As more and more counties nationwide consider secession, Americans are generally warming up to the concept of leaving their current state or the United States entirely.

A poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports released Thursday found that 17 percent of Americans would vote to have their state secede from the union. Among those 17 percent of Americans is 24 percent of Americans making less than $30,000 annually and 31 percent of people who consider themselves to be entrepreneurs.

Moreover, 22 percent of Americans believe that sections of states have the right to form their own state, while 21 percent of Americans think that sections of states have the right to form their own state within the U.S.

The release of these findings occurred consecutively with the news that two northern California counties have voted to secede from the Golden State and form their own state. According to The Daily Caller, the Modoc County Board of Supervisors recently voted to join neighboring Siskiyou County in its efforts to recreate the State of Jefferson.

“I put the measure on the agenda because I heard from a number of people in my district that wanted to do such,” Modoc County Board Chairman Geri Byrne said, according to the DC. “We’re not saying we’re seceding today, we’re saying let’s look into it.”