"secure our borders" sign

Once again President Barack Obama proved that he is either a bold-faced liar or has no clue what’s really happening along the US-Mexico border. Most likely he’s guilt of both, as he recently announced that our borders are more secure than ever.

His words have not set well with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. She has repeatedly invited Obama to come and tour the border with her so he can see for himself how bad the problem is, but Obama completely ignores the invitations. I wonder if he’s afraid of finding out just how bad the situation is and thus having to admit he’s been wrong?

Attending the National Governors Association meeting in Milwaukee, Brewer was interviewed by Politico and responded to Obama’s statement saying:

“It’s Jay Leno comedy every other week.” “Arizona is the gateway, and the metrics are all wrong. We don’t even know who is coming across. We don’t know how many times they’re coming back and forth, when they’re not counting the ones that are turned back around.” “Everybody that you talk to has different numbers: Border Patrol … Homeland Security … the sheriffs. It’s the drug cartels that we live with … the drop houses, the extortion, the sex-slavery industry, the gangs fighting one another.”

In referring to Arizona’s own immigration bill, SB 1070, Brewer said:

“How many times do people have to say, ‘secure our borders,’ and be rebuffed?”

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