It’s all about GOVERNMENT CONTROL; environmentalism, species equality, earth worship, clean energy, sustainability, smart growth – all contrived words and causes with one goal in mind – take away your freedom and give the ruling class the power. Age-old story. It’s all about power.

Ken Freeman, and Don just created the Alabama Anti-Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 Law which is a model many other states are adopting to fight the United Nation’s Agenda 21. What is Agenda 21? A plan to separate American citizens from their private property in order to create world wide socialism. No private property. Marxism’s goal. People would be forced into communal areas, “the projects,” and take public transportation. No private yards or pools. No automobiles because of the “climate change” hoax. All rural lands will be owned by the one world government, (the elite), and all food will be controlled by the government. Because of the faux-crisis of over-population, people will be killed. Genocide. Jobs? “From each according to his ability to each according to his need.” Marxism. The government chooses what job each individual does, and how much money they earn. There is no freedom. This is the goal of Obama, Jarrett, Hilary and Axelrod. Most Obama Voters have no idea they just voted for this. Implementation began years ago.

Bush signed Agenda 21 in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio. Congress refused to make it law after Dr. Michael Coffman explained it to them. Clinton signed it into law with Executive Order and Obama is implementing it. It can be stopped, but only if people wake up, and start mobilizing freedom, fighting back like Ken Freeman and Don have done. Get involved or be a slave. Your choice.

What does “unalienable rights” mean? Ken Freeman explains, “Originally, Jefferson and the authors of the Constitution used the word un-a-”lien“able, meaning our rights to life, liberty and property (5th Amendment) are God-given and ‘no other man may place a lien (a restriction) on our rights.’ Socialists have twisted it to mean something different. Our government has exceeded its mandate.”