Supporters of President Donald J. Trump and his administration staged a “March 4 Trump” day, across the nation.  For the most part, the demonstrations were peaceful, but, as you may have heard, not in Berkeley, California.

The ‘counterprotesters’ descended on the pro-Trump crowd wearing their black masks, shouting, ensuing fistfights – some even brought baseball bats and steel pipes.

Berkeley police arrested ten people – five for battery, four for assault with a deadly weapon, and one for resisting arrest.   Oh yeah – the deadly weapon was a dagger.

The group, “By Any Means” necessary was credited with much of the organization of the protests.   And, of course, the mainstream media highlighted these protestors as anarchists and anti-facists who insist that President Trump poses a fascist threat.

But, surveys of the raw footage shows professionally made signs from another organization:    Who’s that you ask?

It’s a communist front group – founded by Sunsara Taylor.  You may remember Ms. Taylor from her recent appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show.  She is also a member of – The Voice of the Revolutionary Communist party, USA.   This is her…


Oh…so these aren’t simply anarchists.   They’re communists.   They object to Donald Trump as president because they want America give up the “shackles of personal liberty, free market, religion (especially Christianity), and private land ownership.”  They want us to embrace the same Mao’ist brand of communism that has worked so well in China, North Korea and Venezuela.

I guess it makes sense then that their protests turn to violence so quickly.  They’re using the communist tactic known as “violence meant to silence” strategy.

Communism needs an enemy – and Trump and his supporters are it.   To quote Ms. Taylor:

“We are facing an emergency. Humanity is facing an emergency. A fascist regime has seized the reigns power in the most powerful, actually the sole superpower in the world. Trump and Pence are operating out of Hitler’s playbook, only they have nuclear weapons.”

It seems that they’ve secured their enemy.   And, the clueless, sore-loser libs who want to whine and cry because they want their entitlements – free college, free abortions, free phones, free healthcare, open borders, etc, are playing right into the hands of these communists.