A branding agency has won a $9.9 million contract to brand, publicize and promote participation in Oregon’s state-run Obamacare health care exchange program.

The contract was awarded by Cover Oregon, the public corporation created through a $226 million federal (HHS) grant to operate the Oregon’s health insurance exchange program.

The advertising agency describes the branding contract on its website:

“NORTH, a branding agency based in Portland, Oregon, has been awarded the $9.9 million contract from Cover Oregon for a branding and communications campaign to educate and enroll Oregonians in affordable health care through Cover Oregon’s online marketplace.”

According to the company’s website, NORTH will be working with a company that specializes in effecting social change:

“NORTH is partnering on the Cover Oregon contract with the public affairs agency Metropolitan Group, which has specialty practices in social change and public health.”

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