Washington is erupting in a chorus of “I told you so’s” because of a new CNN poll headlined “Blame on GOP,” asserting congressional Republicans would be held at fault if the government shuts down.

Let’s talk about that.

First of all, here’s the information in the poll that is not making the headlines: 57 percent say they oppose Obamacare – up three points since May – compared to 38 percent who support it. Even independents oppose the law by 67-27 percent.

So Obama and the Democrats are seeking to enforce, without argument or negotiation, the most sweeping, society-altering legislation in nearly fifty years even though it’s down 19 points in the polls. Is that not “extremism,” as President Obama has put it to describe Republicans?

Now, in answer to the question, “If the federal government shuts down, do you think that Barack Obama or the Republicans in Congress would be more responsible for that?”, 46 percent said “Republicans in Congress,” 36 percent said “Obama,” and 13 percent said “both.”

First of all, let’s note that the question doesn’t mention Obamacare in any way. Nor does it offer the option “Democrats in Congress.” In fact, as a procedural matter, Obama is not technically shutting down the government. The House bill that funds the government but delays Obamacare for a year is never going to get to him because Democrats in the Senate will block it.

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