Since I wrote the article titled “Disarming America’s Heroes” I have been inundated with emails and phone calls from veterans and the families of veterans. The horror stories I am hearing are proof that the VA and the Obama administration have launched an all out assault on the Constitutional rights of our nation’s wounded warriors and other veterans.

Veterans are being declared incompetent not because they have a serious mental illness that makes them a danger to themselves or others, but because they have a physical disability resulting from their service in the armed forces or because they simply let their spouses pay the family bills.

If veterans have minor issues with PTSD, have expressed that they are depressed sometimes, or even in the case of Vietnam veterans admit that they are getting older and sometimes forget to pay their bills on time, the bureaucrats at the VA will seek to declare them incompetent. (I am a 65 year old veteran and often forget where I put my car keys, does that make me incompetent to handle my own financial affairs and even worse mean that I can’t own a firearm?) According to the VA it apparently does.

All of this has resulted in America’s heroes being declared incompetent by a process that blatantly violates their rights to due process under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. Then, for reasons that have not been explained these same veterans are also being denied their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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  • Delia Lopez ForCongress

    This is being done because our government fears veterans more than simple armed citizens, and they fear us plenty. Those who are skilled in the art of war and have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution against all threats foreign and domestic, are a threat. Government reports have already stated they are potential terrorists. They know they are violating our Constitution and trampling our rights, they know the debt is climbing and the credit rating is sinking (everyone see how they punished the first credit rating agency for correctly lowering the credit rating?) Look at every country in history and see what happens next. We created this gov. to secure our rights.whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, ” It is our right no our duty to.

    • John Paul Jones

      Your correct and would like to wish you the best of luck for your run for office, it’s about time we the people tack back our country and defend it to the best of abilities against both foreign and domestic!

    • Bill Blackburn


    • dean29685

      I have posted before saying this: our congress the president and All his czars need to be arrested all of them know obama, is a fraud and worse and do nothing about it. Repeat ALL OF THEM KNOW. I gave my word and so did they I will always keep mine they will never keep theirs. If they do not have the gut to do anything the none needs reelection if the want to write a warrant I will serve it.

    • Denna Miller

      He doesn’t show for court when he is supposed to and they don’t do anything. He can’t be served because he is never home. Has to be served at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. He is in contempt of court and couldn’t care less, apparently neither do the courts. Our justice system stinks as bad as aka BHO. Him and his czars are not the only ones that need arrested. He won’t allow Holder to step down, as he has tried to twice, because he uses Holder to cover his butt.

    • Ronald Christopher

      He can be served anywhere he is found.

    • dean29685

      All you need is a warrant for his arrest signed by a federal judge and then go to the golf course and bust him. But you need standing as an officer of the court. Side note bring a news crew so the SS does not bust you.

    • Upaces

      VERY good point!

    • joycersjoyr

      There is an email circulating from North Carolina that tells a scary story. The guy is an officer either in the Highway Patrol or a Sherrif’s Department is being interviewed by someone who has a radio program, and he says the administration has been “gathering” officers from all over NC and are training them on Droids. He also says it is planned for mid to late spring. This is really scary and I wondered if that was why Obama has taken a likeing to the area. Guess we also know by now why so many departments of the US Gov. was ordering enough rounds of ammunition to fight a world war. He also says they will be going house to house and taking your guns and if you don’t give them up, they will kill you and take them anyway. The writing may be on the wall guys, it is a very scary thing.

    • Iamacitizen2

      You are correct there joycersjoyr…it was a 31 year veteran officer ( Lt.) in a police dept in NC that spoke about that. His voice was quivering and for a cop to sound like that well say’s a lot to me. Normally they are trained to say bring it on and you better bring an army with you…but it was freaky listening to what he had to say. I used to be married to a Viet Nam vet and he also became a state patrolman. So, trust me I know how intense their training is. Shortly after that the drones issues and the get the guns really surfaced hard. Let alone the info re 5 billion rounds of ammo the various govt agencies bought. I think one of the biggies though were the target practice pic’s of white men, pregnant women, as targets. Don’t forget the litmus test to military came out too “will you shoot U.S. citizens?” Also don’t forget the verbiage was changed in the NDAA to include U.S. citizens as could be conveniently labeled “terrorists” and taken to places unknown indefinitely. Since that Lt. spoke seems like many of the military from the highest officers down quickly retired as well. Amazing.

    • swann2001

      Any impeachment proceedings should include Harry Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Schumer (who said the Constitution is now whatever we say it is) it isn’t and Eric Holder. The military shoud be in charge of rounding up these individuals and holding them for impeachment or trial. It may take years to ferret out the moles in our Government and on our college campuses but that needs to be done if we are to get our Country back. Did I fail to mention vetting the mainstream media who have supported and abetted the takeover of this Country? They need to go as well. If you don’t support the Constitution and rule of law you should not be in a position to support Marxist/Communist/Radical Islam against this Country’s best interests. We are not a Muslim Country, we have a Consitution that is being trampled and not one Republican or Democrat other than Rand Pual seems to see a problem here. At this point we have to assume that the majority of our Government since they are not speaking out is onboard with what Obama is doing.

    • Upaces

      There won’t be an impeachment. There have been “4” announced that disappeared within 48 hrs after the announcement.
      NO ONE is going to stand up to him.

    • Barney

      Who will do it?

    • Iamacitizen2

      YOU are very correct Ronald….ANYWHERE he is found.

    • Iamacitizen2

      and the DOJ attorneys to go to Dist #4 court Judge Englund in CA and lie that they represented the Congress, the House of Rep and O go figure the DOJ never sent ONE notice to anyone in Congress and the House that they were representing them in O’s ID fraud case amazing. And we the people are NOT supposed to pay for O’s legal fees but we just did.

    • jim_wright

      You can place a large part of the blame for this squarely on CONGRESS. We have many professional politicians parking in congress (both the House and especially the senate) and they need to go. In the past I wasn’t for term limits, however I have recently changed my mind. Sen. Feinstein is just one example of an arrogant professional politician who thinks she is above the constitution and the law. Sen. McCain and Sen. Gramm along with Rep. Pelosi are more examples. This is by no means confined to one party. If congress were doing their constitutionally mandated jobs Mr. Obama would have provided the answers and performed the duties REQUIRED by the constitution such as presenting a budget. The present fight over the budget is what is supposed to happen when the executive branch doesn’t meet the requirements of the constitution. That is why the founders of our government set it up the way they did with checks and balances on each branch. Governing a Republic is supposed to be messy and will not run smoothly at times. Running a dictatorship is simple and seems to be what many would prefer.

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      Feinstein thinks she OWNS WASHINGTON and everyone is allowing her to do so ! 20 years there ,WHY except the FRUIT CAKES of SAN FRAN that have repeately re-elected her ? She should have been out to PASTURE after 4 years !!

    • Joan Carson

      Feinstein told Ted Cruz (Thank God, for Texas who voted him in) that she “was not in 6th grade and had read the Constitution etc.” – well if she had read the 2nd amendment she evidently didn’t understand it. Feinstein who carries a CCW permit and has bodyguards simply does not want you or I to own them for our own protection. Hipocrisy owns Wash. D.C.

    • Walter Penn

      Feinstein knows what is going to happen when everyone finally figures out what she and both the Democratic and Republican party has done, She knows who will be behind bars, if not flat out hung in the streets; she knows the only way for that not to happen is to disarm America.

    • catman

      And stupidity comes in a close second……….

    • Black Rain

      Cruz should have ask her the meaning of “shall not be infringed”. like Romney, Cruz let the bully off the hook.
      Just like Peluci, Feinstein thinks they can pass laws without consequences.

    • Iamacitizen2

      how about that judge slapping Boomberg…I mean Bloomberg down openly and said no no u can not take their pop away hahaha loved it. Way to go JUDGE> he’s one in thousands that finally stood up to the SYSTEM.

    • Upaces

      Joan, that is what is so disturbing. She DOES understand. They are scared of us. That is what all of this is about. We are no longer a law abiding society with our officials as “our REPRESENTATIVES”… THEY HAVE ALL BECOME tyrants who think they are smart enough to TELL US AND FORCE US to do as they say regardless of what we vote for; what we think or the Constitution.

      Our Government is NOW more corrupt than what brought us here in the first place before 1776.

    • Jon Weiss

      Feinstein is a bigot who advocates for a class system in society (specifically denounced in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) she says there need to be two classes of citizens, those who can be trusted with arms and those who cannot. Those who can are “the police” both active and retired, and everyone else. If a cop who carries a gun can be trusted after retirement, why can a soldier not be trusted after leaving service? Only becuase Feinstein beleives in eliteism.

    • Gail Nowaczyk

      Feinstein means that a Veteran can not be trusted. BECAUSE: They were taught Combat , and they will never forget what they were taught. When and If Barry, Feinstein , Peolsi, Reid and all the other officals in W. D.C. are so friggin afraid of the Veterans. Because of what they were taught. As they should be afraid of the Veterans and the other people in America.. We are tired and fed up with Barrys lies and jet setting on vacations on Americans hard earned money. Barry and Michelle are nothing but Slave Masters. It is do as I say not as I do. The few of us Americans who are working, are having our money taken away to be given to Barry and his family, or who ever they take with them on Vacation. But what people do not realize id Barry does not care for anybody else but Himself. He is 1/2 Black, 1/2 White, and 3/4/ Don’t give a Damm. Barry only loves his Muslim relatives.

    • Rev. Harry Davies

      What election? They just keep her in office for just what she is doing. She is one that should have her head checked, she is getting to where all she can think of is guns! What are we paying her for?

    • Iamacitizen2

      now that’s an open ended never ending story in itself Rev…”what are we paying any of them for”????

    • Iamacitizen2

      LOLOL yeah she thinks she is a legend in her own mind but her Bill on the gun grab was D.O.A. LOLOL

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      BOEHNER MUST GO! The coward could not lead a girl scout troop to the toilet. When he goes the bleeding will end. A REAL man will step up.

    • Samson Firestarter

      Filibuster Is A Real Man Screaming In That Useless Wilderness

    • Abigail Adams

      THANK GOD FOR RAND PAUL! now will the rest of you please do your jobs and stand with him? And shame on the skunks who were having dinner w/ o during the filibuster– including my Senator fm Ga.

    • catman

      Can you read REVOLUTION here ??? It’s just around the corner I think.
      Glenn Beck’s book AGENDA 21 puts it uppermost in my mind when I think of what has happened in this country over the past several years.

    • 820 REDHORSE

      I still can’t understand why washington district of communism is not burning this very minute. I’m with you , I think we’re fixin to pop like a zit on a 14 year old kids face, before his first dance! This fake regime cannot continue to piledrive America day after day, politicans ain’t whose gonna stop this, they’re all involved anyway, its gonna take “WE THE PEOPLE” and its gonna have to happen soon!

