jet fighters, 20 loaded tanks, and at least 1 and a half billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood (who tells Egypt to teach the kids hatred of Americans, and he is going to kill the Israelis who ” descended from apes and pigs”)

  • George Wentzel

    This efin nasty piece of work will ultimately get what he deserves. May it be sooner than later.

    • catman


  • Babsan

    The Dictator must have had a dream.Funny part is he lies every day and the lo/no voters soak it up in their stupidity

  • SUSANM621


    • RubyBlu

      You must read ‘into’ what he really means – Remember: He plans to fundamentally change America?? This is another one of his ‘cryptic’ statements. Re-read and re-think with this in mind.

  • jenniewalsh

    The sooner that every American wises up to this lying, communist con man, the better.

  • Gary Johnson

    Obama IS DELUSIONAL, PSYCHOTIC and should be INVOLUNTARILY committed to a Psychiatric Hospital or Hanged!!!

  • military75

    Bullshitski, bullshitski, bullshitski! & in spanish, torocaca, torocaca, torocaca!…and now to respond to what he said!
    This guy (used loosely) is the epitome of a politician! Know what the difference between a politician & an ambassador is? An ambassador lies FOR his country & a politician lies TO his country! This dud is absolutely, pathetic….to even be called an American (sorry I even put that in the same sentence with him – Obama/American – what an absolute oxymoron)! Or just a plain and simple moron all “by his-self”!

  • RubyBlu

    Another obama ‘crytic’ warning! Pay attention to what he really means; he is talking to his useful idiots. Think deeper, people, just think!

  • Bob Marshall

    Karl Marx dreamed of a Socialist United States. Barack Obama has effectively completed the primary goals of the Communist Party and the Progressive Party of the 50’s. In the book, The Naked Communist in which the major 45 goals of the Communist Party were laid out, 37 of which have been successfully instituted into American society. Obama is the only president to appoint czars. 40 of whom only have to answer to the president. ” President Obama is placing America on the path of civilizational suicide…Washington is poised to swallow the lethal pill of global socialism,.” Jeffery T. Kuhner, The Washington Times, April 13, 2009.

  • Claymores

    He should bag that and send it to a fertilizer plant for processing.

  • stonemike

    I got news for this big eared, illiterate interloper, the USA was the envy of all the earth until his brand of ANTI-AMERICANISM was embraced by the non productive sectors of our nation! Our country is still the greatest nation on Earth , the problem is we now have a hater, racist anti-capitalist and he seeks to punish Americans for exploiting the third world to become affluent!

  • George Bernard Vieto

    Ha ha ha. The joker is back in town. Dream on.

  • Bob Siddell

    Total double speak. His regime has quadrupled the currency since 2008 (to the benefit of NYC banksters, welfare maggots and Rats/Rinos) and soon prices will quadruple. Then Hussein will meet the same fate as Louis-14, Bela Kun, Che, Ceausecu, Trotsky, Hitler, etc, from the hands of his own useful idiots. But that will solve nothing until Americans return to God (who is not Muslim like Hussein).

  • Isaac Pentlin

    there is one thing that could happen that could make us succeed. He might be telling the truth for once. I thought that he would ignore this..It is nothing bad or threatening. but there is one thing that he could that would make trhis possible.I have to read him again.He is going to import more non whites into this country thru his foreign exchange students and they will go awol.

  • Isaac Pentlin

    I have got it figured out. He is finally acting presidential because he is confident he is going to be in control of everything he wants to be in control. That may include going after certain patriotic groups to eliminate them. I think he would act prematurely and he would be defeated. Don’t forget David Axelrod is out of line of fire in New york. calling the shots. let the cards fall where they may..

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