Vice President Biden on Friday said he would likely make a decision by next summer whether he will run for president in 2016.

“I can’t,” Biden told CNN’s Kate Bolduan when asked to name a reason he should not run. “There may be reasons I don’t run. But there is no obvious reason, for me, why I think I should not run.”

To a question about his timeline for a decision, he said: “Probably, realistically a year this summer.”

Biden said the decision would be based on whether he is the best person qualified to focus on two issues he cares about: helping the middle class and creating a foreign policy where “we not only are known for the power of our military but the power of our example.”

He described himself as sometimes too optimistic but said the country has so much just within its reach.

“There is so much that is just within our grasp,” he said. “It doesn’t mean I am the only guy who can do it. But if no one else, I think, can and I think I can, then I’d run. If I don’t, I won’t.”

Biden, who has run for the Democratic nomination twice before, said his wife did not want him to run for president again but later urged him to in 2008, believing he could help end the war in Iraq and help the middle class.