Did President Barack Obama find a way to vote twice in the 2012 elections? I honestly have no idea but we do have some incredible new evidence that raises serious questions. First let’s start with what we know about Barack Obama. Let’s go back to a November 6th article on Slate.com:

President Obama will be able to spend as much time campaigning on Election Day as he wants to because he voted in Illinois on Oct. 25. An Explainer reader points out that the Obama family resides more than 700 miles from Chicago, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW in Washington, D.C. Why is the president eligible to vote in Illinois?

Because he’s serving the people. Illinois allows anyone who has “resided in this State and in the election district 30 days” before the election to cast a vote. According to judicial interpretation, residence requires both physical presence and an intent to make the residence a “permanent abode.” People who own houses in different states can choose to make any of them their official residency for voter registration purposes, as long as they can plausibly argue it’s their legitimate home. That would be a close call for the Obamas, who have spent most of the past four years in Washington, D.C., where their children attend school. An article in Chicago magazine noted that a couple who moved into the house next door to the Obamas’ Chicago home in September 2011 didn’t meet the Obamas until January 2012. Fortunately for the president, the Illinois voter-eligibility statute contains an exception for residents who are absent from the state “on business of the United States.”

This has no real significance in and of itself. Presidents choosing to vote in their home state is common. And upon checking Washington D.C. voter registration records, Barack Obama does not appear to be registered. But, guess who is registered? Barry Soetoro and he is registered with a White House address.

Below is a screenshot courtesy of PJ Media.


You can verify this completely (unless they pull the records) by going to The District of Columbia Board of Elections. You will need a first name, last name, birthdate and zip code. Barack Obama’s birthdate is August 4, 1961 which is also the date that Soetoro used to register. The zip code to use is 20500.

If you use the same info for both Barry Soetoro and Barack Obama you will find that Soetoro is a registered Washington D.C. voter and Barack Obama is not.

So the obvious question is the significance. Did someone find a way to register Barry Soetoro knowing that it would eventually come out and make Obama look bad?