The start of the new year always ushers in new taxes that people are expected to pay rather than find ways to keep as much of their money as possible. At least, that’s what liberals claim others should do.

But on Thursday, Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly charged that former vice president Al Gore is a hypocrite for attempting to sell his low-rated Current TV cable channel for an estimated $500 million before 2013 brought higher taxes that would diminish the amount of money he’d get from the sale to Al Jazeera.

During his Talking Points Memo segment, the host of “The O’Reilly Factor” said that Gore had “shamed himself” by dealing with the anti-American network, a move O’Reilly described as “just sleazy.”

“Back in 1948,” O’Reilly said, “ little Al Gore was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and maybe, maybe it should have stayed there.”

His father, Albert Gore Sr,, an oil man and a Senator in the United States, raised Al in privilege, and with all the comforts. He became a champion of the Left in adulthood, cashing in big time on the global warming issue.

“The former vice president used some of that money to then invest in a far-left cable cable network that has become a colossal failure,” the host continued.

“And so, Al and his merry men [business partners] decided to sell the network,” he added, and “wanted to close the deal last week to avoid the higher capital gains tax this year.”

“Sounds like good business sense, right?” O’Reilly asked. “But here is what’s confusing: Just two months ago, ‘Old Al’ gave an interview to the Reuters news service and said this to a reporter:

The single most popular proposal we had was to reduce taxes on working people and lift the higher rate. Let’s give an incentive to work, and let’s ask the most fortunate in the society, including me and you, to do our fair share.

“Ah, to do our fair share,” the host repeated. “Isn’t that fascinating? So what is our fair share? I guess that means selling assets at the lower capital gains rate.