Okay; there’s a lot we know of deserter/possible traitor Bowe Bergdahl – some we still don’t know, and more that is coming to light – both of his situation and that of his oddball father Bob.

In 2010 a military investigation found that in 2009 Bowe did in fact walk off base and this evidently wasn’t the first time.

He did leave a note saying that he didn’t wish to fight for America anymore – that he didn’t support the Army mission.

Apparently some Afghans have come forward, saying that he was actually searching out the Taliban.

That leads to another salient point made by two actual American heroes. Col. Allen West said he wondered why Bergdahl’s throat wasn’t cut and then disemboweled, as is typical of the Taliban. Navy SEAL hero, Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor) wondered how he lasted that long without having his head cut off. Both good points made by actual heroes that were in the Afghan theater fighting the Taliban. Neither of them buy the POW routine.

And by the way – he was not a POW, not even by Geneva Convention standards!

At least one soldier claimed that after he disappeared, the IED attacks became a lot more precise, as if the Taliban were now able to better pinpoint troop positions.

Bowe was promoted, in absentia, in 2011 to Sergeant and is set to receive his full five-year back pay upon returning to the states.

The question is, should he receive it, or the promotion in 2011?

At least six brave servicemen were killed trying to locate him.

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