“This president has to be impeached immediately to stop his drive toward World War III.” So said Democratic senatorial hopeful Kesha Rogers in interview with this reporter. She is not alone in this view in the Lone Star State, but she is the only Democrat willing to use the “i” word.

In the reddest of red states, no fewer than four sitting congressmen, the lieutenant governor and a U.S. senator have discussed Obama’s removal. Republican Rep. Steve Stockman — who, like Rogers, is running to unseat Sen. John Cornyn — gave House colleagues copies of the book, “Impeachable Offenses: The case for removing Barack Obama from office,” by Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott.

Texas’ other Republican senator, Ted Cruz, brands Obama the “most lawless” chief executive in American history. Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas, said he thinks the House of Representatives would vote to impeach. Fellow Texas Republican Blake Farenthold echoed that view. Rep. Louie Gohmert faults Obama on the skyrocketing debt, and Rep. Lamar Smith says the president’s immigration record comes “awfully close” to violating the oath of office.

But Rogers has them all beat by years. She staked her congressional campaigns in 2010 and 2012 on the issue. Not surprisingly, the Democratic Party scrubbed its websites of all references to her candidacy.
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