According to Federal Election Commission records, Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis—the feminist icon who exploded onto the national political scene with a pro-abortion filibuster in June—donated to Republican George W. Bush days before becoming a public official.

The records list a $250 donation from Wendy Davis from April 28, 1999 to Bush for President, Inc. Davis listed her occupation as “homemaker” and her address as “Continental Plaza #C-10,” a sector of an office building which legal directory lists as the office of attorney Jeffry Davis, her husband at the time.

The donation, earmarked for the Republican primary campaign, came two days before Wendy Davis won her first political office—a seat on the Fort Worth city council which she had unsuccessfully ran for in 1996. Jeffry Davis also donated $250 to Bush that day—and listed the exact same address as Wendy Davis. Jeffry Davis’s occupation was listed as “Safeco Tile,” an apparently mistaken reference to the company he owned then, Safeco Title.

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