This July 4th should be the occasion when President Barack Hussein Obama is told to stand down from his blatant hypocrisy regarding the U.S. military.

A hypocrite forcing through his Fundamental Transformation of America will keep right or trucking but for the sake of 400,000 graves of the fallen heroes at Arlington and countless others worldwide,  any and all public addresses on that day by the anti-troops Obama should be shunned by the millions who see the military as the heroes they are.

Ditto for shallow Michelle Obama, who, as First Lady, flagrantly uses Military in full dress as human props.

Obama has proven he lacks the moral courage to confront the troops head on, preferring instead to play the ‘Artful Dodger’ role he has clung to for the past four and a half years.

The Obamas’ claims for troop-loving should be given the same credibility as the troop-loving (It’s the war not the troops we hate) Code Pink.

Obama, who arrogantly announced he would replace the troops with his own after his first election,  has been consistently working to hollow out the military ever since.

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