By:  Dean Garrison

I wasn’t going to write about this, but I believe I have to. I am seeing reports of this “Mohammed Salem” webpage all over the internet, and the assumption is to make the correlation that Aaron Alexis may have been a closet Muslim because of an unfinished webpage. Though I cannot dispute that this is possible, I do believe it is unlikely.

I believe like The Daily Caller nearly hit the nail on the head but didn’t dig deep enough, partially because of the overall tone of the article which I pulled this quote from:

Are we allowed to ask why this mass-murderer would’ve created a site called “Mohammed Salem”? Was he a fan of Emirati soccer player Mohammed Salem Saleh Al Saadi? Did he appreciate the work of Palestinian photojournalist Mohammed Salem, or the Dubai news anchor with the same name? Or perhaps one of the other Mohammed Salems out there in the world?

I like where they started to go with that, but their tone was sarcasm, and I have a hard time believing that everyone is missing the most logical Mohammed Salem. Are you aware that there is a pop star that is named Mohammed Salem? Are you to have me believe that none of these sources looked deep enough to find this out? Come on.

There is no proof that this was the inspiration behind his webpage, but my gut tells me it was. Mohammed Salem is not without controversial songs and lyrics. This song, entitled “Lies” is about teen homosexuals committing suicide.

Was Alexis a homosexual and was this his way of partaking in his own suicide? I doubt it. From what we have read Aaron Alexis had a thing for Asian women. He does seem like he was quite clumsy in relationships, but I am not sure that makes him a homosexual. I think he was more likely a man that didn’t quite understand what women want. I think a lot of men can relate to that. Nevertheless it is a possibility.

Most of Mohammed Salem’s songs are typical pop music. They have little meaning and people like to dance to them. But there is one other song that Salem released that might provide some clues to those who want to run with the Muslim conspiracy. It is a song called “Egypt 2501.” The “2501″ is supposedly short for January 25th which is also coincidentally my birthday and an important date in Egyptian history.