By:  Tim Brown

The majority of power and influence that exists in our world today lies within the grasp of five wealthy families and their descendants, many of whom were complicit in the creation of the Federal Reserve. That has led to a devaluing of real money, replacing it with fiat currency and untold wars and corruption. Now, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, along with Representative Thomas Massie, are following in the footsteps of Ron Paul and have introduced legislation that would audit the Fed.

The Hill reports:

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) have re-introduced legislation to “Audit the Fed,” after a similar effort stalled in the last Congress.

But such a proposal, which has been vocally opposed by Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, may face its best odds ever of becoming law. Both chambers are controlled by Republicans long critical of the Fed’s policies, and President-elect Donald Trump has heaped scorn on the central bank since the beginning of his presidential campaign.

Of course, Yellen is against it. The Federal Reserve is a private, central bank that prints money out of thin air and charges the American people to do it! It’s a sham, one that not only our Constitution condemns, but so does the Bible (Proverbs 11:1; 20:10; Leviticus 19:35-36; Micah 6:10-12).

Senator Paul called on President-elect Donald Trump to put his money where his mouth is with regards to his professed support of an audit of the Federal Reserve to outside review by the Government Accountability Office.

“The U.S. House has responded to the American people by passing Audit the Fed multiple times, and President-elect Trump has stated his support for an audit. Let’s send him the bill this Congress,” said Paul.

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