As Democrats continue to hold onto the argument that ObamaCare is a success story, the problems with the unsustainable law continue to stack up.   The ‘healthcare’ law has had devastating impacts on hard-working Americans, who are buckling under the weight of high premiums, less coverage and ballooning taxes.   And, things still haven’t hit “rock bottom” – but we’re close.  Another provider is leaving the marketplace…

The Washington Examiner reports – Republicans insist that Obamacare is collapsing. That probably overstates the case. but it’s at least more tethered to reality than Democrats’ claims that the law is working well, going strong, and can only fall apart because Republicans are undermining it. The latest proof: Anthem’s apparent decision to withdraw from most or all of the Obamacare markets where it currently participates.

In 2017, for the first time, residents of one-third of U.S. counties can choose only one insurance provider. This decision, driven by the company’s lack of profitability on the Obamacare exchanges, means that next year there could be zero choices in some places.

At great expense and with many complications in the process, Obamacare created a massive subsidized insurance exchange within the broader individual health insurance market. Today, roughly 12 million Americans participate in that exchange. Premiums there have risen sharply since 2013 due to the fact that so many of the new customers are older and sicker, and also because the insurance is now required to cover many things it didn’t have to before.

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