A bill that would create an across-the-board ban on all semiautomatic rifles with fixed or detachable magazines that hold more than 10 rounds is sitting on the desk of California Gov. Jerry Brown, awaiting his signature.

The bill is just the latest tyrannical assault on gun rights in a state known for its labyrinthine laws against gun ownership.

The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action has threatened to sue the state if Gov. Moonbeam signs the bill into law.

“Our right to keep and bear arms has never been as seriously threatened in California as it is today. After years of incrementally adopting gun control measures, this year the Legislature decided to propose new laws adopting everything on the gun ban lobby’s wish list,” the NRA-ILA said in a statement.

California is known for its arcane, seemingly random and often illogical gun regulations. Whenever the state’s liberal legislators tackle guns, they seem to craft their laws based more on personal standards of whatever looks scary than on any sound rationale.
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