Another university has offered to be a ‘safe space’ for illegal immigrants, because – according to their signage “inclusion has no borders.”

What a load!  Do theses colleges/universities know what they’re asking for?   Perhaps they should check in with the parents of the 14 year old girl who was raped in a bathroom at her Maryland high school by two illegal aliens?  How “safe” was she in this environment designated a “safe space” for illegals?

In August, 2016, Politifact verified some illegal alien crime statistics that Sean Hannity referenced on his show.

“Hannity showed the slide at the top of his show while saying “in the last year alone, illegal immigrants” were “responsible for 18 percent of drug trafficking; 30 percent of kidnapping/hostage taking; 75 percent of drug possession; 10 percent of money laundering; 21 percent of national defense; and 5 percent of murder sentences…”

How “safe” do these college campuses really expect that they’ll be?

The College Fix reports – Roosevelt University has launched a self-described safe space campaign that includes posting “symbolic” signs across its urban and suburban campuses stating “Inclusion Has No Borders” in response to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

The university’s newly formed Outreach, Advocacy, Social Justice, Information and Safety (OASIS) Committee announced the campaign last week. The effort includes posting the “Inclusion Has No Borders” signage around the university, which has campuses in Chicago and nearby Schaumburg, Illinois.

Students, faculty and staff have been encouraged to post the signs on campus and use the hashtag “#YouAreWelcomeHere” on their social media accounts.

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