Chris Harris, 13, carries an AR-15 rifle at a pro gun activist rally as part of the National Day of Resistance at the state Capitol in Salt Lake CIty, Utah

Gun rights activists will march through western Arkansas with their weapons on full display this weekend, a subtle act of defiance and show of solidarity against the state’s attorney general who said the open carry of handguns is illegal.

Arkansas Carry, a guns rights group, arranged the “open carry” invite-only processional for Saturday, the Associated Press reported. Activists will openly display their weapons as they march in Fort Smith.

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel said the state’s new gun law, which went into effect Aug. 16, basically bans the open carry of weapons. Specifically, he argued, it prohibits an individual from going on a journey — defined as traveling “beyond the county in which the person lives” — and openly carrying a weapon, AP said.