Even with Michigan recently becoming the 34th state to call for a Constitutional Convention, it’s not at all certain that a rewrite of the nation’s founding document is close at hand.

House Speaker John Boehner is reviewing whether the action by Michigan has triggered the constitutional mandate that Congress call such a convention.

Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter of California recently asked Boehner for clarification as to where the state count stands, and if Michigan has tipped the two-thirds majority needed to make the convention call.

“With the recent decision by Michigan lawmakers, it is important that the House — and those of us who support a balanced budget amendment — determine whether the necessary number of states have acted and the appropriate role of Congress should be in this case,” Hunter wrote to Boehner.

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel told The Washington Times that the Republican leader will have his lawyers review the request.

What may give the speaker pause in his decision is that several states long ago rescinded their calls for a convention, although there is nothing in the Constitution that allows them to do that.