America’s governors disagree on a lot of issues. But they’re united on one front — stopping the Pentagon from proceeding with planned cuts to the Army National Guard.

As President Obama prepares to release his budget plan on Tuesday, all 50 governors have signed a letter asking him to keep the Guard’s ranks at 350,000, instead of cutting it down to 335,000 as the Pentagon has suggested.

“The nation’s governors strongly oppose the potential cuts,” they wrote, after meeting with him and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel during their annual winter meeting last week in Washington. “For more than a decade, our National Guard has demonstrated it is a cost-effective, operational force that is critical to our national security at home and abroad.”

The concerns about National Guard cuts come on top of widespread concerns about the Pentagon’s controversial plan to shrink the active-duty Army. As Republican and Democratic lawmakers prepare to challenge these and other cuts on Capitol Hill, the governors are taking an early stand over the National Guard.

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