Appearing at a panel with Eagle Forum’s Phyllis Schlafly across the street from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday morning, conservative columnist Ann Coulter joked that Republicans pushing for amnesty are actually racist because increased immigration would depress the wages of black and other minority workers.

“My whole life I’ve heard ‘Republicans are racist, don’t like black people, don’t care about black people,’” Coulter said. “I never believed it until I read Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill.”

“Did you know that Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill would triple legal immigration? Triple it,” Coulter said leading up to that comment. She continued:

“Did you know that the children covered under the DREAM Act include 17-year-olds. We’re talking about giving amnesty to ‘oh the children, the children.’ They’re 30 years old. The majority of immigrants don’t care about amnesty. The Democrats know.

“In Obama’s ads to Hispanic language radio and TV stations, his ads don’t talk about amnesty. The ads were saying Obamacare is going to give you free healthcare. They know how Hispanics don’t care. In fact, I was just thinking about how you know that big line with the Democrats that ‘Republicans only care about the fetus until it is born’ because they don’t support a wrath of social service workers I guess.

“But the point is, how about flipping that around on them? Democrats only care about immigrants until they vote. On a number of 1.2 million immigrants a year, who is that hurting? It’s hurting the last round of immigrants. It’s hurting all low wage workers.”

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