    • Iamacitizen2

      from the top down most of them are complicit including many many of the other agencies how scarey is that? VERY…just think about it. Let’s not forget O’s NEW private army huh? What all makes that SS army up or should I say who all?

    • mikee

      Senate. dont forget the lib majority brand that will not let items go to a vote. It is not just congress.

    • Charles Jetter

      all you people are doing is bitchin and moanin.. when are we the people gonna go to the white house and drag that ilegal out and tar and feather him before sending his illegal ass back to kenya.. less talk and more action is needed.. when y’all decide to take action.. please let me know so i can join…

    • Iamacitizen2

      Does ANYONE remember the day that Congressman Allen West openly stated that 82 members of congress were card carrying Socialists? And, how the news media went crazy because he said that? Now look, he is on the outside because of claims of voter fraud and a new lawsuit by the League of Women Voters I think was filed in January or February. So, go figure why would the Congress do anything to fight O??? Thing is I recently read that there is a certain type of Impeachment that the House of Rep can impeach O without going to Congress. So my question is: Why won’t the House do it?????

    • Ross

      Please stop typing in caps.

    • dean29685

      why give you a headache?

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      IMPEACHMENT & PRISON, Sadly we do not have ANYONE with the GUTS to do it ?

    • GQ4U

      You don’t impeach a usurper you arrest then throw’em in prison.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      And what if something BETTER is planned? Stay tuned.

    • GQ4U

      Are you hinting at the likely charges of treason?
      If there is something BETTER planned I would like to hear it.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Nice try. I was wondering what the G stood for? As bad as THEY think they are, they have never been in the soup. Be careful Who you talk to and WHAT you say and WHERE you say it. That crew is giving out medals for playing Pac Man with drones. You know; possible carpal tunnel syndrome. Guess real lead and that kind of thing is something they don’t believe possible. Not that I would ever think of doing anything to a traitor, coward, collaborator, or troll among us.

    • GQ4U

      Nice try? – You know I was referring to usurper O’s treason, right?

      The G is a secret, but it doesn’t stand for biG-Government.

      Most Americans have never been in the soup but they should be made to understand it so they’ll support those who have.

      Executing drone strikes half way around the world must be far more hazardous than we know; after all eating pizza instead of MRE’s every day can be hazardous to your health.

      Real lead takers should be honored and pensioned for life; we could take pension funds from those useless politicians and bureaucrats to cover the costs.

      I’m happy to hear of your peaceful intent towards traitors, cowards, collaborators and trolls among us. Perhaps you could just identify them as you run across them so someone else can plan on doing something.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Mea Culpa Xin Loi {pronounced Sin Loy} Never can be too careful today I totally agree with your post. Can you see the drone “pilots” throwing their medals over a fence twenty years from now? We may just have a future Secretary of BS in the making. As for “bad” guys amongst us you must do a Santa Claus. You know about making a list and checking it twice? Seems SAM is very good when it comes to monitoring these sites. Don’t know how it happened but there are some “pretend” volcanoes that post. Uncle Sammy is sure wasting valuable time checking them out. Seems if the volcanoes increase the volume and their numbers, we just may have the dog chasing his tail. The “brass” is fed up with this POS in charge. His recent “hold” on tuition assistance for kids in the military has achieved the desired effects for US. You know “The beatings will continue until morale improves?” Know anyone in a Guard unit? A font of information concerning MANY things. Know where they keep their toys? Talk to all your old “friends” who were there and DO NOT use a phone. “O” is about to open a feces sandwich that he cannot handle. Otherwise, I really don’t have a clue what is happening. Just an OLD guy that never gets out much. Molon Labe and “O” is Xeres. He was big on Greek columns I hear. Plenty of Sampsons out there.

    • GQ4U

      A sovereign patriotic American who adheres to the founding principles has much in common with King Leonidas I.

    • Joan Carson

      So true. All members who were in Congress in 2007-8 and all those who are supporting the trashing of our Constitution should be arrested, tried for treason and sent to Gitmo or Leavenworth. This was the Congress who did NOT vet Obama and allowed him the presidency – they did not demand his records – they all knrew he was illegal. Pelosi – as big a crook as Feinstein et al, signed his certification! They took an oath to protect and serve the Constitution – they have failed to do so. The Republicans as well as the Democrats are responsible for the mess we are in – aside from the fools who voted for a man they didn’t even know – but voted because he was “black” as if skin color was a representative of talent or brains or leadership – of which Obama had none…still doesn’t. I remember WWII and shudder when I think of all the men and women whose lives were shed defending the freedom, liberty and rights of this great nation – they must be turning over in their graves – brave men one and all and should have a first priority on care and support. What Ovomit and his administration are doing to the military and their veterans is unconscionable.

    • Tom T

      Our worst , most dangerous enemy is our congress and the supreme court , they have been elected and sworn in to protect and defend the Constitution. It is specifically the House’s responsibility to bring impeachment proceedings against those who attack and ignore the Constitution. They have ignored the fact of evidence against this obama and any half hearted attempt at anything has been trampled in the dirt by the Senate. They have allowed appointments to the Supreme Court that are obvious attacks against the Constitution. I am afraid it is very close to being to late for this country if the people of this nation do not wake up to the fact and cast aside party lines and come together in a manner that leaves no doubt in the mind of the communistic big brother movement within our government that the people will not tolerate them any longer and are willing to declare war against the type of government they are pushing for.

    • Brenda L. Herbert

      It would’nt do any good to try and impeach BHO. Not when the senate gets the final word.

    • Samson Firestarter

      Treason….To Be Hung From The Neck Until……

    • TonysTake

      If and when it hits the fan, any Vet who has been denied their second amendment rights by a tyrannical government in my local, will be welcome to share my “preps” to defend their family and the Constitution.

    • ED NORTH

      Not IF it will happen, just WHEN it will happen, it’s only a quesiton of when! Not in my lifetime i hope for the sake of my country, my kids and grandkids! But if so i am ready!! Otherwise i agree totally with your post! Regards!

    • alincincy

      You are correct, those of us that are armed and not a vet will gladly hand off our spare firearms to a vet that is denided the right to own a firearm when it hits the fan. That’s why many of us are buying spare firearms and ammo. We are not as dumb as they think we are, we know what is going on.

    • Iamacitizen2

      I just read in an email to get and air gun or an air rifle now that can do some damage up to 100 feet away…and no bullets cheaper…great idea huh?

    • James van Cleve

      Well said and correctly. We who served take the oath very seriously , and there are no time limits on it.

    • DanFrench

      GO DELIA, HOORAY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      COUNT ME IN!!!
      101ST AIRBORNE

    • medivac

      Dan, thank you for your service. USMC RVN (trigger puller) !!

    • DanFrench

      I used the medivac more than once.
      Thank you guys for being there.

    • notso_old guy

      Good place to meet possible voters TODAY between 2pm to midnight at open house for Portland Table tennis at 14th and NW Overton!

    • The Old Man

      Hear, Hear…. I couldn’t have said it better. Yes, we have all taken the oath and we feel bound by it… the congress and the administration are trampling all over it.
      I never thought I would live long enough to see our country sliding into the depths that we seem to be reaching.
      You know, I saw a sign at the Zoo that said “Do not feed the animals as they will become dependent on it”. That is just what our government is doing to the poor and keeping them poor and slaves to the administration.
      I would like to add just one more thing… they want to force the background checks upon us and I say if we do that, let’s do that right after we do a COMPLETE background check on Obama first… I personally think he would fail.

    • catman

      You can take that to the bank old man. This from another “old man” and Korean vet.

    • wade

      And here is one more Korean Vet that love my country God Bless AMERICA

    • donl

      I agree 100%. I really believe obama wants to destroy the United States. I also believe he is working for someone else, NOT We The People.

    • Sam, Vet, Tank Gunner, 2nd Arm

      I could not have said it better! We need a Veteran’s march on Washington! There are 25-35 million of us! A majority of the citizens of this great country will support us! Law enforcement, many of them Vets, will support us! Bikers across the country have always supported us! Let get organized! We need Leaders we can respect. I nominate Col. Alan West.

    • Mike Wagner

      Sam, Let me be the first to second that! see Battle of Athens trailer

    • John Sotomayor

      When and where – just so I know in advance. Col West, a good choice!

    • medivac

      John, Col. West has proven beyond a doubt that he is a great leader !!

    • 820 REDHORSE

      You got that right!!! I like Carson ,Paul, Rubio, West Those four are in my lead ! But if I had to chose two it would be tough I’d call West & Paul , but the other two need to be involved .

    • squeak

      Through the grapevine, heard there is one on 9/11 of this year… ask around as I am not sure on this, just what I heard.. You are right, something has to be done to stop this Traitor… Good Luck, God Bless !

    • medivac

      Good choice for any office !! Thank you for your service !! USMC RVN

    • catman

      Best nomination so far………..I’m sure there are others out there that would make great leaders in a “take back our country” movement.

    • 7papa7

      You are absolutely right. This administration does not understand people who take their oaths to defend our Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic seriously. The left thinks it is just a bunch of words and has no meaning. They have no intention of keeping their oath even at the time of taking it. They are frauds and should be treated as the traitors that they are. We veterans will take action against any government that tries to over throw our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and writings and principles put forth by our founding fathers. It is these things that made America great and it is abandoning these things that is destroying America from within.

    • Brenda L. Herbert

      The problem is that it has no meaning to them.

    • 7papa7

      That is why they will underestimate the patriots who took an oath to defend America and the Constitution. We will die for their defense, the left will lie for their destruction. The commitment is with the patriots and because of that we will be victorious.

    • Betty Pierce

      what about the question obama is asking the military about firing on their own people? if they will fire on us they get in the service and if they say no they do not get in. obama is one evil animal he is beginning to look more like satin every day. evil pure and simple

    • catman

      Betty, you meant Satan. But that’s OK, we knew what you meant.

    • 7papa7

      You are right, the Marxist is evil from head to toe. What he is not taking into consideration is that those who will not fire on we the people may indeed fire on those who are unjustly firing on us. They are patriots with conviction and not willing to go along with obamas master plan to take over.

    • G W

      You have my vote.

    • medivac

      What state are you going to make your run in ?? Look into the TEA party and their constitutional standing.

    • John Sotomayor

      Every Vet should be a Tea Partier as I am. I saw a vote recently and GOP was 34% and Tea Party 31% Tha’ts nearly 50% of consetrvatives. We need a lot more to make a statement to the RINOs

    • Catelin Hoover

      You have nailed it right on the target! It seems to me that this action by the VA and the Government shows how weak they are. I pray for a way to keep guns in the hands of our Veterans. My dad, age 92, if he were capable of handling a fire arm would own one. But with limited vision and increasing weakness to his extremities, plus the retardation of body movements due to age, he is wise in not wanting to own one. I too, if I were not physically limited, would consider owning a firearm – but wisdom tells me this is not my option, instead I’ve become a “prayer warrrior” for those of you who can handle a gun and support our Consitition. Go with God, friends and may He give us the victory.

