For anyone who may be curious as to how the IRS intends to enforce Obamacare there is a good article to read here. I think it is kind of interesting that the IRS needs to arm itself with the kind of weapons our government is trying to vilify us for owning. What are they going to do? Force us to buy health care from one of the Presidents exchanges at gun point? What are they afraid of? If what they are doing is honorable, truthful and in line with the ideals of a constitutional republic then surely they would have nothing to fear. Why does the IRS need these high powered rifles?

I spent the day asking various people this question and the responses I got varied depending on the age of the person. The younger the person, a glossy eyed stare was the response. The older the person was the more concerned their expression became. This is the perfect example of a situation where many people will assume that just because they did nothing wrong they do not mind the IRS arming themselves just months away from having the power to force you and I to purchase health care we don’t want. Therein lays the issue, because many, many people are still waiting on all the wonderful benefits they will be receiving under Obamacare. So far what we know is that it will cost trillions more than projected, as admitted by the Congressional Budget Office. They have already admitted that people are being cut from the “preexisting condition program,” and finally some major teeth had to be pulled in order to get a little ten year old girl the lung transplant she needed. In other words a bureaucrat had to decide if she could have the transplant. But hey the Independent Advisory Payment Board isn’t a death panel! No wonder the IRS is arming themselves, they know that if they had to put up with this crap they would be pissed too.

From what I have been able to put together just from connecting a few of the dots available to do so is that we will be paying higher taxes to implement Obamacare. We will be forced to buy a plan that at the moment is projected to be no cheaper than $20,000 while watching the cost of our own plan go up to pay for the preexisting condition program that the government freely admitted it can no longer afford while also paying for the means in which this forced happiness and equality is to be administered. So in essence we are paying for something we don’t want three times. Sounds like a great plan and I can’t wait to see if it works.

How does this rub your goat? The senate, the so called representatives of the people, decided to go home for the weekend instead of attending a classified briefing over the NSA spying scandal! Folks I think it is time to start a recall effort of the whole damn senate, yes even the ones we like too because they are getting old and senile (Coburn) and susceptible to bribes and payoffs. I think each and every senator needs to get a phone call from their constituents explaining to them how under a constitutional republic people are under no mandate to follow unconstitutional laws. Especially those passed by senators who opt to go home instead of fighting for the rights of their voters, the people that gave them their job!

Folks, these people have become so delusional that they actually think they are going to pass gun control via executive order amidst the spying, the lying, the IRS arming themselves and the shipment of weapons to Syrian rebels who pledged allegiance to Al-Qaida. They will probably get away with it too as many of our fellow Americans are still glued to MTV and Entertainment Tonight.