Great news! For those who haven’t yet heard, there appears yet another added benefit to passing the Senate illegal immigrant amnesty act. The benefits just keep piling up.

You may be skeptical now, but after you conservative racists hear the news – even you will support the real Republicans that just want to get things done.

For they, not us understand that just saying no isn’t good policy. After all, if the Democrats propose some ridiculous legislation that the country has survived without for 200+ years – Republicans can’t just say no. That would be ridiculous. We must always propose an “alternative”.

Like when my 14-year-old son says, “Dad, can I borrow your car?” I can’t just say no. That would be insensitive, and not good familial policy.

Anyway, back to the great news.

ABC news/Univision recently reported that if the amnesty bill is enacted, “it would add nearly 14,000 new jobs on average in each congressional district” in the nation.

Wow! I can honestly say I did not know that. Why didn’t Rubio, Ryan, Jeb Bush and Karl Rove just tell us that in the first place?

Let’s see: that’s 14,000 jobs times 435 congressional districts. That equals 1.7 gazillion new jobs! Actually, it is 6,090,000 jobs. That’s still pretty awesome. Where do I sign? Better yet, I’ll just call my Sen. Kelly Ayotte (Judd Gregg in a dress) and let her know – full speed ahead!

The ABC news report continued: “no district would see fewer than 7000 jobs created by 2023.” This is impressive – if you believe it.

Let’s say we do trust their figures. By the way, the figures were compiled by the “American Action Network”. Surprise – a Karl Rove Consortium.

So let’s run the numbers shall we?

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