    • DenverKitty

      Catelin, my prayers are with you and your Dad! I’m 63, a 20+ year VietNam vet, a woman, and I praise God to say that my aim is just as steady as when I was 23. My guns and I will stand in place of you and your Dad. I live by my belief in God and my oaths to defend the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence…not to mention the military oaths I took. God Bless you and yours.

    • Sloan Wolf

      Hey, bless you and your dad’s heart. I say screw it, physical issues aside, go buy a cool gun for each of you, you don’t ever have do use it, you don’t even need ammo, but pick one out that speaks to you and hang it right on the wall as a symbol of your strength and freedom.

    • medivac

      Thank you for your service , Delia !! RVN USMC !!

    • John Sotomayor

      357th Combat Spt, Nha Trang; 20th TASS, Danang, RVN

    • medivac

      I was at Marble Mountain when I first got in country. Thanks for your service , John !!

    • John Sotomayor

      Amen, and Amen! I couldn’t have said it better myself. 27 yr Ret. Vet

    • Betty Pierce

      thank to all of the men and women that have and are still serving this country to keep us free. you deserve the best from every form of people and government. and GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE IN THE PALM OF HIS HANDS.

    • FreedomLover

      I like what you say here my fear is that once people seem to get in Congress they forgot why they wanted to get there in the first place. God be with you and God bless the USA!

    • Dana Preston

      FreedomLover: I believe they and thier Families are THREATEN, that’s why they thread slowly and carefully. Notice how the GOOD wons lose in Elections when they SPEAK out BRAVELY like Allen West for example. In the STATE where I live we had this happen to 2 that got squeesed out by re-districting, so of course they lose, not by much but it’s how they get the Tea Party Picks OUT of office. Also, there’s all that FRAUD – FIXED Elections too. I believe it’s time the Military get with Constitutional Attorneys and see if we can Charge Obama, Congress, etc
      It’s TIME to take ACTION – RALLY they do NOT get out of Jail either till TRAIL. We MUST FIND a way to FIGHT back NOW, before it’s TOO Late, which is anyday now.

    • Goober

      Well Delia you talk a good talk but let me ask you a question and there’s probably several on this web site that would also like to know the answer. This Delia Lopez For Congress, are you a “Real American Citizen” or some Anchor Baby dropped here by illegal terrorist? Don’t give me any of that born here makes you a citizen crap! I’m part Cherokee Indian and I AM an American! When I see someone posting their web-site name as a potential candidate for congress I have to ask!

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      You neglected to tell we Patriots where we can send our contributions. I will always have money for my Brothers in arms and anyone who will stand up for the Constitution. Stay the course.

    • George Austin

      I must say that I had completely forgotten the “and domestic” part of the oath. If you look around youtube there are literally tens of thousands of videos where the government at all levels is violating the Constitution. Even meter maids are abusive and here in New Mexico Richardson taught the state workers how to be corrupt like a professional would. With the courts being corrupt and I DO mean the Supremes, what can we do. Until a leader arrives we flounder about. And for the love of God watch for the agent provocateurs. The government plants that try to start violence so they government can respond under the guise of safety. Watch the 2010 G20 in canada.

    • jimbuzzell

      And they know they let a illegal alien occupy our white house and do nothing about it for fear they will not be reelected if the through the bum in jail, or exile him. Their is so much evidence out there that he is not who he tells us he is, and this evidence is without even opening his seal personal records from birth to our white house.

    • Jon Robert McSpadden Jr.

      YOu have it exactly right my Sister!

    • Burt Fisher

      This makes sense. If a principled person joins the military, swears an oath to Constitutional principles, and then is forced to fight an unconstitutional war having a usurper as commander-in-chief, of course it would mess up someone’s head. Or it sure would look that way. They would not want this person to return to civilian life and alert his friends and family that there is treason afoot. “Oh, don’t listen to him, he’s nuts.”

      It’s long past the point where we believe the government telling us who’s nuts and who’s not.

      Sandy Hook shooter: NUTS
      Colorado shooter: NUTS
      My son returning from Afghanistan: NOT NUTS

    • citizenrights

      Dear So called Della Lopez For Congress,

      Who is using her comments for political gain in campaigning for the United States Congress.

      If you are going to make such statements qualify them. Are you referring to the Deceleration of independence or the United States Constitution? What part are you referring to.

      Your running for office will not solve the problems, if you should become a congresswoman. You will have then become successfully part of the problems and not part of the solutions.

      The beginning of the first step to moving on a positive solution is for the United States congress is to begin The process of a investigation and impeachment of the United States President, the Vice President and many others in his fold and his cohorts. If this is not done by the United States Congress it must fall to the States in the republic to do so. If the States do not do this then it must fall to the United States Citizens.

      There is at present enough evidence to pose reasonable doubt under the laws of the land and to organize a grand jury, in any one or many of the States in the Republic Union. To begin a investigation with recommendations for arrest and indictment and prosecution under due process of the law for several members of the legislative body and that of the bureaucracy and the office of the President including the Vice president. Once this is accomplished or a similar process. For all to see and in justice and truth as best as can be witnessed. Then and only then will these problems begin to be resolved. Setting the Nation on a path to enforcing Constitutional law and reinforcing the United States Constitution as the Law of the land. Article Six: United States Constitution. Also this will circumvent a revolution of possible armed resistance in the future. Saving the country and maintaining the peace.

      By Who and when will it begin? Or are all in the judiciary branch and legislative branch in the States Governments and or United States Government in the process of the law of the land gutless?

      Then it must be formed by a Citizens committee? To organize a grand jury for such purposes. To insure the United States Constitution remains the law of the land. With a attached proclamation of new, being attached to the old,” The United States Constitution and Deceleration of Independence”, stating all grievances and directed to all those who are in office who are in violation of the law of the land “The United States Constitution”.

    • citizenrights

      Dear So called Della Lopez For Congress,

      Who is using her comments for political gain in campaigning for the United States Congress.

      If you are going to make such statements qualify them. Are you referring to the Deceleration of independence or the United States Constitution? What part are you referring to?

      Your running for office will not solve the problems, if you should become a congresswoman. You will have then become successfully part of the problems and not part of the solutions.

      The beginning of the first step to moving on a positive solution is for the United States congress is to begin The process of a investigation and impeachment of the United States President, the Vice President and many others in his fold and his cohorts. Article One and Article Three: United States Constitution.If this is not done by the United States Congress it must fall to the States in the republic to do so. If the States do not do this then it must fall to the United States Citizens. The Deceleration of Independence and Articles of Confederation.

      There is at present enough evidence to pose reasonable doubt under the laws of the land and to organize a grand jury, in any one or many of the States in the Republic Union, Article Five: Section Four; United States Constitution of America.To begin a investigation with recommendations for arrest and indictment and prosecution under due process of the law ( Amendment Five, Six and Seven The bill of Rights;United States Constitution). for several members of the legislative body and that of the bureaucracy and the office of the President including the Vice president. Once this is accomplished or a similar process. For all to see and in justice and truth as best as can be witnessed. Then and only then will these problems begin to be resolved. Setting the Nation on a path to enforcing Constitutional law and reinforcing the United States Constitution as the Law of the land. Article Four and Six United States Constitution. Also this will circumvent a revolution of possible armed resistance in the future. Saving the country and maintaining the peace (Article One: Section Nine United States Constitution).

      By Who and when will it begin? Or are all in the judiciary branch and legislative branch in the States Governments and or United States Government in the process of the law of the land “gutless”?

      Then if the legislative body and judiciary is incapable of such action then it must be formed and accomplished by a Citizens committee ( The Deceleration of Independence; Amendment one; Amendment Five, Six, Seven, nine and Ten. United States Constitution) To organize a grand jury for such purposes. To insure the United States Constitution remains the law of the land. With a attached proclamation of new, being attached to the The United States Constitution and Deceleration of Independence, stating all grievances and directed to all those who are in office who are in violation of the law of the land “The United States Constitution”.

    • WASP

      Do you see why the Kenyan is building his own private paramilitary. In order to weaken the US globally, he has to weaken our military. In doing so, he has alienated a LOT of military and former military who still honor their oath to defend the constitution. He is also seeing that he is making enemies out of Law Enforcement Officials all over the country. That’s why he’s arming feral gummint agencies to the teeth, and giving them unconstitutional powers–his own Praetorian Guard–or as befits a mulatto Hitler–his SS/gestapo. Death to tyrants!

  • Martha Lee Vincent

    Even our soldiers on active military are being abused by Obama by taking away their rights to educational assistance when they return home, and lowering their pay. They deserve to be paid better than Obama and congress, they are fighting radical islamists and muslims for us in the hell holes of the world.

    • Keith “Lucky” Luxton

      Are you surprised? After all they are fighting against the supporters and worshipers of the very same prophet our moslem fraud president worships

    • blackyb

      It is time Obama crawled back into the cracks from whence he crawled out. He never served anywhere but for Baskin Robins. He is a nothing, a nobody who used the streets and his fraud education to deceive street people and steal their votes. This is a man is deserving of nothing but prison. He is a suave Al Sharpton with a phony smile and as Reverand Jennings would say a “mac daddy.” In another life he would have been a pimp. Perhaps that could be said of the way he is playing America now, as a pimp would a whore. NEWS FLASH–Obama, we are not all whores and your azz is going to be in some big trouble before it is all said and done. We are going to send you to prison for your crimes against this country.

    • becky

      Not prison blackyb. He is a traitor – and that calls for hanging in America. THAT is what should happen to this evil POS.

    • Sloan Wolf

      Well said, and I sincerely hope we all get to see that day come. Funny how this person came out of nowhere without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. He is only supposed to be making, what $250,000/year? And yet I saw his personal tax return and income statement, somehow within the past four years he somehow has $12,000,000? in liquid cash? Gee, wonder where/how/who he had to screw over to get that kind of money. Oh, that’s right he only had to screw over the entire country and all of it’s military men to pocket it!

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      By hurting these brave men and women he just recruited THOUSANDS to our cause. The fool couldn’t win a poker game with a sixth grader. I can just see General “Custer” giving the order to shoot Patriots. The same people he just screwed will pull a “frag” on his sorry butt. Thanks Obama for all the help you just gave we Patriots. 2 Things; 1) An IED is a terrible thing to waste. 2) Houses on Pennsylvania Ave can be TAKEN in less than 1 hour.

