“I feel like Obama’s staff stabbed him in the chest w/ the adrenaline needle from Pulp Fiction.  THAT DUDE IS AWAKE! #twib2012 #debates” – Tweet by Elon James White

Apparently, Obama has woken from his semi-coma.  Maybe he had microscopic Teleprompters surgically implanted into his eyeballs.  Whatever it was, he showed up.  Most polls show that Obama won the debate, but some say it was Romney.  Either way, Romney was a beast.  To me, Romney won, because he clearly stated his policies, he came down hard on Obama for poor decisions and outright lies, and he stood his ground.  Objectively though, if I weren’t biased, and I were just tuning in and had no knowledge of either side, I think I might have called it a tie.

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