I’ve had an epiphany recently. For years, heck, as long as I can remember, I’ve been dead set against any form of legalization or amnesty for any person illegally here in the United States. Whether it be an illegal who waded across the Rio Grande, the Swedish Bikini team who overstayed their visas or a child who was brought here illegally by his or her parents.

It didn’t matter to me how they arrived or why, or what their reason for staying. They all had to go, I thought. I was unapologetic and steadfast.

Well, times have changed and we dusty old constitutional conservatives must change or be left behind.

I hope you will now join me in converting to the pro-amnesty side as I lay out my argument.

The crux of my reasoning has more to do with current American citizens then those as yet undocumented.

Now, back in the bad old days citizens were expected to get an education and then venture out into the world to earn a living. One was actually expected to work for a paycheck. Seriously? Yes – I’m not kidding.

It has come to my attention, and probably yours as well, that this concept is one that has run its course. This is a good thing. For decades, centuries even, we have toiled under the lash, with little time for leisure and family.

But recent advances in societal engineering have made it possible to throw off that yoke.

As many have stated, including the distinguished senator, Chuck Schumer – it really is a “Family Values” issue. It’s high time someone said what I’m sure we have all been thinking. Work simply takes away that precious time the family can spend together.

It used to be that welfare and unemployment benefits were just temporary. Unfair, I know. Now however, our enlightened society has made it possible to liberate many from the burden of a job. I recoil even saying that word – job.

As an added benefit, our benevolent government has provided us with Obamacare, so we may no longer be forced into the workplace for healthcare. Those afflicted with “Job Lock” can rejoice in this news.

So what does this have to do with the yet undocumented citizens?

Well, as another distinguished senator, John McCain stated, “There are jobs Americans just won’t do”. Not even prisoners.

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