  • JIM

    Leave our Vetrans ,alone ,They have done their Jobs Well ,Mr Oba You can’t even give America a real Social Security Number ,Everything About you is Phony ,Even the orders that you give our Military ,Pretender ,Preditor President ,Preying on our Ability to support your Demented Dreams ?????????????????????????????????????Those are just a figment of what is or not happenibg ,Someone in the Know of things ,Stand Up and Say your Peace !!Thank you Veterans of all our Forces of America ,YOU are the Men and Women that made and keeps AMerica STrong !!!!I I salute you !!!! You are the leaders of yesterday today and forever !!!!Stand Tall ,WE love You !!!!

  • VirgoVince

    I’m ONLY dangerous when forced to deal with TOTAL IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY found among ALL dumocruds, liberal leftists, socialists, progressives, communists, a-rabs, messicans, etc, etc, that are anti-American!!!!
    VETERANS , WE stand with you, always and WE got your backs!!!!

  • Mickael Ventura

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. As an ex 82nd Airborne Infantry vet I stand ready. Old but still an excellent shot and ready to stand up for the constitution and our Christian values. We must vote or impeach these treasonous incumbents out.

    • John Sotomayor

      We have Washington full of weak, gutless representatives. It may well come down to :load and lock” and march on Wash D C and claim our country back.

  • Edward Diviney Jr.

    The Pentagon where all the top brass are. Are not doing anything about a “Domestic Threat” living in the White House. He stayed there for a full 1st term when alot of us said he’s not eligible to be there. He got re-installed just last year with his ‘Fast and Furious and Benghazi ” schemes going on. So this is false.

    The Military is either doing nothing becuase they love job security, Or they have been so brainwashed that if Obama tells them to go jump off a cliff. They will becuase he’s the Commander in Chief and they have to obey him. So don’t count on the current military when the war with the DHS kicks off. All the gay’s and butt kissers are on Obama’s side and that’s looking like a lot of the military at the moment.

  • David Felten

    I am a 100% disabled Vietnam vet. I received 100% for PTSD and, after several years of submitting data, received 100% for my slowly degenerative brain disease which is the result of my exposure to Agent Orange and the pesticides we dipped our dogs in, while serving as a dog handler. The disease fully hit me in 1998, 30 years after my return home.
    A few years ago I applied for a firearms permit, here in IL. I was rejected by NICS as “being a FUGITIVE ILLEGAL ALIEN.” I wrote, called and bitched. I then received a notice that I was again denied for being :ADJUDICATED AS MENTALLY INCOMPETENT.
    I am now fighting to have this purged.
    I admit that I am wheelchair bound and have several neuro-muscular problems; however after I returned home I managed to obtained a degree in Accounting, and MBA in Organizational Psychology and Finance, and a Ph D in Industrial Psychology. All of this in my evenings and weekends as I worked full time as a Fraud Examiner.
    Am I mentally incompetent? “NOT”
    I bet you that Sen McCain and all of the other veterans in Congress possess “right to carry” permits.
    ILLEGAL FOREIGN NATIONALS have more rights than veterans.
    This country is “ass-backward.”

    • Edward Diviney Jr.

      Thank you for the service. I agree this country has been screwed up for years.

    • Sunshine Kid

      I’m glad you got your Agent Orange compensation. I’m still fighting to get mine. VA has been giving me nothing but the run around on this.

    • Sullyway

      I Sir, salute you for your service and dedication. I too am a disabled veteran, 40% from injuries received in a munitions accident in 79. Hold your ground my friend, there will be a day of reckoning for us.

    • DenverKitty

      David, as I read your post, I began to feel my teeth gritting. You keep fighting!! The government we are being subjected to WILL NOT last.

    • John Sotomayor

      Bless you Dave! Yes, those &^%%%^ people in charge think we are all brain dead. Congrats on your accomplishments. Too bad your arent hired to purge the fraud in our government.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Welcome Home Brother. Hope someone told you that before I did, even though you DEROS’d many years ago. This great Nation thanks you and salutes you for your service. When the time comes, your expertise as a FRAUD examiner will sure help us as we put Obama and company in their proper accommodations. Now I know why he didn’t shut GITMO. The sun there is similar to the Aloha state and he will feel right at home.

  • DanFrench

    I was sitting with a group of men several weeks ago and every person in the group had been friends since childhood. One was a field grade military officer. To the man they all owned guns and not one of them will be willing to give up or register their weapons. The officer said the feeling in the military was very anti-obama and there is no chance his unit would be willing to help enforce a gun grab attempt of any type by the government.

    • Sunshine Kid

      The call to register the weapons was passed off as an ‘anti-crime’ measure so that guns used in criminal acts could be traced back to the registered owners. At least, that was the story told. But the fact of the matter is that the registration is nothing more than an infringement on your right to own and bear Arms.

      The government doesn’t care about “infringement”: To them, it is just a word that gets in the way of their goals. We need to UN-infringe our weapons rights. They have no right to tell us what we can or cannot own as a weapon, nor how many rounds of ammunition we can have.

      They want war, they are bringing it upon themselves.

    • John Sotomayor

      I entertain the idea that IF and WHEN such a thing as Obama’s Martial Law would be implemented to try and force the issue, and they meet up with veteran opposition, I dont think the military and I dare say, many civilian law enforcement branches will refuse to fire at civilians. To do so would bring on a response that would make the Homeland Security head to mess her bloomers.

  • lonnie

    Thank you for telling people we as veterans are still defending the right’s for thr American people,and i would vote for you anytime i could

  • RobGoetzSr

    Obama also Fears Veterans can provide the needed resistance against the Heavily Armed Gestapo he is covertly building within the various (non-Law Enforcement) Federal Agencies. This would include the Department of Homeland Security whose intended function was for intelligence information sharing “only.”

  • Springerst94

    Time to take back our country and rid ourselves of the political class. The “progressives” are bent upon removing our ability to resist, our individuality, and our freedom. All the things we Vets fought to preserve. This is only the latest in a continuing assault on veterans, and Americans freedom in general.

  • A_patriot

    “Then, for reasons that have not been explained these same veterans are
    also being denied their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”

    Really? He doesn’t get the why of it? Think, man, they don’t want you to be armed because you know exactly how to fight this war they’re trying to wage against the American populace. They know damn well you’ll win, too. These bleeding-hearts liberals are, dare I suggest it?, cowards for the most part. They turn yellow at the mere hint of warfare carried on the wind from some lunatic despot. “Oh, we dare not fight them, lest we offend them,” they cry, shivering under the bedsheets. Really? I mean, REALLY? face/palm.

  • babs

    Coincidentally, I watched the movie JFK (again) last night and I can’t get over the end where KCostner was giving his closing argument. It was so appropriate for these
    times. Whomever wrote that for the movie was right on. Thank you veterans all. God Bless America.

  • Ken

    I,m thinking it,s too dangerous for an honest cannidate to run for an office! It,s time for the backbone of America including armed forces down to secret service to actively remove all the cancers and take all ill acquired financials and return to the people which was stolen and the criminals incarcinated !

  • blackyb

    Obama has not got sense enough to pour pee out of a boot. He is the one incompetent. He is not even eligible to be in office. I supposed his stint at Baskin Robins gave him insight into what is needed for America, or perhaps his stint under Marshall Davis or Bill Ayers? Perhaps growing up with a porn mama? Yes, America seems to have fallen on desperate times as far as allowing stolen votes for this fraud being considered then him being put into the highest office in the land. Obama is a low-life who would be living on the streets with his skills had dummed down Americans not supported him, illegals voted for him, mid-Eastern influence advanced him, Hollywood promoted him and manipulated computer software not stolen votes from legal citizens. Yes, we have a real prize monopolizing the White House, here folks and a bunch of George Soros bought off media who have no spine wanting to keep him here so they can justify their hedonist lifestyles.

  • Keith “Lucky” Luxton

    If the Obamination gets his way, America will be left with the loony left 47% and all the rest, including our veterans will be MIA or locked up in FEMA Camps. I do not know who he expects to do the work in the country, the 47% are usually on the counch waiting for their Gummint checks.

  • Justthinkin54

    What morons we have in Government, if our veterans are not capable of owning firearms for protection simply because the are ex military then I would think they should be getting full disability benefits plus personal security. They sacrificed their future in support of this country not just a handful of politicians. Instead of letting elected officials decide their fate lets put it to a vote. We could say the same about politicians, once elected and having served a couple of terms most have lost the ability to make a conscience decision unless there is some benefit to them attached. That to me is a very serious mental illness since they were elected to represent the voice of the people but very seldom vote that way. One would have to conclude the are mentally incompetent. Look how many times they change positions on issues, that surely show there incapacity of mental stability. Justthinkin.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Let’s put this into perspective: Politicians are elected to do a job. Elected is actually the same as ‘hired’, because we pay them. And like the maid or butler in comedy shows, when the doorbell or phone rings, they say, “What, you want ME to get that?”

      They are arrogant and need to have that arrogance wiped out.

    • becky

      I was so disgusted with the way that nasty Diane Feinstein went after Ted Cruz. Calling HIM arrogant! The great majority of these crooks need to be wiped off the face of the earth. They are nothing if not arrogant.

    • Sunshine Kid

      You’re not the only one disgusted, Becky – the conservatives are becoming more vocal about abuses by politicians, as can be gleaned from the massive increase in conservative web sites. Change is coming, and it is not the change the liberals thought they’d get.

    • becky

      Yes and it’s great to see Sunshine Kid. It’s also the reason bamy-the-communist is fighting left and right to shut the internet down. His newest attack is focused on trying to shut the “extremist right-wing” commentators on the net down. Before he starts the major trouble to completely takeover this country, he wants us to have no weapons and no ability to communicate. I can’t believe I’m living in such threatening times.

    • Sunshine Kid

      The reason that Oblahblah wants to shut down the Internet is as you suggested. However, my take is “Fear forces the phonies to flee.”

      We shall see patriots and phonies separate in the near future, and the separation will become the line of pursuit.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Turn the tables on them. Get one of those “Obamaphones” Wouldn’t that be sweet? Using their own tools to deliver justice.

  • Bruce Barrett

    obama will use any reason to disarm america.

  • a marine .

    Obamaass has a plan to limit any response from military personnel by removing flag officers that will not order their troops to fire on citizens.He and his minions have placed other officers on watch list and those that show any sign of non support to illegal orders will be the first too go.You have to grasp the fact that by a gradual process hes issued executive orders that now allow up to 500,000 un troops to operate in this country. When the order is given un troops will fly into key us military bases under false orders and occupy our basis. and arrest any officer and senior enlisted person. The idea is to take the key leaders out of the picture. Next he will turn his illegal forces that have been buying up all the ammunition there is to keep civilians from buying any. Next thanks to his and holders gun running operation and smuggling back across the border and supply them to people that agree with him. He has ordered the Border patrol to not enforce border security so its easy to smuggle weapons back across the border.We do not know what deals he has made with foreign governments to supply troops as well .All this scum sucking low life liar thief butcher of Benghazi muslim POS obammass needs now is to create the crises he needs to declare martial law. It is as easy as that.

