The fervor for a hike in the national minimum wage is picking up steam as RINO republicans like Mitt Romney are jumping on board.

Is it just me? I thought Romney was a brilliant businessman with a keen economic mind.

Could he possibly be signaling than another run at the White House is being considered? Why else would he pile on the populous political bandwagon?

With all the fuss over this issue, one would think it affects a large portion of the workforce.

Well, here are some statistics. Approximately 1.6 million people will be “positively” affected by the minimum wage, to start. There are about 318 million people in America today. Let’s just say half of them are of working age.

So without even doing the math, you can plainly see that we’re not even talking about a sliver of the overall working age population.

Now of these 1.6 million, a third, or about half a million are kids between the ages of 16 and 19. You know those kids. I sure do. Those with after school and weekend jobs (maybe, if their lucky), living at home with no expenses and virtually everything provided for them.

So now the number shrinks to about 1.1 million. Economic reports are that Obama’s minimum wage proposal will extract another half a million jobs, either through forced firing or non-hiring. That only leaves us with a little more than half a million working age adults. All this national furor over half a million people.

But some might say, these are human beings – they are fellow Americans. Don’t you care? Don’t you want to help? Don’t they deserve a living wage?

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