It’s not like you haven’t read many other stories just like this one, since the mention of ‘sequester’.   But, it does highlight the complete audacity of a government spinning out of control.

680,000 civilian Defense Department employees are going to be furloughed.    The word ’employees’ means that these people actually have jobs.  They’re not sitting at home on the government dole.  They earn a salary, and they pay exorbitant taxes to fund this ridiculous, monstrosity of a government.   How does the administration show appreciation for their efforts?   Furlough!

Just who does pay the price for bloated government, out of control spending, billions in objectionable foreign aid, and a ‘President’ who thinks he’s royalty?  Well, 680,000 civilian Defense Department employees are going to be feeling it in their pocket books…

The Pentagon began furloughing the vast majority of its civilian employees as part of an effort to generate billions in savings required to address budgetary constraints.

To meet the mandates of the so-called sequestration, 680,000 Defense Department employees will be forced to take a day of unpaid leave each week over the next 11 weeks. The move is expected to save about $1.8 billion, but it’s frustrating many of those affected.

“This is exactly the wrong way to balance the budget, to arbitrarily furlough everybody,” said Professional Services Council President Stan Soloway, whose organization represents government contractors whose work will be disrupted when large numbers of their government counterparts are forced into mandatory leave. “It’s unfortunate and unfair.”

As badly as the lost income will sting those who are furloughed, the Pentagon had originally expected it to be much worse. The current plan is a reduction from the 22 furlough days the department thought would be necessary.

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