    • becky

      It certainly is what he’s waiting for. And Thanks, Marine, for being YOU! It’s also very obvious that he’s provoking people left and right to try to make THEM start the trouble. I just hope Americans everywhere hold their temper until we either get through another election or someone takes the reins and starts organizing us regular Americans.

    • 2War Abn Vet

      It’s one thing to order troops to fire on american citizens; it’s another to get them to do it.

  • Craig R Wells

    the govt fears us…………..they bought up all the ammo,restricting mags,we are a threat to the socialist regime.obama and his cronies are are prepping for a civil war against its citizens.give them your ammo one round at a time………

  • Tony

    Patriots have been labeled non muslem terrorist groups. I’m a vet and I forget where I put my car keys and not the most organized person in the world but that has nothing to do with my proficiency and judgement dealing with a firearm. I’ve been saying for months…why would you target a group who is probably the most responsible and safe when it comes to gun ownership? Answer, becasue we are the most well trained and we have all sworn an oath to…not the government, not the president…but to the consitution and the govt is violating the constitution and knows the vets are not going to keep sitting idly by. The govt has grown from a necessary evil to become the symbol of America. My state or federal government does not represent my beliefs or values. I wish a governer or congressperson had the guts to stand up and say, that’s it. If more governers, mayors, other high officials who believe in the constitution and what it stands for, we could stop this. If it does not, there will be blood on the streets. It’s just inevitable.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Patriots are not terrorists; they are terrorist hunters.

  • Lorenzo Lanzilli

    Tell pig face hillary,no man left behind.We veterans no that,and if your not you no that to.Pig face and obe suck

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      When the time comes, her highness will regret the words “What difference does it make?” She will learn what it is to expect another to be willing to give the ultimate sacrifice as she sits cowering in her little bunker and no person will lift a finger.

  • oldkoreanwarvet

    The oath I took to defend he Constitution against all threats foreign and
    “DOMESTIC” back in 1950 when I joined the USAF, did not rescind when I was
    discharged at the completion of my tenure. That was and is, a life time
    commitment I fully intent to maintain, no matter how long I have left on this
    earth .

    I have been around since FDR and I have never seen anything like what this
    administration has done to our once great country.If he is allowed to continue
    we will be a third world economic country, vulnerable to any extreme radicals,
    he must be stopped before it’s too late.

    I feel he is laying the ground work for a third term, if that ever happens
    I truly believe it will be the last free election we ever have. in
    my opinion.

    • medivac

      Thank you for your service !! The word that you have in caps tells me that you feel the same way I feel. Office holders are not exempt from being an enemy of the nation !! I don’t agree with your last paragraph on the third term but the rest of the paragraph seems to be in order !! I’m a RVN Marine combat vet and because of the current BS on PTSD will not claim to have it.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      I was Army but thanks for the THREE free rides you and your Brothers gave me to a MASH unit. If it wasn’t for you crazy fools, many of us would not be watching our grandchildren grow. Thanks for all because you guys sure gave all.

  • Dr. Stephen K

    Very seriously, friends: we need to make it our next objective to work together to get the House of Representatives to impeach Obama. No more concessions/no more dialog: we need to do everything we can to resist Obama, the archenemy of Liberty.

    • dagriz

      House can Impeach all they want , But Reid and his Senate would never try him,,,,,, Just hope he visits the Dome of the Rock on his visit to Israel
      USN (RET)

    • Sunshine Kid

      Reid, Pelosi and other major Democrat traitors to their jobs should not be allowed to bring him to trial – they should be on trial themselves.

    • oldkoreanwarvet

      I do not believe that impeachment is the answer, impeachment does not
      necessary mean “removed from office:” case in point “Clinton”.

      However a non eligibility to hold the office would rescind everything he has
      done, along with the entire administration.

      Seems the only person working on that aspect is Sheriff Joe AZ.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      I see you follow current events. He won’t go there as he is afraid of his cousins who promised to deal with him if he goes there. Don’t know how good the Secret Service is at stopping an incoming mortar. Remember how he flew in the region in the dead of night?

    • John Sotomayor

      Impeachment is impossible with a congress and Senate composed of cowards – not all, but a good many – including the RINO’s

  • Randolph Goeman

    ILLEGALS ARE INVADERS!!! those that support illegals are TRAITORS.



  • Traci

    I think it may be time for our veterans to form a militia and maybe make a visit to Mr. High and Mighty Obama… Remind him just who works for who!

  • Mike Wagner
  • wildeagleone

    When the fit hits the shan we will see who the government has on their side of the fence and who we veterans will stand up and fight with. Damn sure won’t be the opposers

    • medivac

      Roger that !!

  • Mike Wagner
  • Bob Marshall

    Patriots, do yourselves a favor and either purchase the book, THE AMERICAN TYRANT by Chris Hambleton. Available at book store for $11.95 or the kindle edition for $2.99. This book should be in every Patriots home.

  • Namvet

    The powers to be have it all in their pockets, they make the laws for themselves to abuse and we the silly lambs that let them get away with it just continue to allow them their way………….One day there will be a revolution of sorts and i am confident the military will abide by the Constitution and protect the citizens over the zelots in off..


    i took my oath very serious when i joined the Army, and i will till i die, i am not given up my rights with out a fight, even if i have to go covert on the communist Govt and train desk jocks, bus drivers farmers and teens to fight our enemies, internal or external ! ! GO ARMY, 1st Inf Div !

  • diverjimk

    I guess that means we, the “competent” ones should buy the guns for them. Count me in!

  • Thinker

    I stand with the Veterans—A lot more reliable than Ms, Feinstein and cronies.

  • Missy

    I didn’t think I could get any more upset. What the hell? These are OUR VETS. They deserve the best of the best. Don’t discard them….say they are incompetent. They oppose them having a firearm for the fear they will get throughly disgusted with this Administration and “speak up”…….Too bad if they were good enough to fight for, and die for, our rights, our freedom……GIVE THEM THEIR DAMN GUNS!!!!! AND THEIR RIGHTS!!!!!

  • joepotato

    Der Fuhrer speaks of “working for the American people.” That is another lie. He was selected by the Bilderberg Group so his agenda is their agenda. Disarming and transforming the nation is the plan. There are already many people that have been put on the “no buy or no fly” list without due process or legal cause. The veterans are lucky enough to at least get a letter that the TRB’s are putting them on “the list.” The fit might hit the shan before they get to court. We’ll see …

  • ste1021

    And yet dems run for re-election on a pro-veteran platform (Housefrau Murray comes to mind). Hope veterans wise up come election time.

  • rank

    I hereby declare the Progressive politicians incompetent, incapable of rational thought, and suffering from addictions that are destroying this nation. They also apparently have an inability to read, get facts straight, and suffer from dereliction of duty. They should be declared mentally incompetent and immediately discharged. Above all they should not be permitted to own any type of weapon!

    • johnob1

      rank, the reason our elected officials passed Obamacare is that they were unable to read; much less read 2700 pages of the Obama’s communist health care package.
      And you are absolutely correct; most of our elected officials are indeed totally “incompetent.”
      USAF (RET)


    I must say that I couldn’t disagree more with this article. First and foremost, I am a Conservative. Secondly, I”m a disabled Veteran being treated for PTSD at the local VA Hospital. I have suffered from severe bouts of depression and at no time have I been asked about gun ownership. I have talked with my therapist on how helpful target shooting has been for me and she simply talked about her guns. So I put the question straight to her. Are my gun rights in danger because I am getting treatment for PTSD? The answer was NO. Only if I felt that I might be a danger to myself or others would I be involuntarily committed which would result in my right to bear arms being terminated. I do not have a problem with that. I am certain that there are those at the VA that are looking for an excuse to curtail gun ownership but there are many there who are fighting for our right to keep and bear arms as well.

    • John Sotomayor

      I think that has applied in only a few states. Nothing in PA

  • becky

    What they need are some very good volunteer attorneys to go after the government for violating those clauses of the Constitution. Any humane person does not punish a warrior that THEY have requested service of. This is EVIL everybody. Of course, we also know that bamy, moochelle, and minions don’t have a ‘humane’ bone anywhere in their evil bodies.

    • Sandra Hanford

      The USJL (United States Justice League) is going after the government and wants anyone who has been threaten or have the rights taken away from them to contact them. They are doing it for free for any veteran who needs their help.

  • Nam Vet

    These Sons a bitches and whores in Washington had better back off screwing with us Vets. Thous of us that have fought in wars and dealt with the horrors that we had to see and live with even know. Some times it seems like yesterday that I was in Vietnam, but I tell these idiots that we can rise up and fight again, and this time there will not be a government telling us what we can and can’t do. We will prevail. And we will stand by our Oath to uphold the Constitution. SIMPER FI

    • celticwaryor

      You are absolutely right Brother. This time there will be NO “Rules of Engagement!”
      Another Nam Vet







    • John Sotomayor

      and…addd, a DOJ that will take them off the hook and not prosecute.

    • DEANS


  • foxxybey

    We fought for our country and the nazi government like Hitlers attacks the vets as Hitler did to the vets from the first world war, it’s in Mien Kampf or “my struggle”, and islam now says Jihad is “my struggle” and we have fought them. I can understand why the best seller for years in islamic country is Mien Kampf, they love Hitler and that is the reason they like America’s Hitler in the White House, he is one of them and has followed Hitlers plan all the way to the top. Now he wants the State Patrol and Sheriff’s under federal control,his control so he can make them his personal army or ss troops along with the DHS and IRS, complete control, not gun control. Gun control is hitting what you aim at and the Constitution is being thrown under his big black bus built in Canada, really loves America, LOL to all the blind slaves, who drink his cool-aid on the plantation of all races and colors. The gas chambers are coming, they are in the fema camps and have seen the pictures and they look like Gulags, tracks in and out, barbed wire facing in not out, wake up America, your called terrorist for believing in the Bible, toting a gun and hate the murder of 55 million human babies and special rights for those who desire un-natural sex, so if called one, may have to become one or die?

  • jimmy john

    The fact is, Obama want’s to Disarm America, ” Reason ” so the united
    states won’t have power over it’s self and know one will have the freedom to
    make his or her own choices it’s called mind control, if you control the mind
    you control the people, Obama would have made a great Hitler, Power to the PEOPLE not the GOVERNMENT,

  • gogetr2

    I’m an old, angry, sentimental white always remembering
    the way our USA was. WW 2 vet, ’44-48′ Navy Corpsman, ..reading
    all the comments brought memory tears…and more anger with the
    present vital economic issues, and the many social, ideolgical
    divisions in our nation. I fear for my children and grandchildren,
    ages from 29 to 60. No longer a semblance of my world of the ’40’s’!!

  • bob novak

    Any vet that has been denied their rights to own a firearm in my local, is gladly welcome to borrow some of mine when the SHTF.

