Could it have been “the October Surprise” that didn’t work? Crazy as it might sound at this late date in December, could there have really been an October Surprise planned to insure the re-election of Obama to the Presidency? In this day of purportedly fudged Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) regarding the unemployment figures, nothing from this Administration should surprise any of us.

NOTE: Following BLS September jobs report numbers, Reuters wrote in October the revised figure was about one-half the number reported for September. August was also lowered to 76,400 from 189,000. Though BLS claims the mistakes had no political intentions, it sounds fishy to me.

Marketplace* reported specifically, well-respected former GE CEO Jack Welch tweeted this “Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers” referring to the September unemployment numbers.

*[As an aside…Marketplace is a radio program that focuses on business, the economy, and events that influence them. Hosted by Kai Ryssdal, the show is produced and distributed by American Public Media, in association with the University of Southern California Annenberg School of Business (hardly a bastion of conservative thought). With a weekly audience of more than eight million, Marketplace is the most popular business program in America–more popular than those of CNBC, Bloomberg or Nightly Business Report. Marketplace began in 1989, created by Jim Russell. Marketplace is produced in Los Angeles with bureaus in New York; Washington, D.C.; Portland, Oregon; Baltimore, Maryland; London; and Shanghai.]

With this dubious track record of the bureaucrats that rule over us, what can we believe and what is so far-fetched that it can’t possibly be true, but more than likely probably might just be TRUE? What bearing does the fudging of the unemployment figures have on the October Surprise we are going to be discussing? I think the public needs to be aware that often what we hear and read from the media simply is spun so the exact opposite is the truth, and in a country like the United States, that cannot be allowed to happen.

A great anonymous quote:

“No government should be allowed to lie to its citizens. A government exists to serve the people, and only at their pleasure. In order to do this, we already empower them to have greater capabilities than us. Adding the ability to know more than us to the ability to do more than us, is an open invitation to abuse.”

Now, to the far-out, (and impeachable) conspiracy theory in the Ron Paul Forum, which would have indeed, been a perfect October Surprise had it worked. For those who have been living under a rock, Ron Paul, Texas US Representative was a former candidate for the Presidency. It seems so implausible to rational thinking, but upon close examination could well have been concocted by those on Capitol Hill. We’ll take a closer look and let the readers decide. As the only news media investigating the Benghazi issue is FOX, it is doubtful all the pieces will ever be put together.

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