By Tim Brown

Maha Aldhalimi, filed a lawsuit against the Dearborn Police Department and the City of Dearborn in 2015, claiming that she was required by police to remove her hijab while in custody on a traffic warrant.

But a video proved this taqiyya promoter was lying. In the end, she had to her drop her lawsuit against Dearborn Police Department for allegedly violating her civil rights by demanding she remove her hijab.

Maha Aldhalimi had said, “I am scared to leave my house now, and if I see a police officer when I am driving somewhere, I start shaking uncontrollably and turn in the opposite direction.”

American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) Michigan Director, and attorney Fatina Abdrabboh said in a statement, “We must not live in a society where the oppression of women or religious minorities can be condoned, especially when this violation is committed by the very entity charged with protecting them – the Dearborn Police Department.”

The Dearborn Patch reports:

The city of Dearborn, which was also named as a defendant, said in a statement Wednesday that video taken in the police department’s booking room during the arrest “revealed that her claims were false.”

]Maha [sic] Aldhalimi had claimed in the lawsuit that she had pleaded sever times with officers to allow her to leave her religious head covering on because of her deeply held religious belief. She claimed that if she didn’t remove it, it would be removed against her will.

When presented with the video evidence from the internal investigation, led by Police Captain Issa Shahin, Aldhalimi’s attorney withdrew the lawsuit on March 10, the city said.

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