Family members of an 86-year-old World War II veteran say he’s being harassed by a well-known golf course.

Virgil Wesley has lived in his home since 1995. Family members say Brookridge Country Club is suing Wesley for $75,000, because they allege 60 square feet of his garage is on country club property, according to a survey.

“I thought somebody was crazy!” Wesley said, “I’ve been maintaining it all these years!”

“He’s a WWII veteran, he’s 86 years old, he’s wheelchair bound, he has no money, no ability to hire an attorney, and they know that!” said Virgil’s daughter, Louanna Davis.

She said the country club asked him to tear the garage down back in 2011. Virgil’s family offered $2,000 for the 60 square feet. Davis says they didn’t hear back from Brookridge until this lawsuit, last week.

“Stating that they had been harmed, they’ve been kept from the use of the land, and they want $75,000,” Davis said.

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