  • Winston

    This morning I engaged in conversation at a Costco with a 27 year Army paratrooper veteran… redeeming plastic bottles for cash. I was redeeming the bottles just to get the cash back from being charged $.05/bottle fee when purchasing the cases of bottled water my wife and I drink to avoid pollutants in tap water. But, the old veteran was redeeming his collected bottles to buy food… and possibly alcohol as it was on his breath. A sad commentary for many veterans who haven’t been able to adapt in civilian life after serving the nation to protect and preserve our Constitutional freedom, liberty, and unalieable rights. Now the VA and leftist government wants to declare us “unfit” to honor our 2nd Amendment right to own a gun for self-defense? Insane! It is the leftists who are clinically insane…. so, where are the psychiatrists in engaging them?

  • granny

    We have learned to fear Obama & this administration, who is definitely, deliberately trying to destroy everything we have loved about the USA. Thanks to the liberals, illegals, & muslims that voted this fanatic into the Presidents seat. However, fear is good as it makes your adrenaline work harder for self preservation. Bless our USA, the 2nd Amendment & the protection it gives.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Brother: It is NOT fear. It is the feeling of having once been there. Never fear these cowards and remember we fought to make this Country great. They can take their best shot but THEY had better be scared. We have long memories. Thanks for your service.

  • Sloan Wolf

    Sam Vet- Of course everyone would be behind you and help March for your rights against this complete and utter disrespect against our former military men and women. I hope desperately that the current armed forces see what is happening and that it is we the people not the government that will be behind them when they are done serving, and when the time comes, make the right choice as to who to go after if war begins in this country. Do not feel alone, SamVet, they want to take away everyone’s rights. People with a history of non violent mental illnesses and even non violent ex cons who paid their debt to society should not lose their right to protect themselves either. Law abiding citizens who are non military and never had an illness or conviction are in just as much danger. Instead of breaking into groups to march in protest, Lets all stand together, in EVERY march, we are all in this together, we are all Americans.

    • har82

      Sloan , it used t obe unheard of to even speak of a war inside this country. People would think you were a lunatic or worse.
      But no longer.
      Short of – h a n g i n g – a boat load of politicians as examples for the others I see no way around it at this point.

      It’s just a matter of – timing, and circumstances – now. Which side will f a r t first ??.

      Give a politician enough rope it seems and they will all make decorations on some light pole or tree limb given enough of it lol.

  • James Webb

    I will NOT give up ANY of my constitutional rights. I took an oath on June 21, 1966 to protect the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I have not renounced that oath nor has it expired. Anyone who tries to relieve me of any of my rights will pay a heavy price for it.

  • Robert Anderson Sr

    We are about to be taken OVER by the FAR LEFT LIBERAL COMMUNIST MUSLIM’S and what is sad NOBODY seems to care ? OUR Country has been over taken by Illegals(not Mexicans) ASIANS,ARAB MUSLIM’S and NOBODY is stopping them !! Obama Admin. has just RELEASED thousands of ILLEGALS ! We have just lost OUR COUNTRY ! WAKE UP PEOPLE !!

  • Combat Veteran seabee

    This is Nappy, trying to disarm her enemy, the American People. She is on record as saying that, ” there is no greater threat to America’s security than the military veterans!”
    I guess she doesn’t own a mirror, that would show her who the true threat is!!!!!!!
    Keep you powder dry boys!!!

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    I no longer recognize the Great Country I once knew. Does that mean they will ATTEMPT to take my firearms? This is going to be one hell of a ride. Fasten your seat belts. It IS coming.

    • har82

      I hear what you are saying. It most certainly ,, does not look or feel like the country I grew up in and loved.
      Reminds me more of France or England with their commie dictators
      ” s p i t t i n g ” on thier own people..
      Politicians are on some dangerous grounds in this country these days. I wonder sometimes if the – ignorant – b a s t a r d s even know it lol.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Finally someone who gets it, someone who understands that the constitution belongs to the people to control gov’t, not the reverse! The gov’t is constrained by the constitution, and these power mongers hate it, they think its theirs to change. Our vets are sacred, brave, honorable and lived in our armed forces protecting us and our rights, and you bet they are afraid of us, these drooling, demented, idiots believe they are elite? What a laugh, progressive marxism is a sickness. They are trying to solidify their power, lets stop that today!

  • Seymour Kleerly

    Right Wing induced; Paranoia, hysteria, and unprecedented Gullibility!

    • GQ4U

      granny, take a pill and respond when you are coherent.

  • wfwilson6

    Who is currently the head of the VA?? Are they one of us, a US citizen who has served his country when called. If so, how can they betray us so badly.

  • Max

    Ovmit wants to take all of there guns away he is scared they might turn on him and the libs that is what this is all about

  • Tommy Conlon

    I’m a veteran, but this is for every American that still reveres the Constitution and loves this nation. Our nation has already been overthrown, that entity in DC, aside from a handful have no regard for our Constitutional Republic, they are the enemy. It doesn’t matter who we send there, 95% of them become part of the 2 heads/1 snake establishment. It’s the GOP and Dems who are the problem.

    We only have a few peaceful, but effective options left, voting is pointless. 1) About 5-10 million American with rifles marching to the WH and Capitol Bldg steps and 2) The majority of taxpayers quit paying taxes. These traitors understand fear and they understand money, that’s it. We need to hit them where they will feel it. We better do something big and quick, if the DHS buildup is legit, they are planning war with us. Veterans, google “Battle of Athens, TN”. We can no longer count on Congress, if we want to restore this nation to a Const Republic, we have to do it.

  • dagriz

    What irritates me is the fight for our rights is also benefitting the LEFT with the SAME protection and THEY DON’T DESERVE IT

  • GQ4U

    Perhaps our vets should write contract style partnership agreements with a spouse, mother, brother, etc. so they co-own all their firearms. A gun owner partnership should prevent authorities from seizing their guns… at least until they declare both parties to be incompetent. Then we should concentrate on electing constitution loving leaders that respect our veterans.

  • buffalobob

    He is not supposed to be president anyway. It is not where he was born since there is no real proof as of yet, but what does matter is that to be a natural born citizen to be president both parents have to be US citizens. His birth father is a kenyan not born in america. So that alone should be grounds to have removed from office and make every order he has made nullifed. So lets put pressure on congress to have him removed for this fact.

  • George

    Just before his first term I though he was a lying, Muslim, communist, dictator. I must admit after only a few months into his second term, I have had to change my mind about the man. I know, now, he is the anti-christ.

  • sovereigntyofone

    For those of us that are old vets we already know what this administration is up to.
    Obama and his democommie cronies HATES the military. Does anyone recall just after Obama took office in his first term he started making statements about how the military personel should pay for their own medical. Recall the uproar over it?
    That was just the begining of Obama showing his true colors. This latest tactic is his worst.
    Wanting to take the 2nd Amendment rights away from those that have fought for it the most, our military vets and troops. They use the excuse that vets have PTSD should not be trusted with a gun. Really, is Obama and ” Big Butch ” of DHS going to go house to house and take the guns from every vet that served in war since WW1 to the present time. Because I have news for them, all of us in one way or another suffer from one symptom of PTSD or another. It’s called the horrors of war, and anyone that has experienced it knows that the memories of it never leaves you. I have NEVER seen such a unpatriotic president in my life, never have I seen one that HATES this nation and its traditions as this one.
    God bless America, God bless our troops
    Just my 2 cents worth

  • DrZarkov99

    On a positive note, it’s obvious the government currently fears its people, which means we still have a modicum of liberty. I’m a vet, and it burns me to see the most helpless of veterans, the disabled, in fear of their government.

    If anything, I want to build the fear of God in the government that the people may choose to remove a corrupt, venal, greedy infestation of unworthy bureaucrats by force, if necessary. Violence is always the last resort, but just as the ultimate expression of government power is at the point of a gun, so also should be the will of the people.

    I suggest that you take out your frustration by vigorous support of the Wounded Warrior Project, that reaches out to veterans from the hand of private citizens, not the incompetent VA.

  • wfwilson6

    Obama wants to take our magazines. Well he can have my Time, Newsweek, Ebony, Jet, etc, but not my Playboys or Hustler. Being facetious here, but really, that’s about all those cough-sufferers in the white house know about guns.

  • seaofteamerican

    I happen to be one of the Viet vets that’s still awaiting a response in my case as well. I’m fighting mad of what our Country is being turned into.. As a staunch advocate for the veteran population in my community I’m appalled at what is going on as we have a talk the talk party in power that has not really walked the walk of veterans as a whole. Instead of charity overseas for nations that despise us we should be focused in on charity at home.

  • ER12696490

    We have a threat sitting in the Senate which is controlled by Democrats and I am watching what the Republicans are also doing. Our threat is not only the Senate but a president who has trempled on our constitution and has lied to the Ameican people. He while having his tenure has thrown not only our veterans under the bus but the Secret Service who protects this illegal,Muslim,liar,and also law enforcement in Arizona who he ( Obama) and his Home Land Security Janet Napolitano the liar from Arizona. Our domestic threat sits at the top level and what surprises me is all of the people who voted for him a second time. This president assoicated with terrorist with the likes of Bill Ayers and others and the Americans with CWS gave him a second pass. Open government, but sealed records for this illegal,Muslim,liar same failed policies and getting trillions worst. If I had any relatives who was wanting to defend our country for this illegal and all of the people who lack the common sense that voted for this illegal, Obama I would talk them out of enlisting. It is truly a shame what this president did to our warriors especially the ones who were shot,killed and wounded by the Major at one of our military bases and said this man was not a terrorist but yet he has called anyone serving in our military along with Janet Napolitano a possible terrorist. I hope God can cure the greedy and the people who lack the common sense who voted not once but two times for this Illegal,Muslim,Liar.

  • jackel

    We are pretty stupid. Lets think. Bill for not only gun control but confiscating of our weapons, and, now denying gun ownership and degrading our veterans who just by the way are our most experienced, home standing American friendly combatants. Gee, think the administration is planning something and worried about this most experienced group opposing it? Like Mickey Mouse says, “You bet ya”. Notice I don’t say Congress because the Senate is controlled by Obama and cronies, with the House sometimes offering opposing leadership; so this is coming out of Obama administration sometimes just shifted to Senate or House for smoke and mirror advantages. As American’s this is insult and injury to every one of us; we should be outraged. Remember we only sleep good at night because of our military and its leadership guarding us; any major and reckless down grading of this protection puts us all at grave risk; whether at home or abroad. Has been this way for a long time. Why is there major changes coming out of this White House and Senate?

  • behind enemy lines

    gun control is only good for criminals and governments

  • Joyce Foster-Konya

    We need the Veteran’s participation and the active military too. This madman “Obama”, or whatever his name is, has totally angered more people. Now maybe we can stop him. It’s time he leaves the WH! He’s making a mockery of our Vets and our Military!

