By:  Rusty Weiss

Saying he was “outraged beyond words,” Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) posted a response to anti-Trump protesters who stormed his office and knocked down a 71-year-old staffer, sending her to the hospital.

The event consisted of about 100 protesters outside the office building, while another dozen headed inside Rohrabacher’s office to deliver Valentine’s Day cards demanding he hold a town hall event to hear their grievances against President Donald Trump.

Upon discovering the office doors locked, the activists started shoving the cards underneath. A 2-year-old was doing the same when the door to the office was opened by 71-year old staffer Kathleen Staunton, accidentally striking the girl in the head.

That’s when things grew more dangerous for Staunton.

Via the Orange County Register:

At least one of the activists then began tugging at the door while the woman on the other side, district director Kathleen Staunton, tried to close it. A male activist then grabbed the door and forcefully pulled it open. That caused Staunton, who was pulling from the other side, to fall.

She was then helped to her feet and returned inside the office, while the door was closed and locked.

Rohrabacher spokesman Ken Grubbs said Staunton later fell unconscious and was transported to a local hospital by paramedics.

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