Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) says the tea party, now entering its sixth year, will achieve the same “phenomenal results” in 2014 as it did in 2010, when Republicans took control of the House.

“We are looking as strong in 2014 as we were in 2010, when as a result of that strength, we took the gavel out of Nancy Pelosi’s hand. I believe that we have the potential to take the gavel out of Harry Reid’s hand in the U.S. Senate this year, and that’s because Americans want to adhere to principles of economic sanity. They don’t want to have this out of control spending.”

Bachmann appearing on Fox News Friday morning, said if tea party conservatives can find a candidate they agree with 80 percent of the time, they must unify around that person — because conservatives must win elections to govern:

“We did it in the House. I believe we can do it in the Senate. That will tee us up for a constitutional conservative for our next president in 2016. Then we can really clean house — over government regulations.”

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