  • Carol Durand

    After reading comments from such American patriots, I am so proud to be of the same mindset. We must stand together to STOP this Marxist/Jihadist “government” now in OUR Whitehouse in D.C. So many people have been either hoodwinked or have tunnel-vision and have totally missed the mark about this “one-world” regime occupying our space in Washington. The “mainstream press” that has been covering for these imposters cannot even call themselves “journalists”!

  • mareseb

    I think veterans will stand with their fellow Americans as they’ve seen first hand the way government has thrown them under the bus. It’s a disgrace the way they are treated when they return home when they need help from the VA, and even more of a disgrace that the media doesn’t even give them any recognition for their service to America.

    I hope and pray veterans will never follow illegal orders and fire on American civilians if they are so ordered by the government.


    VDA Veteran Defenders of America-
    Because the time is comming fast when you will be needed to respond again. If we as veterans don’t lead the way, who will? We took the oath, an oath that had no expiration date. It’s no longer about polictical parties, it’s now right from wrong. It’s the light of truth and freedom or the darkness of apathy and ignorance.
    If they succeed it’s because we let them.
    I say no more.
    We must come together or we will be destroyed.
    They can only do these things if we let them.
    What are you willing to do?

  • DanFrench

    My fellow Constitution loving patriots
    We do not need our guns for protection so say obama and his Socialist Democrat party.
    I hear that all the L.A. gangs have agreed to register their guns .
    Dan French

  • pysco

    Who really has the PTSD, I say its the liberals, they live in fear of the 2nd Amendment….The veterans have earned the rights in the Constitution, left wing liberals live under the freedom that has been provided to them by veterans and others.

  • citizenrights

    The United States Veteran is the best Trained soldiers in the world and are a civilian civil defense force. Politics have not really changed since the formation of the country and the acceptance of the Constitution. the Army General George Washington assembled was feared as much also. I recommend to all Veterans to get involved in your local VFW or American Legions. These organizations are here for all veterans they are by Veterans and for Veterans and For there families. Veterans, Youth, Americanism, and Defense.

  • Mike Wagner

    Google search “Battle of Athens trailer”. Is this where we are as a nation?

  • Kathy Jenson

    I’m not a veteran but I forget to pay bills all the time! What they need is a lawyer that says for every veteran they say is incompetent that automatically they get full disability from the VA. Seems fair to me…that might clear up all those vets waiting for their disability benefits!!! or at the very least shut them up!

  • Louis Mayer

    Not if, but when, things cut loose guys (‘n gals) remember a few things. In the history of our military, leaders are always in the ranks and rise to the occasion. Do not carelessly identify leaders or prospective leaders, it makes them targets. Guerrilla warfare was probably born in the revolution, use it. They will take no enemies, keep that in mind in your actions. An estimate from recent inside military is about 25% may fire on citizens for one reason or another, cover each other’s backs (as ever). Served in the fifties and still physically capable … if it happens may we meet in the field, you are correct when you say the oath does not expire.

  • Skip Willson


  • Red55bird

    To all the Vets who have serve, you I trust more then any other person in America for you know what the price of freedom cost in the life of millions of young men and women who have died fighting to keep this freedom. If my father were alive today he would look me in the eye and say how and why did this happen in America. This is not freedom when your Government wants control over the people, to tell Vets who come home from war, we our going to disarm you because we believe you to be sick in the head. In Gods name America this President who lies everytime he opens his mouth, would have you believe he is not coming for your guns. The enemy is within America it’s called Marxist Socialism and Obama plan is the destruction of our Republic. In many county’s across America right now we have elected Sheriff’s who were elected to protect our Constitution who will stand with the people and tell Obama Federal Homeland Security you will not take our weapons from us, I ask you support not only the Vets but you local Sheriff on this war on the people.

  • johnob1

    One of the biggest problems in America is the inability of some Americans to “remember” and the permissiveness of allowing “history to repeat itself.” In other words; they left their sovereign nation unguarded. Most Americans failed to keep a watchful eye on their elected officials. Most American trusted them without question. This is why members of the American Communist Party easily “infiltrated” our system of government, including our most important asset; our young people’s educational institutions across America where “indoctrination” began once they took over. One would have to be blind not to see its existence. The American Communist Party became the perfect Trojan Horse in America!
    Most people like myself have never forgotten the warnings by the late Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin who also warned about the American Communist Party’s movement into our government’s system. Even the late late Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev of the former Soviet Union knew of the American Communist Party’s movement within our own country, except that most Americans saw fit to be blind to it.
    We can easily solve our nation’s current problems if the U.S. Congress had the guts to do their job. Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II cannot be “Impeached” because he is a foreign-born agent. The United States Congress, by consent of the govern, can generate the proceedings for a “Congressional Arrest Warrant” for the immediate arrest of the foreign-born agent dictator Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II with the charge of “Saboteur.”
    Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II’s main objective was to divide the American people and destroy our nation’s economic system, for which, he has succeeded. All other crimes committed by Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II against the United States of America and its people shall be legally implemented in accordance with our U.S. Constitutional laws.
    The same “Constitutional Arrest Warrant” shall also apply to the Officials of Hawaii’s Department of Health for their conspiracy in the fraudulent “Certification of Live Birth” and the “Certificate of Live Birth,” for which, there are two in existence. The “Certification of Live Birth” can be procured legally by any foreign-born individual, but does not imply that the individual was born in Hawaii. When the DOH officials stated Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II’s origional birth certificate was on file, they spoke the truth. What they didn’t tell you it was a foreign birth certificate. And this led the nation to believe that an original Hawaiian birth certificate existed for Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II. What they do actually have on file is a “Kenyan” birth certificate for Mr. Obama II.
    The so-called long form “Certificate of Live Birth” that was prepared for Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II was a complete forgery. An original Hawaiian birth certificate for Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II never existed…. period! I submitted my original frailed birth certificate to the United States Chief Justice to prove that American citizens have nothing to hide, so what makes this foreign-born agent dictator Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II so special that he can’t display his original birth certificate?
    If we follow through with the “Congressional Arrest Warrant,” all that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II illegally perpetrated while posing as U.S. President can all be declared as NULL and VOID. I have already informed the U.S. Congress of the “Congressional Arrest Warrant,” but I can’t do it alone, YOU must help by contacting your Representaives and demand what I have asked of them. This is America and it can be done!
    USAF (RET)

  • A. D. Richardson

    As a veteran, the one thing I can guarantee our liberal freinds; if a disaster strikes or YOU try to disarm Americans, I am proud to say “WE WILL STAND FOR OUR RIGHTS, DEFEND LIBERTY & FREEDOM, and PROUDLY PROTECT THOSE WHO ARE WEAK!!!
    For certain, I would rather stand shoulder to shoulder with a vet than to depend on any lukewarm, middle-of-the-road Congressman. Veterans are loyal and they are true to their beliefs, but not so with most people in D.C.

  • tired

    how stupid. evyone I know is armed. since nutcase’nthief banned all guns adding fuel to the fire. even the kids hate him. maybe they will call my kid terrroists. crappy spelling. we were all trained to shoot at all ditances. i was an ordinanceman. we fix and we fix and we test ’em don’t miss very often. Idon’t think you can cover evrything a trained woman or man can hit. all oso stupid hasdone is kill many men or women because he’s gonna show you that what a fscist commie likes. lots of blood. he can’t wait start the murder. then he can use the i’m king detention laws to murder. … your children your wife husband. and any one elese “looks like a threat.” but unfortuenatly all have stock piled ammo and that started ten or fifteen years ago. think it overe obama binladen. thank you for hearin me. god bless the men who served wit me. keep agun close by. they like to bash up your house or drone the whole building. bastards. obama’s correct name. no one is shurewho is father is. ther’s about three people who qualify. they all had it infor him starting with bill ayers.

  • Ronald Christopher

    PTSD was an invention of a crazy psychiatrist in 1980. He saw big money for his pocket. So he gathered up a few people, a couple of them Vietnam Veterans, and had them take part in his plan. All the patients had to have was, dreams (Memories). Then they would be referred to a psychologist where those dreams became nightmares. Then the stories began of how awful they had it when in fact, the largest majority of them never saw a death, never fired a weapon, and never had a weapon fired at them. The Congress of the United States approved all of this as a pay off to the Vietnam Veterans because of the way the country treated the veterans when they returned from Vietnam (you know, spitting and other things). It is all BS and everybody knows it. Grab a copy of the book, “A Question Unanswered PTSD” and learn the truth. You can find that book at Xlibris, Amazon, or any other book store. Learn how the government screwed the veterans and then used what they claim was a reward to screw the veterans again.

  • $8093868

    We have a Commandeerer-in-Chief that attacks his own troops and arms the enemy with our best weapons.

    And the Pentagon is on his side.

    See anything wrong with Obama yet?

    That bi-pedal scum puddle is using our own military against us and I have yet to hear ANY active duty personnel above the rank of Staff Sergeant say anything about it. And PULEEEZ, don’t give me any crap about them not being able to because yadda-yadda. American military leadership has always had a voice in the affairs dealing with them.

    They have been seconded by a Muslim/Neo-Communist Putsch and have said NOTHING negative about it. They HAVE armed and trained people to attack US and aimed drone weapons at us.

    It stinks what OBitler is doing to our vets but the military itself is saying NOTHING about it.

    So where does the problem lie? In the White House, or the Pentagon?

    Try BOTH.

    And the VA gets no flowers for their conduct either.

  • red

    Michelle Obama said “all this for a damn flag” during a ceremony and her husband, the President of the United States, shook his head in agreement. The flag in question was the American flag, There has never been a first lady like this piece of America-hating garbage, nor a bigger guilt giver as president than her dimwit husband. Check out YOUTUBE and watch the video for yourself if you have any doubts.

  • Jonny Angel

    First; thanks to all for your service. Secondly; Damn the torpedoes vets, full speed ahead. Most of the rest of us are waiting for Obama [or whatever his name is] to start something and we know he will. No way should we let him pick the time or place.

  • TPS12

    I hope all those in the military are paying attention; after you serve you’ll be under attack by this administration.

  • Herman L. McCloud

    There’s a d-m good reason for the obama regime to crawl back under their rock
    before all out civil war starts up in the streets and even obama and his evil band
    of brainwashed handpicked puppets of his administration won’t be safe, he can
    forget Air-Force one, he’ll be lucky to commandeer an open cockpit crop duster,
    Just keep it up obama, Your overdue and just reward is awaiting for you.

  • diana

    throw this idiot out of wash. d.c. our congress and millitary have the right to do this, constitution says so and the oath they all took, backs them up then arrest obama for TREASON,MURDER, AND BREAKING OUR LAws.

  • John Sweet

    The range of reason to disarm veterans will increase ten fold as they try to disarm the only ones trained and capable of resistances to their treason. The very thought that Our Own government has become the enemy to freedom has become apparent. When will those that honor their Oath of Duty and office make a stand against the treason?

  • Kioga

    Politico’s in DC won’t stand against this treasonous snake in the grass, but the Vet’s will get enough some day and the fears of these Politico’s will come to light. God have mercy on those who support the snake when that happens, for there will be no safe place in Congress to hide !

  • Stealth

    The government had BETTER fear us….. we ( the old guard ) are far tougher than what they have these days and VASTLY more experienced ( and PATRIOTIC! )

  • Samson Firestarter

    Then Buy At Gun Shows NOW……Molon Labe, Obama…Come And Get Mine Personally

  • DollyT

    So tell me what are our PAID legislators doing about it?

  • James Maxwell

    I am a Viet Nam Vet and know many other like myself. I see many vets at the VA on a
    regular basis. They have trouble sometimes because of what they were subjected to or
    saw during their time in service. That does not mean they are incapable of knowing
    right from wrong or that they are loose cannons at some mindless whiney beauracrats
    would have us believe. They stood in the breach while the coward sat home and whined,
    proteste, burned their draft cards and smoked pot and other chemicles. The first POS
    that tries to deny a Vet the right to own a weapon a very unplesant suprise awaiting them
    if I ever get withing range of them. These are the sick sociopaths who do not have the
    right to even speak to a servive man or woman. While they laid on their backside
    the military stood in the breech to keep our nation safe from harm. God bless the
    vet and those who suppot us back home while we are overseas in harms way.

  • redwolf6911

    Obama and the Democrats simply do NOT want anyone trained in the Military to be armed. Nor do they want second amendment believers to be armed either. DHS has over 7000 armored carriers with gun ports, 1.6 billion bullets that are mostly hollow points, ordered 7,000 AR-15’s with select fire (automatic) for defense. Defense against what? Foreign troops at several of our bases in numerous parts of the country. Why? Who does Obama and his minions plan to use this stuff against? Would that be US? Ask your representative in Congress what the hell is going on. Don’t bother if they are Democrat though.

  • Hagar

    The four code words that seems to best describe the US citizen , congress, senate, Supreme Court and executive and their employees are 1. Stupidity, 2. Apathy, 3. Ignorance, and 4. Weakness. I appreciate any disagreement as long is it is intelligent disagreement. Opinions are like heads all have them unless they have angered a bunch of muslims.

  • durrmoment

    Anyone else tired of having to click 4 links to read a story?

  • Jackie

    They know if our own government attacks it’s own people the vetrans would be the peoples best asset. They want to diffuse that early. We the American people are obviously in great danger. From within.

  • DeeBar

    Can we cure the Government of this injustice ? We could if we would form an allegiance with each other and when confronted march on behalf of each other .

    I have a list of 14 people that could be here in 5 minutes . Just the presence of them will more than likely stop the intruders . All have the numbers and you need only to call one .

    I’m a Veteran and have suffered from PTSD but I’m law abiding as most are and a threat only to the goons hired by our Gov if invading my space and rights . I don’t want a confrontation and certainly don’t ever want to point my gun at someone . It may be necessary some day but not now . I dread to think my Gov could do this but it will happen eventually unless we step up to the plate for others .

    I’m one that will be black listed even though I’m no threat unless provoked by some one doing a illegal act to my person .

  • oldkoreanwarvet

    Here is the next step if thid doesn’t raise your outrage nothing will, I forwared to Hannity Foxnews. Willbe interesting to see if he airs it

  • Robert E. Guthrie

    “From my cold dead hands”

  • Billy Whitfield

    I served under Presidents Johnson thru Reagan, joined when I was 16, was found out, given a minority discharge, and was back in at 17! I am damn proud of my service, have a few problems, also a disabled Vet, but if Obama or his lapdogs in the VA want my weapons, they are welcome to come for them. Of course, they will receive the LEAD first!

  • mtnmyk

    Some veteran’s are declared incompetent “for VA purposes” which means they are unable to take care of their financial matters unassisted – that’s all. They tried to restrict their 2nd amendment rights back in the 1990’s but, when VA supervisors protested, the subject was dropped. Now, they’re apparently trying it again.

  • Pegi

    God bless every one of you that have served our country. My husband is a Vietnam vet that’s extremely unhappy with Obama and those in Congress. We need term limits and we need it now. Too many voters are uninformed and vote only through name recognition. Wish they’d do us all a favor and stay home.

  • Rick in the Desert

    “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God”
    Benj. Franklin

  • LK

    UPDATE: Our Veterans Are Fighting Back
    ” Then, for reasons that have not been explained these same veterans are also being denied their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms”.

    Cass Sunstein – Regulatory Czar 
Liberal activist judge who believes free speech needs to be limited for the “common good”; essentially against the 1st Amendment. Has ruled against personal freedoms many times on private gun ownership and right to free speech cases. This guy has to be run out of Washington ! ! !

    IN 1954 Congress passed a law making peacetime espionage against the U.S. punishable by death. The death penalty for espionage had been imposed previously only during wartime. Keep your eyes on obama,s cabalistic executive departments of the government. (Czars research experts gather data from public or publications. It pieces these bits of knowledge together, much as a jigsaw puzzle, until the whole picture can be seen. Such information helps in making possible to seek valuable military, political, scientific, and production facts and secrets. And may be used to blackmailed, many into systematically organized espionage). That means know your history, the Constitution and ask God to look favorably on the U.S.A.

  • Mad Mike

    This current lawless, federal government, led by self-intrested, corrupt and/or Marxist/Communist/Muslim, politicians, know they are attempting a coup d’ tat on America. They also know their treasonous acts will be opposed by lawfully armed patroits, veterans and conservatives. So, what do they do? They enact new laws, laws that negate our constitution, like the N.D.A.A. of 2013. Like the so-called “assault weapons ban”. (Banning any weapons that may pose a serious resistance to whatever forces they may plan to un-leash against us. To crush freedom and seize and enslave our country under their tyrannical control. Expierenced military and law enforcement vetrans recognize their criminal plans for high treason and represent the biggest threat to their agenda. This federal government, along with their carefully selected department heads, can no longer be trusted with our nations national security, or the use of military power on U.S. soil. Until Obama and this democrat regime are gone, we must remain vigilant!

  • Alexander Davidson

    Hi! – I am a veteran aged 65 too! – But from “downunder” (Aussie)….. I really feel for you guys over there! – And if the attacks on Veterans is true… then I fear THE WORST is about to happen, politicians think that Veterans NEED to have guns to do damage, but that is a fallacy, as you should kno, if you have ever had just a TINY little bit of unarmed combat training, and antiguerilla tactics, which can be reversed. (seen what damge SAS can do with just his finger on the thyroid crux) – Police would just fall over themselves to ARM civillians in an insurrection. Pro-Obama Politicians who engineered such rules should equally just “dissappear” like the witnesses in Bengazi have. Americans should ALL PROTEST at the vile treatment of those who defended America, or had to go into combat for the sake of Politicians’ whims! – I am asking MY KIDS to refuse to join our Armed Forces, while the Australian Government is supporting idiots like Obama! This situation will lose some of the best Allies (for the term of Obama and similar) America ever HAD! – Think on that! – If WE can see a problem in your Country, then you had better do something about it FAST. First, contact your politicians and find out where they stand: For their CONSTITUENCY AND THE CONSTITUTION, or for the Muslim Obama (never mind that he pretends to be a “Christian”, and pretends he was born in Hawaii with a you-beaut faked certificate that has been disproven by an English investigator)…

  • Elaine Bruemer

    Lie,lie and lie some more.That’s what congress does.

  • citizenrights

    Dear So called Della Lopez For Congress,

    Who is using her comments for political gain in campaigning for the United States Congress.

    If you are going to make such statements qualify them. Are you referring to the Deceleration of independence or the United States Constitution? What part are you referring to.

    Your running for office will not solve the problems, if you should become a congresswoman. You will have then become successfully part of the problems and not part of the solutions.

    The beginning of the first step to moving on a positive solution is for the United States congress is to begin The process of a investigation and impeachment of the United States President, the Vice President and many others in his fold and his cohorts. If this is not done by the United States Congress it must fall to the States in the republic to do so. If the States do not do this then it must fall to the United States Citizens.

    There is at present enough evidence to pose reasonable doubt under the laws of the land and to organize a grand jury, in any one or many of the States in the Republic Union. To begin a investigation with recommendations for arrest and indictment and prosecution under due process of the law for several members of the legislative body and that of the bureaucracy and the office of the President including the Vice president. Once this is accomplished or a similar process. For all to see and in justice and truth as best as can be witnessed. Then and only then will these problems begin to be resolved. Setting the Nation on a path to enforcing Constitutional law and reinforcing the United States Constitution as the Law of the land. Article Six: United States Constitution. Also this will circumvent a revolution of possible armed resistance in the future. Saving the country and maintaining the peace.

    By Who and when will it begin? Or are all in the judiciary branch and legislative branch in the States Governments and or United States Government in the process of the law of the land gutless?

    Then it must be formed by a Citizens committee? To organize a grand jury for such purposes. To insure the United States Constitution remains the law of the land. With a attached proclamation of new, being attached to the old,” The United States Constitution and Deceleration of Independence”, stating all grievances and directed to all those who are in office who are in violation of the law of the land “The United States Constitution”.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Neither the VA nor any other medical authority can declare a person incompetent, legally, without an incompetency hearing in court, for ANY purpose. Of course the law means little if anything today, but that is the law regarding declaring incompetency! And it requires at least 2 physicians to do so.

  • richardcancemi

    The Left always demonizes those they fear or oppose them. When the Revolution for Freedom and restoration of America comes, I believe most veterans will join in to reclaim the Country. I hope the ‘active’ military will not be too afraid to do so.

  • Randy Cote

    leave the damn veterans alone, they were there when we needed them and they always will, they need better pay, better health insurance, keep the free schooling benefit and let them buy a gun when they want too. get over it mr president we vets are here to stay and everyday more and more come home. god bless them all

  • swann2001

    I too believe something is going to happen very soon. They expect people will revolt but he was given the power under the recent Defense Authorization Act to declare Martial Law, and to have anyone who opposes him killed or detained. The question is do we have enough patriotic soldiers who swore an oath to the Constitution and not to this fraud President to make a difference. Any soldier from General on down would be guilty of Treason if they obey an unlawful order from an unlawful President. And yes this Traitor and his cronies have already stated that they think the biggest threat they face is soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What is it going to take to wake them up that the biggest threat this Country faces is either sitting in the White House or on the golf course and do something about it?

  • Kenneth Bowman

    Adolph Hitler’s NAZI SS had to disarm all those who could and would fight them. Same goes for America’s NAZI SS. The Russians are warning us to NEVER give our guns up, NEVER!

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